shoot em up

October 15, 2009
By devin scott BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
devin scott BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Once upon a time little boy named Kyle was with his parents and they went to watch a movie called (die by the gun). After the movie when they got home Kyle pretended to be the awesome man in the movie named Brock, Brock wasn’t only a skilled assassin he was also an animal hater. I mean the guy would buy a pet just to kill it. Later on in the night Kyle asked his mom can he be a killer she said in 25 years. So he said Ok and went back to bed to get some good rest.
25 years later
Kyle is now a skillful assassin that fulfilled his dreams by being like Brock. One day as he was driving his brand new Ford Mustang a group of evil fighting ninja’s attacked him destroying his beautiful car. After the evil ninjas put bullet holes and sword slashes onto it He got so mad that he beat up every one of them in a mere second. After that a wave of cops tried to kill him by getting out their special guns called an ak34 but he made quick work of them with his new desert eagle. A few days have past and Kyle found out that his mother and father where killed in a car accident. Later he also found out that a bunch of bad guy has his wife Sammy. It took him 2 hours before he found her while he was trying to untie her two men came out of two and tunnels shot him in the leg and heart with only a few seconds to live a man who looked so familiar walked right up to him and shot him in the head. 2 weeks has passed since Kyle got shot and since that day he swore for revenge but as he awoke to a scientist next to him he said “What happened to me” looking down at his body he screamed “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” “calm down” he said “no look at me I am a monster”


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