The War

October 21, 2009
By maybelaterright2334 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
maybelaterright2334 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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As I swoop down into a level of fog swarming around me. Its chilly-goose bumps tremble down my spine. Though I hang onto my gryphon. A gryphon is a lion mixed with an eagle. Its body is a light brown, soft and short hair. Though his wings are majestic and covered with feathers. And a silver chain hangs around his neck where his proud American head sits on. His razor sharp eyes are dashing to the slightest movement. His name is Muffasa. I have this chest protector of silver- it’s a chain chest protector. I have two swords that sit in a sword holder that’s strapped to my back. And slacks that covers my legs when it’s damp and cool outside.

We see this arena or this beautiful landscape-grass covers it to this hill in the distance-then lost into the forest. With this huge lake that goes all the way to the horizon. If you look over your shoulder, there’s breath taking mountains. This is our land-this land is called Escape Valley.

Muffasa gets fidgety, as something is wrong. I look to find that an army of these disgusting, filthy mystical creatures come swarming down the hill. Such as minitors- war pigs- and other gross looking creatures.

I hurry up and point my gryphon to the ground. I then hear a loud screeching sound that rings my ear coming from above. I look to find what keeps my heart beating; it’s Jordan on his dragon. His dragon is red with a blue spine with knives as his teeth. This means we have two more warriors to help us beat these ridiculous creatures. Though Jordan has a horn that signals any good mythical creature to come and help. So he blew it. And when that sound echoes the valley, a huge loch-ness monster rises out of the water to help.

“Charge!” screamed Jordan as the fleet of bad creatures starts to run. As I get my running start I signal Muffasa to the air to attack from air strike.

I see an arrow fly right by me to see a war pig get struck between the eyes. The war pig drops and has blood squirting everywhere. I was amazed at Jordan’s accuracy. But it’s time for me to start taking charge and start killing people.

I quickly find two enemies to kill and start my pace up to a jog. I pull my two swords out of my back holder; straightened my arms and decapitated them both. That’s two down, and a bunch left. The loch ness monster starts to throw or trample over anyone he gets in range of. That was a huge help. But we need to keep this up if we’re going to protect this land of these intruders.

After a few minutes; this battle field was covered in blood-heads-and other limbs of the other enemy. It’s not over; there’s still a good amount of them. Some of them come circling me; I don’t think I can take them. This was it- but a wave of heat swarms around me as I look up to see that Jake (Jordan’s dragon) and blew fire over them. They were squirming on the floor to get the fire off; it was too late.

“Do you need a hand?” Jordan asked me.

“I wouldn’t mind one; just take me somewhere safe so I can meet up with my gryphon.” I told him.

“Okay, I will get right on it.” Jordan said sheltering.

We were just about to fly away and a war pig swung at Jordan. I reacted fast; I took out one of my swords and plunged it into his chest. Jake was fending off enemy’s right before flight too.

We landed at a ledge right at the ends of this valley. Muffasa saw us and came to join us. I felt better now knowing Muffasa was fine. But we are missing the loch-ness monster. He was being tied up and forced into the weary dark forest. I felt bad; he went out of his way and helped us and now he’s being punished.

Jordan and I along with our pets were finishing up the war. Most of them were dead; or fled out of this war with fear. There was one left; that last one to remember. We stalked over there and the strangest thing happened. The war pig stood there as if he knew his death was before him. His head hung low as he asked for forgiveness. I showed him none. He was apart of all the others that tried taking over Escape Valley. I sliced his head off and kicked him over the edge.

That was it; the war was over. There was no more fighting. Escape Valley continued to be ours. Now there was us four standing beside each other. Blood was all over us; as if it was war paint. We were victorious.

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