Angel. Part 2

October 12, 2009
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I quietly approach my creaky staircase, looking around for any signs of my brother. With no sight of him, I rush down the stairs and of course, standing right there is Sebastian. He stuck his hand out and gave me a firm look. I stepped back a few steps and breathed heavily- looking at him with a grim “I’m sorry” look.
“So um, I’m guessing I woke you up…. Again?

He nodded his head. Waking him up at 4:30 every morning always puts him in a dreadful mood. But knowing him he’ll go off, get high, and forget all about this confrontation. He dropped his arm and sluggishly walked off to his car- god knows what he’s doing.
I tried to wipe off the remorse that lingered on me. I quickly ate breakfast and hesitated out the door to school. Today was my first day as a freshman. Everybody says you’re supposed to be really thrilled for high school, but I on the other hand wished I was still in the first grade. After the agonizing years of Junior high, high school didn’t seem all that much better. People taunted me right to my face, tripped me in the halls, and stuck gum in my hair. School was pure hell. Sometimes I can’t even take it anymore and I have a severe melt down, and people not only think I’m a freak, but they all get frightened by me whenever I appear to be looking at them. I don’t try to act like this- I just can’t help it. Something feels like it’s taking over my head sometimes, my whole body falls into a shocking pain and my brain goes into a coma, I can’t feel or hear anything- but all I can see is those two red irregular eyes. And when I fall out of that grasp, I can’t breathe. My heart pounds at an unbalanced rate, and I fall into a deep sleep. Why this happens, I wish I could figure that out. I wish I could figure out who I am and why god put me on this earth to just suffer through everything. Why can’t I be normal? So many questions I want answered, yet, they still go unread.

I walk up to my school, slowly. I clench onto my shirt and bite my lip. Should I go in? Or should I run away? I toss those two questions around in my head, and choosing to go in, I hesitantly walk up to the door-…

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