Kakiro's Prediction Chapter six Part Two

October 7, 2009
By Thortac14 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
Thortac14 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
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“I want all resources fueled into war! Food is limited to one rodent per day, half for minors. Every hunter is to hunt every rodent seen in case of a siege. I want all Vikisans on the training ground. During free time, all cats are to sharpen their claws and get fit for war! Every able-bodied citizen starting now is obliged to military service. Sleeping time is reduced to ten hours a day. Again, any free time is to be spent helping the war, no matter how. No matter if it is hunting, licking Vikisan wounds, or simply sharpening your claws. Any able-bodied feline to disobey these laws may be charged with betraying their pride and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If any cat, human, rodent, any- ...thing...even monster, regardless of pride, regardless of division, regardless of country, regardless of galaxy-, returns to me my wife and kittens alive, that creature will receive a reward that is still being debated-just know that it is the highest reward to have ever been given by any cat of any pride! Off to war! By the way, if I am to die, I will pass my duty to Ambassador Thortac! No applause, just a simple ‘yes leader,’ and get to work! And may the leaders of the departments stay behind and advance to my bush at once.”
“Yes, Kakiro!” hailed the crowd and marched off to take on their duties for their now totalitarian pride. I stayed behind, and noticed my father, leader of the Department of Food, Makuuku, and Wihak, leader of the Department of Human Affairs, who then said, “I have nothing to say, other than that Thortac’s knowledge on humans by far exceeds mine own and far exceeds the knowledge on humans known by this pride, so I resign and let Thortac lead my department. I want to train to become a Vikisan. I wish you luck,” said Wihak, and departed towards the training grounds. So now I was the leader of two departments, and would have to take on Kakiro’s responsibilities if something happened to him. Stress gipped me, speeding my heart rate. “So, we need to sit down and decide on a strategy,” mewed Kakiro, his eyes filled with determination. “Makuuku or Thortac, or anyone? Where exactly lie the borders of the North Dikmen pride?” he demanded. I answered first, “To the best of my knowledge, the realm is big, and spreads from the Dikmen edge of the park all the way west to Sokullu Mehmet Pasa deathpass. To the north, it borders the Cetin Emec deathpass, the same deathpass that marks our northern border. To the south, I have no exact knowledge, but we just need to ask the bordering pride, which is the pride of Keklikpinari, more commonly also known as the wind pride. If we are to flank them, we must find many...”
“Isn't your head screwed on right? My wife and the kittens take first priority, darn it! I don't give a mouse dropping for the Dikmen Pride as long as my family is trapped there! As a matter of fact, I'm squandering my time here. Does anyone think they have a better strategy for getting them out then I do? If so, tell me!” Makuuku opened her mouth as if to say something, but hastily shut it again. Kakiro looked at Makuuku and the others. “Thortac, you will lead the pride until I'm back.” With that, Kakiro marched off towards Dikmen. His tail was down, and he didn't look back until he reached the street on the Dikmen side. He then turned, and called, “Replacement Catmander-in-Chief Thoromoson Thortac!” and thumped his tail as a salutation. “You will not see me again, unless it is with Hanira and the kittens! I wish you good luck, Thortac.”
“Be careful out there, Kakiro, and watch out for cars! May your claws deliver your opponents swipes sharp enough to make their fur fly like rain!”
“Likewise! I will see our Vikisans march through the streets soon!- Claim dwelling after dwelling, turf after turf, community after community, cat after cat! I want you to continue what I started!”
“Yes Kakiro!” He soon disappeared behind the bushes and houses of Dikmen. It left me hollow to see him go, as if a part of me had been ripped out; I felt a pound lighter. Although we would frequently argue, Kakiro and I knew each other and were good friends. Together, we had spread the Vadi Pride throughout the narrow, long, sandwiched-between-high rise-apartments park, together, we had worked to improve the pride, together, we had led it, we gave each other crucial advice! Without one another, we couldn't function! To see him leave on such a mission set my heart apace.

* * *

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