The Beginning: Chapter 1 part 4

October 5, 2009
By AmayaRain SILVER, Home, California
AmayaRain SILVER, Home, California
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* * * * * * * *

I walked up to my door, still thinking of the what the psychic told me not to long ago. I looked up at the sky, noticing clouds are drifting in, maybe holding the chance of rain that we hardly see anymore. I unlocked my door, well tried to anyways, but that’s kind of hard to do when the door is no longer there but instead is lying on the floor, broken in pieces all over the floor. Seems like I had a visitor, I stated to myself. I took a look inside to see everything that I owned and what came with the house thrown everywhere. I walked over to the secret compartment I made when I first moved here, and noticed it was untouched. Thank goodness.

I took the box out and opened it, making sure everything I had place in there was in fact still in there, which of course, it is. I put my clothes and special items in here, in case of a break in, just like what happened sometime today. I closed my box and got up to grab my things if they are still useable. Guess I was right this morning when I said it was time to pack up and move, but who would do this to me? I make enemies everywhere I go, even though they don’t know me and I them, but I had not done anything since I arrived here. I walked out the door but turned to look at the house I lived in for a couple of weeks one last time before I took off for good.

“It was great to live here while it lasted” I said aloud to no one. I dropped the key by the door and walked away, heading towards the beautiful sunset, hoping for a promising new town.

* * * * * * * *
After two days of traveling, I finally arrived to a good city. People crowded the streets here, everyone looking extremely different. I walked in, looking for a free place to crash into. I was terribly tired and hungry after walking for days with no sleep and food. The city is in much better conditioned than the one I lived in before. What a rare site to see a city in this shape.

“Excuse me, miss?” someone behind me said while poking my shoulder. I turned around to see an elderly, who’s maybe about in his sixties or seventies. This man must be extremely lucky to get that old, if he is that old. You can never tell anymore.

“Yes, sir?”

“Well, I saw you walking into this here city, holding boxes and what not.”

“Yes, I just got here, actually. Is that a problem?”

He got really quiet, staring off into space. I waved my hand in front of his face and he didn’t respond to it. Maybe he is older than he looks? Who knows.

“Uh, sir? Are you ok?”

“Huh. What? Oh, sorry young one. I’m getting old as you can see and I’ve been told I space out and forget a lot. As I was saying, or was I going to? Oh well, any who, here.” He hands me a set of keys and I blink in confusion.

He laughs, “Those are they keys to my house, which is now your house. I’m getting old so I thought ‘why live in a grand house when some youngster who has a whole life ahead of them lives on the street?’ and came to the conclusion to give them to a youngster.”

Man, can this day get any better!? “Why did you decide to give them to me sir when there’s a lot of unfortunate souls walking around?”

“Everyone here already has a house or a place to live and you’re the only new comer here that we had in years.” Guess he has a point there then, huh?

“Wow! Thank you very much.” I smiled.

“Now, listen closely, there’s some terrible people living in this part of town. Get home before night falls and lock your doors and windows. Some teens who thinks they rules this city roam around here and if your out of your house, you might get killed, but since your so pretty, you might get a different treatment. So, please stay inside.”


“Yes sir, I wont roam the city at night.”

“Good, now follow me and ill show you were you will be staying at for now on.” He says as he walks off. I fix my items, and go follow him.

The house he led me to was gigantic! I could open an apartment here and earn some cash, but that would be a bad idea as it is smart. He goes on telling me every window in the house, apartment is locked already so I wont have to worry about it. After he explains everything and tells me where everything can be found, he heads off, to where ever he will be staying at. May he be safe. I lock the door and crash on the couch, welcoming sleep that awaits me. Tomorrow I will check out the town.

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