Chapter one: Defiance By Choice (Part one)

November 6, 2009
“Where alone now.” Her whispers traveled through the thick smoke and hit my ears like a bang from a shot gun.
“Alone…Yeah alone...” I replied from a distant land housed within my own mind.

“Do you even care?” She whipped her head whipped around from what I could see and shot me the angriest glare she could muster up.
“Yes I freakin’ care.” I huffed and sunk down into a sitting position on the dirt covered floor behind the wall that lay in ruins. She paced before me with an expression on her face that surely indicated that she was in thought. “Whatcha thinking about, eh?” My eyes floated up to feast upon her small frame and beautiful face that was surely came from something before her time.
“Nothing. I just. Well I am thinking about what would happen if they found us. “A small grimace flashed across her face, but when her eyes met mine her expression returned to her normal cheery and calm demeanor. It was as if she wanted to play me as a fool into thinking that nothing is wrong with her.
“Let’s not think ‘bout that kay?” I patted the ground next to me for a signal for her to sit. “Just relax.” I smiled warmly as she took a seat next to me. “It doesn’t matter what’ll happen. What matters is what’s happenin’ now.” I placed a firm but warm arm around her.
“I know…I’ve just been scared to lose you even since I did...” A glimmer of a tear ran down a stretch of her cheek. I turned with a smile and pressed my thumb against the tear like I was squishing its life away.
“Shh...Don’t cry dear. You aint never gonna loose me.” I reassured her as I pulled her in closer. “No amount of coffee, no amount of cryin’, no amount of whiskey no amount of whine…No no no nothing else will do I’ve got to have you.” I tried to sing as I wrapped her in my arms. That was our song. We heard it long ago from a music player that could have been 100 of years old but to us it was perfect that day.
It was a long day for both of us and we couldn’t wait to just escape the pressures of our lives. That day we snuck into the restricted area of town and picked up some old things. We discovered the song in a small player that was labeled MP3 I do believe. We sat all night listening to the same song while we read the books from the old times.

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