Kakiro's Prediction Chapter four

October 7, 2009
By Thortac14 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
Thortac14 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
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– IV
Until the crack of dawn
I – IV

Everyone from the Vadi Pride, including the new cats from the former Central Cankaya Pride, were gathered in causal groups as the formal welcome for me started. Kakiro began the speech. “Tonight has been a long night for us all, I assume. However, I can recall one positive thing about the last four-and-a-score hours. Our human-kidnapped Ambassador Thoromoson Thortac has returned after being held captive in a human lair! I would like the spectators to rise, please!” All cats chattered while standing with their tails curled around their bodies. “Silence!” All five dozen or so cats froze, staring at Kakiro. “I would like to thank our replacement ambassador, Commander Virahannoson Hanikoko!” The audience clapped by thumping their tails. “Now, lets all welcome back our real ambassador, Ambassador Thoromoson Thortac!” I stepped up as all cats cheered and hissed, as hissing was a grander applause. “OK, OK,” I commenced, but the crowd cheered on. “OK, please,” I tried, but the crowd wouldn’t listen. Next came a tail-clapping hail, “Thor-tac; Thor-tac; Thor-tac; Thor-tac; Thor-tac!” Annoyed, I hissed, “Thank You all!” Just as the crowd died down, Jakuga, an elite hunter-cat shouted, “Survivor of Dr. Nil!”
“Survivor of Dr. Nil!” echoed the congregation. “Survivor of Dr. Nil! Survivor of Dr. Nil! Survivor of Dr. Nil!”
“Order, Order! I order the onlookers to sit!” I shouted. In a more friendly meow, I resumed, “Thank you, everyone, I’m glad to see such a... splendid welcome, felines!” The crowd cheered loudly enough that I thought even a deaf-ear-human could hear the crowd from the surrounding tower projects. “Please, guys, calm down!” The crowd literally ignored me, cheering even louder now. It hurt my ears now, and honestly, I thought I was the winner of the new leader election, so loud did the spectators cheer, oh, if not louder. “Thank you, Thank you,” I tried the classical approach, yet couldn’t silence the crowd. “I’m not the new Catmander-in-Chief, you got that!” I joked. However, that just made it worse, for my sister Horataca shouted, “No, but you are the first house cat to ever return!” The crowd roared on. Not knowing what to do, I waited. As the crowd did not quiet, I curved my lips, showing my canines as a sign to be serious. The crowd quieted somewhat, yet it was still too loud to speak. “Thank you very much! I understand! Now, if you would please let me speak!” The crowd quieted to an acceptable level. I scanned the congregation and noticed that some multi-litter moms had brought their kittens to the ceremony as well. “Again, thank you so much for this grand welcome! I would also like to thank all those who had to take on my responsibilities as I was trapped. I would also like to apologize for being foolish enough to lick my scratch where Dr. Nil walks every day. But I am up here to tell you all that I am glad to be back, and I’m glad to see you all!” The audience applauded, but not as hefty as last time. “It has been a long day, also for the newly converted cats of the former Central Cankaya, and I know that you are probably thinking, ‘What the heck is going on,’ but relax, you will get used to life with us. I would like every one of the newly converted citizens to come up and introduce themselves to their pride. Welcome home to them, and may the spectators rise and demonstrate respect before the new twenty-four, sorry, twenty-five counting Rikhahn, members of our pride please.” The first cat to climb onto the raised surface we used as a stage, was Rikhahn.

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