October 13, 2009
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The feeling of the humid air was almost unbearable. It was raining in huge drops, and the thunder roared, growling at the two. It was around 12 o’clock, according to the old clock on the wall of the airport. Russell was looking on his portable computer for the nearest hotel. His girlfriend, Natalie, was trying to get the travel company on the phone. They were supposed to be on a “get-away-from-work-and-have-fun” trip, but they made the mistake of not reserving a hotel room before they actually came. They worked 7 days a week and they wanted to go somewhere that would soothe their tired souls. They were so used to New York, were everything they wanted was right there. Now, they were in a foreign country, trying to look for a hotel. But all they had was an international cell phone and a portable computer. They were assuming that were would be taxis or busses at the airport. But there was only 1 bus, and they were not allowed on that bus because it was already full and you had to have tickets to get on. Then, they noticed an old lady staring at them. The lady was eavesdropping on their conversation, and she continued to listen to their fluent English. She looked at them in a suspicious way, and she just stood there, listening, not getting on that bus like everyone else. Russell and Natalie had no way to transport, in the middle of nowhere. Natalie could not get the travel company on the phone, so they decided to call the nearest hotel. They called the number Russell found on the internet, but the answering machine picked up. Was the city dear or something? The bus, which was the only thing in sight, besides the airport, went and they were there, alone at the airport. The old lady seemed to be gone, as well. All they had were their luggage, an international cell phone, and a portable computer. They looked around, and saw an old rusted sign with unfamiliar letters and under that, it said, “Welcome to Big Town”. Who came up with that name? Natalie thought. This is the smallest and most inconvenient place I’ve ever come to in my entire life!! They saw a bench, and decided to sit down. The rain had died down to a soft drizzle, and it sounded more like a lullaby to the exhausted two. They fell asleep and when they woke up, it was dark. The benches were cold and damp, and the airport was silent. By then, the rain had stopped completely. It was cold, and Natalie bent down to get her jacket out of her bag. Russell bent down to grab the sandwiches he brought. When they bent down, they felt nothing. Their bags were gone. All of their everything was gone. Russell was furious, and Natalie started crying. Then in the pitch black sky, they saw a running figure. The figure was small, possibly a woman. You could barely see anything in the dark. But the moonlight reflected the color of the small woman’s hair. It was white. The figure was slowing down, and she ran like she had heavy luggage and she ran in a weird way, like she was really old. It was the old lady that was eavesdropping on them, from before! Russell ran after the old lady, and disappeared into nothing. Now Natalie really lost everything.
The End

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dragonfan said...
Nov. 29, 2009 at 4:28 pm
wow i think this wuld be a good thing 2 contine alot of questions come 2 mind like what happened 2 the old lady,where did russell run off 2,what happened 2 natalie,and y did the old woman easedrop and steel their stuff? all and all this is a great story i really loved it =)
Rosalie replied...
Dec. 3, 2009 at 6:06 am
yeah I like to keep the readers wondering..but next time ill write more answers
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