TVOT pt 2

October 30, 2009
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After an hour of preparation for the raid on the traitorous adventuring company, they set off for the adventurers’ base of operations. “Remember the plan! Reds, you run through the front and get to the center green! Blues, you go through the back and get to the green. I will meet you there to give information from there. For Karshi! For our king! Let us gain the will to defeat these murderous traitors!” Akamin announced to the eager, yet valorous, regiment. At his signal, the regiment rushed to follow the plan, ignoring the simple attacks of servant after servant in the halls of the base. In no time at all, both teams reached the green and barred the doors. Suddenly, Akamin warped into the green with a spectrum of incarnum mana glowing in one hand. “Now, let this raid bring us great glory this day! For Sharki! For Karshi! For this final blow! For our glory!” Akamin said as he used the spectrum of mana to empower the regiment with inhuman arcana, which transformed them into beings of great incarnum. Once the regiment was infused and self-buffed, they rushed into the base, killing minion after minion, until they reached the 3 leaders. “We have come to arrest your operation for treason! Surrender or die, assassins!” Akamin said as the empowered regiment unsheathed their weapons. “Never shall we bow to a nation! It is you who will be slain this day! Get them!” the leaders said with an evil glint in their eyes as many well-equipped soldiers flanked the raiders.

The flankers were no match for the empowered regiment, who wielded great martial and incarnum-based abilities. The regiment’s weapons glowed crimson red as they fought off the flankers. “Now that those people are out of the way, get those villains!” Akamin said as he summoned many bolts of pure incarnum, which he fired at the enemy leaders’ positions like a machine gun. “What? How did you-?” the villains said as they got impaled by the rapid incarnum shards Akamin fired. “We declare victory! Everyone, get to the green and leave the premises. I will finish this lair off.” Akamin said as his right hand glowed with apocaliptic might. With his command, the regiment got to the green and teleported back to Karshi, and, upon reaching their destination, reported victory to Sharki. Once the regiment was gone, Akamin got to the green, got airborne, and fired the energy he was cradling at the guildhall. Upon impact, the guildhall exploded with volcanic destruction, obliterating the entire hall and the green with blightfire.

Before his own explosion reached him, Akamin teleported back to Karshi and reported that the guild and its base was no more, which meant part one of Sharki’s master plan was complete. “Good news, King Sharki,” Granul, the local priest of Ulban, the star of radiance and truth, said, “The ritual circle for Lady Kamnu’s ressurection is ready, so all we need is Lord Akamin.” “Akamin, the time has come for my mom to come back from the dead. Go and serve your aunt and my mother well.” Shaki said with a final salute. “I shall serve my country and cousin well, as well as my aunt. Granul, start the initiation rites. I shall be there in a few minutes.” Akamin said with pride as he teleported away. “I shall alert the ritual mages. Lady Kamnu shall rise once more,” Granul said as he disappeared in a flash of light.

Within many hours of ritual casting, the deed was done. Lady Kamnu started breathing as her head rejoined with her body. She was promptly redressed in royal gowns. “Where is my son?! Bring him to me!” Kamnu said with panic. “Don’t worry, Aunt Kamnu. Your son is safe. In fact, he is king! Come, follow me. I will bring you to him.” Akamin said as he offered a hand to help Kamnu up. “Akamin! If what you say is true, then why haven’t the townsfolk overthrown him yet?” Kamnu said, puzzled by the sudden safety that seemed to be. “He killed The Whisperer! The term “Karshibane” is no more! However, some rebels are still out there. In fact, you husband is being held by some rebels, but that will change after we report your ressurection a success.” Akamin said with glee. “All I want is to see my son. That is my one wish.” Kamnu said as she took Akamin’s hand to stand.

