October 4, 2009
Wind bent the trees, awaking Night from her slumber. Her eyes opened. Awake and aware. Pushing herself from the branch of the old oak she leapt to the ground; landing softly like a sly cat. A gust of wind sent her blonde hair upward towards the night sky. She understood that to a normal being the wind would be ice cold, and would have sent shivers up their spine. But instead of shivers, the winds caused a burning sensation in Night’s throat. Burning in thirst and desire. This was example of the very few ‘feelings’ she actually felt within her. Unlike a normal being, she could feel no cold nor heat physically. She also didn’t feel or express human emotions; happiness, pain, and love are just words to her. Did this make her inhuman? Of course, but who’s to say Night is human in the first place?

Narrowing her now black eyes she searched the night. But all she saw was trees being deformed by the strong winds. It was time, something is happening.

Moving at an inhuman pace, Night danced in the shadows. Her hair swayed playing with the breeze. She smelt what she had desired in the wind, bringing back the ache of thirst. The breeze carried with it the smell and intoxicating fragrance of human souls. The very life source held within each feeble human. Thinking about it almost made Night giddy. Those weak little humans, how pathetic they are. She could sense the fear of a little girl nearby, hiding under her covers from the imaginary monsters under her bed. Night could smell and feel the small sweat beds on the child’s forehead, and how the girl’s breath came fast and heavy. She could even see into the child’s mind, able to twist her soul into being more afraid. If not for the howling wind, Night would have entered the little girl’s room and stolen her innocent soul right then. But the wind brought her out of the daze and she continued forward, forgetting about her thirst. She danced her way through the deepening shadows, looking angelic in the moonlight

It was almost ironic; Night was a creature of evil and darkness. It would seem that from the day she was named that it was destiny for her to be one with the night. Although by physical appearance you would never believe that she harboured evil. Her haunting, beautiful blue eyes memorized the humans. Her blonde hair swept down to her shoulders, in messy waves. Night was beautiful on the outside, with her striking features and curvy body. Although she was beautiful, she was different. Night is what the humans of this realm call a vampyre. But the humans know very little truth about her species. Unlike popular belief, she does not have bloodlust. She does drink blood, but Night fed off the souls of people. Not the rich scarlet drink running through their veins. The miss understanding of humans is that to steal one’s soul you must drain every last drop of blood from the body. It’s when a vampire sucks the last drop of blood the soul is released and the vampire absorbs the last essence of life left. Another myth is how one becomes a vampire, but Night wouldn’t dare to let her thoughts go farther.

She quickly ended her pondering and crossed the old arched bridge. The small river below was icy cold and eerily dark, but of course this wouldn’t effect Night. Ahead laid a white stone path that disappeared into a collection of willow trees. A sigh escaped Night’s lovely, seductive lips. Her fangs vibrated, as if they could sense the dangers waiting for Night. But, she, herself couldn’t feel fear. It was a weak, useless human emotion.

She finally made it to the opening of the willows, the moonlight reflected off the weeping tree’s leaves. Night placed one foot into the blackness. A sense rushed through her, as if to welcome her home. This wasn’t good, if she got too attached to the dark she would Change. While some vampyres would welcome the Change, Night resisted. She was happy to have her freedom, besides if she came one with the night she couldn’t fulfill her mission.

She began moving into the dark, trying to block out the pure pleasure that came from being in totally darkness. Slowly a light came up ahead and she made her way towards the break in the willows.

Entering the clearing brought back ancient memories of a life before evil and thirst clouded Night’s thoughts. She crossed the small meadow, through yellow wild flowers and knee high grass. The clearing took on a dream-like feel from the moonlight above. She made her way to a tranquil pool nestled in the edge of the clearing. It was like a liquid mirror; the full moon reflecting down onto it. Night tore her eyes from the memorizing pool to stare across at a shadow standing on the far edge. She let out a gasp as her eyes met the strangers.

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sasssgirrrl22 said...
Feb. 5, 2010 at 7:55 pm
one word:wowww. i thought this waz just going to be like any other vampyre story but u added interesting twists of ur own. i luv her name 2. that waz really kOoL cuz it seemed to make the story all the more powerful. hope therez a continuence or sequel! cant wait 2 read more from u
PoetLaureate07 replied...
Mar. 9, 2010 at 4:28 pm
i think i speak for both of us when i say SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope there is one, beause this story was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sasssgirrrl22 replied...
Mar. 9, 2010 at 7:22 pm
lol yaa said it all
PoetLaureate07 replied...
Mar. 9, 2010 at 8:13 pm
heha... lol... well the story was too good not to have a sequel... i wanna know who the stranger was... =O)
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