October 15, 2009
By Eerro BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Eerro BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Crunch! I looked behind me to see what the noise came from. Nothing was there again. I was totally paranoid. This all started happening last Saturday after I touched the meteorite.

“Don’t touch it.” GOD! I should’ve listened to her. Lexi knows everything. I just wanted to prove her wrong for once. Knowing my luck I should have listened. As soon as I touched I went flying back almost two hundred feet. My sister walked over to me and looked down at my face and opened her mouth. I held up my hand before she could say anything.

“I know I know, ‘I told you so,’” I said mimicking her voice perfectly. It was a dark gift I had and I could really get under other people’s skin.

“When will you learn, Leo, you should always listen to me.”

“Well why don’t you go touch it?”

“Um no.”

why in the world would I do that

“Because I did you… you, well you should.”

“You did what, Leo.”

“You just said, ‘why would I do that’ don’t play dumb!”

“But I didn’t say that.”

“ Yes you-“

“No, Leo,” she interrupted, “I thought it.”

“You mean I just read your mind! Sweet!”

I wonder what else I can do.

In the next few hours after that I tried every power either Lexi or I could think of. I tried every thing from heat vision to freeze rays nothing worked.

It was then I noticed a kid staring at me I was tired that nothing was working so I walked up to him and tried to read his mind when out of nowhere a snowball came hurtling at my face. My head went down and my hands went up in a protective pose.

I waited thinking: any minute I’m going to get hit. Seconds passed and I didn’t feel a hit. Opening my eyes, I saw the kid looking at my with his mouth so wide it could fit an entire baseball in it.

“I guess you found another power,” Lexi called out.

Saying nothing I just stared at the ball.
My powers let me control the ball, or just objects in general.
Thinking that I could control the ball I moved my hand and the snow fallowed like a well-trained pet. Get this: when I thought the ball going into my hands it did. I threw it back at the bratt and hit him right between the eyes. No back to the present. I was walking home from soccer practice and suddenly felt a hard hand at my back and I heard muffled laugher. Finally the person that had been fallowing for what seems like forever makes is move. I turned as I fell and saw the kid. Well it was the kid, but kind of wasn't him. He was a foot taller, was muscular, he had fangs, a muzzle, and he wasn’t alone.

The author's comments:
I had to but it was kinda' fun

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