How it All Began

October 26, 2009
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As a young boy Lucifer had had a fascination with science. His father, a scientist, often let him observe at work in his laboratory. Lucifer was a well read boy who loved discovering new things. When he went to the local library one day, he found a series of books on mythology. It wasn't long after that day that he became infatuated with vampires and werewolves. He came home to his father excited about what he'd found. Before he could even utter single word of his thoughts of this new phenomenon, his father told him that vampires and werewolves were myth and that he shouldn't put his energies into it. He needed to focus on things that were real. He immediately gave Lucifer a project to work on, assuming that by doing so that Lucifer would no longer think about vampires and werewolves. To his delight, he put all thoughts of anything mythological aside and was once again focusing on things that were fact.

As a sign of his gratitude, his father brought him to the zoo. Lucifer saw many animals and wondered many things about them. His father brought him to the grotto where they held the bats. Lucifer gazed at the bats with awe. He read about each of the different species, having one in particular stand out. The vampire bat. A bat that survives on blood.

From that day forward thoughts of vampires never left Lucifer's head. He went to college, studying many different sciences and taking animal studies classes. He studied genetics for many years, along with anatomy and classes specific to studying bats.

He spoke to one of his professors, requesting privileges to use the classroom laboratory for a scientific experiment. He was given permission and soon started on his work. He spoke with some people at the zoo and requested a small sample of blood from one of their vampire bats. He went to the local hospital and spoke to some workers there and was given a small sample of human blood. He worked into the night, studying the DNA of both species. He attempted many times to infuse the two somehow but failed.

As word got out about what Lucifer was working on many people thought he was insane. His professors thought that what he was doing was impossible and they worried about his mental health. Only one person had faith in him. A boy by the name of Markus. He and Markus put their heads together and tried the test once again. Their goal was not a simple thing. They were attempting the impossible. The trait in vampire bats that makes it so their food source needed to be blood; they wanted to take that trait and intertwine it with human DNA. They wanted to make a vampire.

Lucifer and Markus worked for many days and many nights studying their DNA's. One day, as Lucifer was toying with both DNA, he was awestruck. He had finally succeeded! He had done the impossible, beaten all odds. He and Markus soon realized that they had to do something with their vampire DNA. Lucifer asked Markus if he could inject the vampire into him. Markus, in his excitement, immediately agreed. Essentially, Lucifer was making Markus into a vampire. Markus regarded Lucifer as a god, an angel. Lucifer proceeded with the process of injecting the DNA into Markus. It was a success.

As Markus's body adjusted to the change Lucifer became very ill. Soon after Markus finally revived Lucifer's life was ended. To Markus he had been exiled from Earth because he had created an "unholy" creature. Vampires are seen to many humans as unholy creatures, so since Lucifer had created one, in essence, God had killed him because of what he'd done. Markus had seen Lucifer as an angel for his discovery. He now saw that he was a fallen angel. A great scientist who had been disgraced from this world for what he had created. The very first vampire.

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