Flash Back

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

“Emma Greenburg please comes to the front office.” The raspy old intercom said. I grabbed all of my things and went down to the office thinking of everything I would regret doing and what the consciences would be. With my heart pumping I walked in the office. The front office attendant pointed to the principles office. When I walked in I was not happy to see what I saw. My mom sitting in a plain old school chair looking tear stained, tired, depressed, with a little sorrow mixed in the pot. “Sit”, she said. I knew something was up, but nothing could prepare me for what I herd next, and it will forever scare my heart. “Ally died, I just got off the phone with her mom, I couldn’t even understand what she said, she was crying so hard”, were the words I herd. Ally was always the bright, bubbly person every boy was after with bright blond hair and crystal clear amber eyes. She could be popular but no, she picked me to be her best friend, forever …until now.
After the silent car ride home I dropped all my stuff ran up stairs. With my face in my pillow all you could hear was murmured cries and sadness. My mom came upstairs and held on to me not letting go. We fell asleep for about six hours, she left and I climbed out of bed and opened me window the curtains silk soft and white floated behind me looking like angel wings on my back. With a hole in my heart I chanted “moon light, moon light up so high pleas bring my friend back alive”, I said that till my eyes shut down and soon my body.
“Emma! Wakeup, its time to go to school”, my mom said as if all the sadness off Ally’s death melts away. I slug out of my bed and throw on my school uniform, brush my teeth and hair and as slow as a sloth walk down stairs. Good morning, sleep good?” my mom says creepily. “No, I was dreaming about Ally”, I say. My mom gives me that “Don’t you think that’s odd” look and gives me a bowl of oatmeal. In a mouthful I grab my backpack, say goodbye and think, walking to school. “Why was she acting so happy? Ally just died and she was balling her eyes out yesterday.” I walk fast so I can keep up
With thoughts my Then, I remember the “moon light spell” my dad told me before he died. It could have not worked, there is no way! My thoughts are so fast and wide spread I have to run just to keep up with them. I run so fast that I am 20 minuets early for school then I remember Ally is always early for school.

Her mom had been at work all the way up in aspen so Ally was always like a half an hour early for school. I see the familiar blond sun shinny hair. “Ally!” I yell. She seems to ignore me. I see a car speeding by. The light across the street has turned into the little walking person letting people know its ok to walk across but the car dose not stop keeps going. Ally is not paying attention. “Ally!” I scream her it still not paying attention. I zoom to her and grab her hand. Right before I get to her hand she turns looking at me all angry with one foot ready to set out in the street. I grab her hand and tug her towards me; we hit the fence and our backs sting. The car zooms by crushing a yellow ipod running a red light and almost taking a life.

Teachers start coming, everyone starts coming saying “are you ok” over and over aging but never helping us up. We were ok; Ally hugged me and says with a shaky voice “Thank you, thank you for saving my life and being there”. I barley could understand what she was saying but I knew she meant it.

From that day on we were insuperable. Ally came over my house every day and so did I over her house. I never used to believe in magic or spells or anything of that matter, but I knew that it was real and friendship and love was the strongest magic of all.

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