Fire and Ice Chapter Two

October 12, 2009
By quirkysoutherngirl BRONZE, Bayou La Batre, Alabama
quirkysoutherngirl BRONZE, Bayou La Batre, Alabama
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Peering over the water, she noticed how in the end all the waves crashed together all ending back up in the same place where they started. It reminded Amelia of her own path, her own decision she had to make. She thought she would finally get down to one deciding factor, but then two more factors snuck thier way into her mind. A russett color wolf, that was larger than any normal way, laid beside Amelia on the peer. The wolf nudged her elbow wanting her to pet him. Amelia broke from her trance running a hand over the wolves head. "Why aren't you at the meeting?" she asked softly, starting to hear the howls of the wolves as the meeting started.

She knew she was supposed to be at the meeting also. She had been attending them since the day she hunt the alpha of the pack down to demand that they let her see Scott, and that was how Amelia found out what Scott was. They accepted her into the pack just like they accepted Scott. They were her family just as much as they were Scott's. She laid her head against Scott laying down on the pier.

Amelia drifted off to sleep, but that was when the dreams started that tortured her night after night. They were all standing on the beach, Scott, Chris, and herself they were all talking and playing around. The dream started off as a good thing. Scott picked Amelia up being her, and throwing her in the water, she laughed splashing him after he dropped her, and she resurfaced. Chris laughed watching them, and then he tensed. Four strangers started down the beach. They all had the same beautiful features that would make them stand out in a crowd of supermodels. Thier eyes disturbed her though, they were crimson, hypnotic even they drew her in.

In the dream, she found herself walking towards the strangers, they drew her in like nothing ever had before, but unlike Chris these vampires sent chill after chill down her spine. Though she couldn't stay away. Scott ran shifting as he jumped towards the vampires howling for his pack, her precious guardian angel was protecting her again. Chris ran up grabbing her by her waist throwing her over his shoulder, getting her away from the strangers. Amelia sat up screaming as she watched Scott being torn limb from limb in her dream.

She opened her eyes, noticing she was back in her room. Her bed was unusually warm, so she knew Scott had been sleeping with her. She looked over at her clock, it was 3 am. For the past week, she had woken up screaming from the same dream, and now Amelia was starting to have an eerie feeling that the dream was going to come true. Chris was sitting on the tie dyed bean bag chair Amelia had had for years. He looked worried when he saw her scream. "Lee honey whats going on?" he asked softly.

"Nothing you need to worry about." Amelia said looking over at Chris. "Just a dream." she said with a soft smile. She hadn't told either of them of the dream, she didn't want them to worry more than they already did.

They worried already because Amelia wasn't the normal human. She talked to the dead who had unfinished business on earth. Most people called them ghost or earth bound spirits, Amelia called them a pain in her butt. One popped up just as she was fixing to cuddle back up to her own personal teddy bear. "Excuse me I was told you could help me." It was a woman who was probably in her mid forties with cropped black hair and green eyes.

Amelia sat up. "Yep I'm the girl you need. So what unfinished business do you need finished?" She asked yawning quietly running a hand through her hair. "My daughter, I wrote her a letter while I was dying, and it fell behind the desk. It's important that she reads it, it will change her life." The woman said in a soft voice. Amelia nodded. "yeah, yeah, yeah. I need an address and a name." She said with a sigh, getting up from the bed getting a pencil and a piece of paper.

"5342 Maple Drive, and her name is Jenny Willshire." The lady said with a smile. Amelia dropped the paper and the pencil, "That's my mom." she said softly, "Hold on your my grandmother," She said turning around. Amelia had never met the woman, but by the time she turned around the woman had disappeared.

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Wasda BRONZE said...
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awsome story tell me when you wright the next part


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