The Beginning: Prologue

October 5, 2009
Vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, and other mythical beings.

Have you ever thought they might be real? Maybe you believe they are real or maybe they are just myths? Well, trust me, it’s probably better not to know about them, or even think about them. They are real and it just doesn’t help knowing they are. In this world today, we are facing hard conditions, terrible accidents, and strange disappearances of kids and young adults, and occasionally adults and elders. Adding more to that list will just make everything worse for those who don’t believe in mythical beings. The world got so bad that your constantly checking your surroundings; front, back, side-to-side, and above, never knowing if something, or someone, is lurking behind you, ready to strike you down.

The worst places to be at are those cities that are practically gone. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will once you walk into one of those cities. The buildings are currently falling apart into little, err, big crumb size pieces. Gigantic holes and cracks everywhere, roofs no longer on buildings and houses, everything just looks horrible. People hardly wear anything in those parts, so if you don’t like nudity, then I suggest you leave those cities alone. These are also the towns were people smokes, do some time of drug, drink, or all of them combined. Even the good conditioned cites aren’t that great either, but they are better than these places.

Everyone hates everyone. Pretty much a simple statement, but it is true whether you believe me or not. No one has manners anymore, they steal, rob, curse, and just about every other crime out there, and new ones they seem to invent at random times. The government is no longer here since everyone disagreed and hated them, so everyone, well, almost everyone killed the whole government and anything that belong with them ten years ago, and no one had the courage to take their places afterward, but that’s not surprising. It’s been five years since this Dark Age started with everything in shambles, murders every day, disappearances, more drugs/drinker/smoker addict and such forth. We now live by our own rules and games and no one can ever command or boss us again on how we should behave and act anymore. Too bad everything fell and crashed down to pieces since every villain came out of hiding and did whatever they pleased.

The only beings that seem to be at peace with each other are the mythical creatures. The only two who aren’t fighting with each other are the vampires and werewolves. They fight to the death with one another, but hey, that’s fine by me. It really helps me out a lot on my job. No one ever sees the mythical beings, but that’s only because they don’t look for them like I do. If anyone sees them, they are, or will be just like toasted bread, and I mean it. They are torched, sucked blood dried, flesh torn off, then burned by a raging fire. All while they are alive. They don’t have any feelings toward humans, so beware.

Prepare to face the worst if you decide to keep going further and further and deeper and deeper into the heart of every city. You may not return to anyone you love, or know, if you get caught, so precede with caution.

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mari14 said...
Nov. 24, 2009 at 5:01 pm
Improve? you don't need to improve you're already a good writer to me :)
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