October 30, 2009
By Meilin Keen BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
Meilin Keen BRONZE, Iowa City, Iowa
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My utopia, Wallington, is a very small town in Walls in a mysterious place in Greenland. Wallington is known for its seedlings, babies in cocoa beans. Seedlings play an enormous role in its history.
It all started when Christopher Columbus sailed the seas, and he traveled everywhere with his special cocoa bean in his left pocket. As he sailed through the rough waves, he had to stop at a nearby island because his crew was exhausted and needed a break. Columbus set up camp and he set his only cocoa bean outside his tent. When the sun rose, Columbus and his crew woke and packed up and embarked quickly to resume their travels and explorations. However, little known to him, in his rush to leave, Columbus accidentally left his cocoa bean on the ground. The bean sat there for awhile, and little by little, drops of dew formed on it, and it’s outer surface cracked. From these emerged little curly pea-green tendrils. These tendrils creeped down into the soft ground and became roots. These roots spread, and the little bean began to grow and grow and soon grew into a cocoa tree. Soon large numbers of people grew onto the leaves of the cocoa tree. So from one tiny, fragile cocoa bean a whole village was formed.
When you initially come to visit Wallington, you at first only see the acres and acres of farmland all around it. But it is very surprising and unexpected when you travel closer because when you get there, you see a towering chocolate wall that is quite surreal and it reminds you of the childrens’ board game Candyland.
Yes, you read correctly, Wallington has a huge chocolate wall. That’s how it got its name. And the town became famous and now people from all over travel to Wallington to see its famous wall. But the leaders of Wallington are very strict about the wall. If you eat or climb the wall, or do something bad to it, or if you get trapped on it, you can be punished. There are other rules in Wallington that are very strict and must be obeyed by everyone without exception. These are some of them: If you’re under the age of 13, you can’t be alone, or you get fined 10 chocolate chips. If you do anything really bad your life will be a nightmare. You’ll be rolled into a giant deep, dark tunnel. When you finally land at the bottom, you will have torture time. You’ll just sit there for a few minutes, then the terrible chocolate chunks fall upon you and crush you until you’re almost dead. A very big crime happens every two years when someone steals a seedling from a family’s cocoa bean tree. The person who does it is not only called a thief, but also a murderer. That’s because the seedling cannot survive without the food that comes through the tree roots and turns back into just a cocoa bean. The thief, if found, gets fined 15 years at the wall and one million cocoa beans (55 million dollars bail). The laws are just as strict for illegal drugs (like milk chocolate powder, Hershey kisses, and Nutella), but the sentence is cut in half. A thief gets 7 ½ years at the wall and a fine of 500 million cocoa beans (2.75 million dollars).

The people in Wallington are very Amish-like. I describe them this way because they rely on the sun. They are also Amish-like in the way that they use animals for travel and chores. When people use animals, they don’t use a lot of vehicles or machines that run on non-renewable energy like oil, coal, and gasoline that cause global warming with their emissions. The people are also similar to the Amish in the way that they like to grow their own foods and don’t go to grocery stores often. They also make lots of their own products, and the air smells of the new cow manure soap being made when you enter Wallington.
The dads and sons in Wallington are always in the field, farming and breeding livestock. Dads and sons are tough and outdoorsy so they can stand the heat. They feel safe and healthy eating their own food because they don’t use harsh chemicals when they grow it. The girls, on the other hand, are not very outdoorsy. They are very scared of cow dung and worms, and they are annoyed by the sun (unless they are interested in getting a tan, of course).
The mothers’ job is to get the vegetables and meat from the dads’ and sons’ hard work on the farm and start cooking and storing them To get the mothers to feed the “menfolk” quickly so the dads and sons can get out in the field quickly to produce more vegetables and livestock, the government pays the mothers to cook, do the laundry and wash the dishes as quickly as possible.
Families in Wallington consist of 3 to 5 people—one mom, one dad, and one or more child. Since a cocoa tree takes at least 3 years to grow from a cocoa bean, that means that the children are at least 3 years apart. Families can also have a lot of pets, mostly dogs and cats. If a tree has more than one seedling it is called a mutation. A few days after the seedling pops, one of the mutated seedlings is sent to work at the wall for 20 years. When they are 20 years old, they can live their lives freely, start a family, or keep working on the wall.
Wallington’s environment is like a paradise. It is perfect for 24/7 outdoor activities. It is never too warm and never too cold. You will never need a sweater or fan in Wallington. Since the weather is always so nice, the Wallingtons love to be outside doing outdoorsy activities. Their favorite past-time is hiking. Camping is another activity they love. Plus, they fish, hunt, and roast marshmallows. Kids can climb to the tops of trees and swing from the branches. They love trees so much, they even have tree houses that they live in all the time. You might think Wallington’s environment is like a paradise, but it isn’t a total paradise because it smells like cow manure a great deal of the time.
The sun in Wallington never sets and if it did the people wouldn’t be so happy. The people are solar-powered with happiness. As we know from earlier, the Wallingtonians love to hike and camp and fish. Another reason for this is that Wallington’s land is perfect, with vast lakes, tall trees, green grass, high rocky mountains, and much more. Rain never bothers the Wallingtonians. They actually love it. The rain is a delectable mix of water and sugar! They can drink it and use it to help grow seedlings.
So, Wallington has good things and bad things about it. Even though there is candy and lots of chocolate, you can be punished for disobeying at the wall for doing things like stealing cocoa beans. It is great if you are good, but if you are not, you’d better watch out.

The author's comments:
I wrote this over a period of time. I was inspired by chocolate. I hope to write many more.

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