After charging his powers, Akamin teleported himself and Lady Kamnu to the throne room, in which the king was waiting since morning. “Sharki! So, what Akamin told me is true! I am a noble lady and you are king!” Kamnu said, excited by the reunion with her son. “Yes, mother. There is bad news however. You can’t come to rescue Father.” Sharki said seriously, “Instead, I have arranged arcane magic lessons so you will be able to use some powerful magic in order to aid us in further battles. Understood?” “Yes, my son. I understand. I will make my way towards the Arcane Quarter with godspeed.” Kamnu said, slightly dissapointed. “Here, take this ring. It shows your status as a karshian elite as well as a mobility booster.” Sharki said as he tossed an ornate ring with the Karshian coat of arms etched in the center of the set gem. “Thank you, my son. I will use it well,” Kamnu said as she made her way to the Arcane Quarter for her magic lessons.

“I will alert Kaishor to prepare for the raid on the devout stronghold that imprisons your father. Until the raid, goodbye,” Akamin said as he warped to the Martial Quarter. “I will scout out the stronghold, so you, Kaishor, and the regiment run in on my command,” Sharki said into a small psychic headset. “Ok then, my cousin. I will report these final commands to Kaishor. You just get into position,” Akamin responded into his headset. With the telepathic orders given, Sharki activated his ring and teleported to his dad’s inprisonment. “Don’t worry, Father, you will be freed.” Sharki said as he reached the dank prison which held his father. “I can hear you, my son. I am unharmed and predicted that you would come, my child. Is your regiment at the ready?” Nubinor the Exiled said as his diamond-like eyes opened, shining with a golden radiance, which revealed the rest of his body. “Yes, Father. They are at the ready,” Sharki said as he blasted the astral chains, that imprisoned his father, past oblivion. Sharki also pierced open the roof above. “Hover above so I can alert the regiment that you are safe.” Sharki said as he sent a psychic message to Akamin. “Yes, my son. Whatever will get me away from these wretched rebels quickest,” Nubinor said regally as he ascended above the fortress. Soon after Sharki sent the message to Akamin, the still empowered regiment focused their powers, aiming at the fortress with superhuman accuracy. A split second afterwards, they fired, obliterating the fortress with the same power of the ability Akamin used to destroy the rebel adventurers’ guildhall just a few days prior. “Just settle me in the Arcane District and I will be fine.” Nubinor said as his eyes glistened with pride. “Yes, Father. In fact, Mother, who Lord Akamin brought back from the dead, is residing there. Oh, and one last thing: you will forever more be known as Overlord Nubinor,” Sharki said as he raised a flag signaling victory, which was responded quickly by the regiment. “I will take you to them, and afterwards, teleport myself to Karshi. Understood, my son?” Overlord Nubinor said as he flew to the regiment’s camp with zepherous godspeed. “Understood,” Sharki said as they reached the camp.

“Hello Uncle Nubinor. I assume the escape had no difficulty for you, Almighty Overlord,” Akamin said as Nubinor reached the camp gates. “Your assumption is right, Lord Akamin. I am going home to Karshi now that I am out of that deathtrap of a fortress. Goodbye for now, Akamin. I will contact you once I am safe in the Arcane Quarter. Farewell!” Nubinor said as he let Sharki down to the earth below and then quickly warped away. “Farewell for now, father. Kaishor, any news while I was gone?” Sharki said as his star scar stopped glowing rapidly. “Yes. I have a message from the Dragonspawn town of Zentu. I recommend traveling there immediately,” Kaishor said as he held up a scroll written with obscure draconic insignias. “We shall travel there with godspeed. Kaishor, gather the regiment. Akamin, gather your magics. I will bring a treaty to seal the alliance with Zentu. Move out!” Sharki said as he unraveled the scroll and read it and noticed that it had a portal spell inscribed in. Intently, he used the scroll, with the help of Karshi’s top arcanists, to open a portal to Zentu. “Quickly! We must go through and entwine our destiny with theirs! Godspeed!” Sharki said as he directed the forces through the glowing portal......

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The_Reaper said...
Nov. 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm
By the way, Sharki is the protagonist, Akamin is his cousin, and the rest you could probably assume..... (This story is not one of my favorites, though.... Kinda just a connection....)
The_Reaper said...
Nov. 30, 2009 at 10:58 pm
Thanks for the votes.......but why PT 2 in my 3rd installment of my storyline? That is my question.....
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