An Undead Dream

October 15, 2009
By Karl B BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Karl B BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Shooting, Rotting corpses of the living dead close in around me. Trapped. Got to get out… There is no way… Light becoming scarce…Bitten…No! Nooo! … “See ya’ Soon.” I woke up suddenly with a jolt, sweaty and with a heaving chest, shotgun clenched tightly in hand.
“Whew, just a bad dream,” I sighed to my rotweiler, Badger whom I found lost back in North Carolina, who had woken up just as I did, panting and just being happy to be alive. I glanced at my watch, 4 : 3 0. “Well I guess starting a little on the early side won’t hurt,” I said to Badger as I sat up into my seat, “ that’ll give us more time to reach Golden and the Air Force Academy.” I then started my Hummer that I had found just a little while back in Kansas City and drove out of the parking lot where I had decided to sleep last night. As I drove out, I started to think of the past few weeks.
It has been a month or two since the dead have started walking. I’m no doctor but it seems like its some sort of disease because I’ve seen a couple of zombies that just look like people, bloodied but still people, come after me like the others who have gore ridden bodies with chunks of flesh hanging off of them like they were a meat vender in a cannibal tribe. Again however, I’m no doctor. When I first figured out what was happening, I was on vacation with my family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My sisters and mom went to a play and… ugh, the thought brings tears to my eyes. I’ll just sum it up. The disease or whatever it was went around killing everyone; then making some, like the zombies, reanimate and seek flesh. I have been trekking across the country going town to town stealing cars from dealers and using them until they ran out of gas in an attempt to get to the Air Force Academy where I figure there would be some survivors. Most of the time I find myself walking there but as I have learned that keeping optimism high is the key to not going crazy, so I guess I could say that I sure do get a lot of exercise. Anyway, as for my family they are dea- missing I mean and I keep a picture of them everywhere I go. As I was thinking I didn’t notice the police spike strip right in front of my car and POP!! The aroma of burning rubber filled the air and the airbag blew up into my face. Pushing it back, I stepped out of the car and looked at the tires.
I grabbed my neck and yelled, “NOOOO!” Badger just looked at me as if he were about to ask me, what are you doing.
“It’s oka-“ I was saying when all of the sudden I heard the most heart stopping sound I could ever here that always makes me freeze: a moan. That moan was followed up by a chorus of other moans; right as I grabbed the shotgun and my backpack from the front seat, a hoard of sprinting zombies burst out from a warehouse just one or two blocks down the street. Immediately started running in the other direction yelling to Badger to come immediately behind me. There was no resistance with him to come. Just as I started running however I noticed some sprinting figures, wavy from the morning heat, just the way I thought would lead me to safety. No, how could they have done this? On either side of me were ten foot tall brick walls. I glanced up and down the street again to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me: they weren’t. I tried to tell myself I would make it out of this but I just couldn’t make myself believe it; Badger knew it too with his teeth glared and his body poised for battle. I glanced the picture of my family, “See ya’ soon.” I said pumping my shotgun, “See ya’ soon.”
A few minutes later I woke up with a start sweaty and with a heaving chest shotgun clenched tightly in hand.
“Whew just a…bad dream,” I said glancing around at the interior of a Hummer, “or is it…“

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on Nov. 23 2009 at 10:08 am
XOXOhaloXOXO GOLD, Ellsworth, Maine
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I'm the author of my life and, unfortunately, I'm writing in pen=]

Good job. One suggestion, though. In the second paragraph, you were in bed then you started your hummer. When and how did you get there. That's just a little thing I noticed, but it's no big deal. Otherwise, this is pretty good.

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