Keeper of the Indian Secret

October 17, 2009
Small mounds of dust and water that’s all we are. Insignificant next to this world, the stars, space, and galaxies. Yet we are the most intelligent living thing on Earth or on any other planet or so I believe.

I believe we are all born for a reason the hard part is figuring out what that reason is. My mother once told me, “Many people die never knowing why they were born, never knowing what small or great thing they had done in life that had any difference in the world.” After saying that she said, “We are never going to be like that Napayshni, yes you will soon know….” My mother trailed off on the last part as if she’d already said too much.

To this day I still do not understand what she meant. Yet I know I will someday. It’s a slow but steady beating in my heart that tells me I will know soon enough, maybe too soon… For right now though all I hear is that steady beat going ba boom, ba boom, ba boom….

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