Who Turned Out the Lights?

October 20, 2009
“Two more minutes… YES!” I emphasize the yes because after Science I can go home with my friend. Watching the clock as the time passes, waiting for the last class of the day to end. One minute passes, then 30 seconds pass, Ring! Ring! “Oh my gosh I thought that Mr. Mack’s class would never end! YAY!” Kneeling on the ground I pretend to kiss it but it doesn’t last very long. By the time I try to “kiss” it the second time my friend, Lexi has walked around the corner and is laughing at me. With her laughing, it’s hard for me not to laugh to.
Standing up, Lexi pushes me back to the ground and it seems that she won’t let me back up. Looking up at her, I smile, which then breaks into sudden laughter. Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I look up to see Erika. As she bends down, we exchange hugs and talk about what had happened at lunch.
“Come on; get up, aren’t you ready?” Lexi jokingly says. Standing up, I look at her dumbfounded because, to be honest, I have no idea what she is talking about, but eventually I do.

“Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m coming over to spend the night. Let me just go and grab my stuff real quick.” I motion for them to follow as I head to my red locker. I do my combination, which is 1-27-41, and open my locker. Opening my locker, my stuff falls out, with my lunch landing on me, splashing my belt with jelly. I don’t know why, but jelly must really hate me or maybe I’m just not good around it. Then again, the things only happen to me when I have a belt on. Believe me, there is a reason why I think it hates me or something like that. About two months ago my friend, Erika, threw a bag that had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich laid on it and the jelly went flying. Again, the jelly landed inside of my belt, how I guess I shall never know. I laugh to myself a little remembering what happened and shut my locker.
“Bye Erika I’ll see ya later! Okay Lexi, I’m ready,” I say as I sling my bag over my shoulder. I walk to the doors and open them feeling the rush of the bitter cold wind on my face. I walk with Lexi to her car that is: white with black stripes, small - and I think- it’s a Toyota. After about five minutes of driving, we arrive at her house; it’s a green and white town home. I walk in from the garage to the courtyard that is decorated in a Tuscan style with: grape plants, brightly colored plates on the wall, and a black swirly thing hanging. I open the door rapidly and step inside- making sure not to let her dog Annie out- and close the glass door. Walking up to Lexi’s loft – to do our homework - Erin, Lexi’s mom brings up the snacks. Lexi skips, or what she calls skipping, to her computer to turn on some music…
After about two hours of: eating, doing our homework, and dancing to the music, dinner is ready. Lexi and I race down the stairs and sit at the kitchen table. Erin has made a feast of: chicken, potatoes, a marshmallow dish, and garlic bread. I’m excited to take my first bite,of course, because it looks delicious! After filling my stomach until I can eat no more, we decide it’s time to watch some T.V. “Hey, I T.Voed the Twilight Zone to see if you would like it,” Lexi’s mom called from the corridor. We turned on the T.V. and watched the show…
Okay, the show was about theses aliens that come to Earth. When they come, they cause all of the power to go out. Why the power goes out, I have no idea because I was too busy eating popcorn.
“Hey can we have some dessert?” Lexi asks her mom. When her mom nods her head yes we walk into the kitchen to get some ice cream. I grab the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream because that’s my favorite. After spooning it into a bowl, I slide across the smooth wooden floor to the family room. I change the channel and watch T.V. until it’s time to go to bed. We race back up the stairs to the bathroom to brush our teeth. I turn on the water and suddenly I can’t see any thing. The lights were turned off.
“Ha-ha, dad real funny turn them back on!” Lexi jokingly said. When he didn’t answer us we realized no one turned the lights off. The power went off just like the show. Finding our way across the hallway we stood in front of the window. With the moonlight cascading on Lexi’s face I could see that she was kind of scared. Weird you may think, yes this was really weird and it freaked me out. Just as I looked up out at the sky I saw something flash across it like jelly flying in the air. Maybe it was an airplane, maybe it wasn’t, I’ll never really know for sure.

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