No Where to go!

October 30, 2009
You stand in a meadow you cant get out there no way. Wolfs surround you as you walk to the center of the open meadow the suns going down so light is fading. You see the light glow in the wolfs eyes. They get closer and closer what can you do there is no were to go. They start leaving one comes up behind u and nudes your hand so you can follow the pack to the Alphas of the pack. The Alpha male greets you with a lick the Alpha female has a little pup at her feet. Her eyes are filled with love, compassion, but yet have hate and fighting in them. They don't let you leave they want you to stay there and live with them. You have no were to live anyways so whats the point of leaving if you have some one or someones who love you even if there not human they are your friends. You desire to stay with them learn how to hunt make fire stay warm and live in a pack and learn how to fight. You never want to leave you love it there the forest is green and flourishing there is plentiful food everywhere and you have a family that will be there until you die. They love you they accept you for who you are. Though you are not a wolf you are human but you are now a human wolf you belong to the pack now the human government will never destroy the land you are living on it is a nation park so you can live in peace with nature and animals. You are happy now forever and never want to go back to the human society you love your new life.

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