Chapter one: Defiance By Choice (Part three)

November 6, 2009
I pulled them on and with a few moments of struggling I tucked the laced in the shoes.
“Not sure what I’m supposed to do with dose things.” I chucked and in turn she chuckled also.
She opened up the cape that now draped her body to show a beautiful large dress that had a black top that had short poufy sleeves with a trim of white lace around the collar, bottom seam of the sleeves, and the bottom seam of the entire shirt. It also had a black bell shaped skirt that had a white heart on the left side that was surrounded by black lace. Just like the shirt it had white lace that lined the bottom seam of the skirt. She also wore black shoes that had black platforms stuck to them and white lace on the top of the shoes.
My eyes must of glazed over in a trance like state due to the fact that she was now blushing. “You look beautiful…So very beautiful.” I smiled and walked up to her so that I could hold her in my arms. “You look so amazing.” I reached my head in to be close to her and pressed my lips gently against hers. “I love you.” The words floated out my mouth without my consent. “Sorry...” I looked down.
“Why be sorry.” She lifted my head up with a gentle hand. “I love you too, Darrion.” The wind began to rustle her bright golden colored hair and the cape.
“Is a storm coming?” She asked as she looked up to the sky with the same hopeful eyes that she has every time some sign of a storm would show it’s self.
“Don’t be silly there hasn’t been a storm in nearly 200 years.” I chuckled. “Ever since you read that book, you’ve been waitin’ for rain.”
“Just imagine it! The cold feelings on your face, the smell of fresh flowers, maybe even a rainbow!” She began to dance around as if she was pretending to be in a rain storm now. I allowed myself to laugh a bit at her childish fantasies.
“Now wouldn’t that be great.”
“Darrion.” She said with a slight hiss on the end syllables. “Well then what is causing this wind?” Almost immediately after she asked, she got her answer. From outside the ruins came a wiz, a clicking of gears and the shrieking noises of sirens. The room we were in fell deafly quiet. I put a finger to my lips in an effort to silently shush her as she opened her mouth to speak. I gave her a signal to follow me as I creped down the decrepit hallway that lead to the main room. I stopped just at the end of the hallway.
“Stay here.” I whispered to her and I made my way into the main room.
“Wait.” She tried to stop me but it was too late I was already ducking behind furniture, rubble, and whatever else could conceal my somewhat large frame. The chattering of human men could be heard from the other side of the walls. I think they were saying something about a warrant for relocation and both of our names could be heard. I made my way back to the hallway where she waited for me.
“We gotta find a way out of here without attractin’ any kind of attention.” I informed her and her eyes darted around the room. She was surely cooking something up in the smart mind of hers.
“I’ve got nothing.” She said at last. I sighed slightly.
“I’m gonna go look around again.” She nodded and let me go. I traversed through the rubble one more time to find a hole that I could look out of but they could not look in. It took me a while to find the right one. When I did I peered out to see several men dressed in a dark ominous blue uniforms that were of a fairly strong build. I remember thinking that I could not take on all of them at once. I motioned for Marrival to take the same route as I did. When she took but only one step out from the safety of the shadows a brigade of men in the dark blue uniforms rushed through the door. It happed all too soon for me to react. They grabbed her with their vile dirty hands.
“Darrion!” She yelled out in a sudden shriek of fright. I burst from my hiding space with the gun, I had kept close to me for reasons like this, in my hand. “Let her go! Now!” I demanded.
“Oh don’t be so brave.” The larger one to the left sneered. “We can kill her if you wish. It’s your choice.” He walked in front of her as the two smaller men held onto her tightly. He grabbed her face. “And such a pretty life too, to bad we’d have to kill her if you don’t put that silly thing away.”
I felt so powerless. I couldn’t let them have her but if she got killed because of me I wouldn’t be able to live with myself any more. The gun dropped from my hands.
“Darrion Selus...I love you!” She called out to me as the two larger men that were behind the largest man that seemed to be calling the shots walked behind me and grabbed my arms.
“I love you too…Marrival Lewis.” It was if a flood gate opened in my eyes. I began to cry. My heart began cried out for her.
“Now. Now. Love is frowned upon in the eyes of our great leader. It causes to much problems.” He chuckled in a mocking way. He pulled out a small parchment of paper and began reading. “By declaration of Arnan Clark, our great leader that has shown us the light and kept us from the darkness, you are ordered for relocation and for your memories to be whipped. You are being charged for this due to your blatant disregard for the laws that have been placed.

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