Welcome To...?

November 4, 2009

Hi and welcome to death. Yes death, you know that you died in a car accident over 72 hours ago. Yes yes we know you have unfinished business well we need you here. Normally you have to atleast stay 2 centuries in purgatory but your skills are needed. No no dont walk over there we need you this way. Now you will be performing a necessary but small job. You merely count. Yes count, but this is important. No i cannot tell what this place is, not until im done. Oh look its your aunt, guess she finally has passed. Come come were almost there, now look there's the room. 'Department of Souls and Docking'. This is your desk here, yes here and you will recieve one coffee a day, and every 100 years or so you get a 5 minute break. Yes i know thats short but thats the rules of this area. If your not counting then souls are waiting and not working here. You are the interviewer. The other guy who was here had a heart attack. Of course you can have a heart attack, were not invincible now. Now look at your desktop. Use that icon for Here, use that one for up top. Yes uptop. OH and say hi and welcome... to hell.

The author's comments:
Bored in class with laptop.

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