The Time-Walker

October 1, 2009
By moorgie SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
moorgie SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
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Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

- Matthew 5:15 (see also v.14- 16)

July 11, 1969
“Prologue to My Life”

What is time? It’s just a presence that we have come to expect. It’s just a normal function of our daily lives. You have come to believe and expect that time will just time will just continue and always run. But what is time? It’s not like a measurement like meters per second, feet per minute. But I know. I know all too well what time is. Time is on a basic level, objects moving. Think about it for a minute. If the galaxy wasn’t moving and stretching and if we weren’t doing anything, would there be any time? If everything just stops, is it time that stopped, or just the objects that travel within it? Is time already planned out? Can you change time? If time is objects traveling and moving and being, then your time would be planned for you. Right? Or do you control you control your own destiny. Your movements, then in essence control time?

If I could ever give someone a prologue to my life, that would be it. Time is me. I am time. Altering realities is unfortunately the curse I have been given. I have a name, but for right now you can just call me Theory. Time never stops for me, but where I am in time changes. Some call it a blessing. To return in time, to mend your past mistakes. Why wouldn’t you enjoy that power? But what if you couldn’t control where you went to? What if you couldn’t control when you went to? I am right now writing this to whoever the reader happens to be from July 11, 1969. The moon landing has just occurred. The first landing on the moon. For now. To tell the truth, I’m not even quite sure where I originated from. I have seen to the far edges of the future, and back the early days of the past. But where did I start? Maybe I’m a transient being. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m not here nor there. Maybe, I don’t really exist at all. I’m just a transitory being. Not born, but just there to be there eternally. But this is life. Maybe we’re all just born to be, of course whether or not I’m born is up for debate.

I could tell you about every World War that will happen, the real past about what did happen and just by knowing you, I can see what’s in store for your future. But do you really want to know? If you knew the world was going to war, that Queen Elizabeth was really posed by her brother for a short period, or that you were going to get kicked out of school for smoking in the bathrooms what would you do to change it? The only problem, who knows what’s in store for me. It’s probably because I don’t really exist and therefore can’t predict my future, nor see my past. I just am. What would you change, if you knew the world was killing itself? But how could you change it? What if by telling you that it was going to happen, it made the event occur. Consider that brain twister. It’s a conjumbled mix of thoughts. The system is flawed in my opinion.

More about me: I wake up each morning in a different place. In a different time. I experience a different world each morning when I wake up. But why earth? In this giant time stream and form of reality, I have no doubt that there is other areas of the time stream and dimensions visitable out there. Once, only once in my remembrance-because I can’t really say my life-I appeared in another dimension. It was a strange world. I knew it was not just our far future, or altered past. It was different not because there were aliens or random beings, but because the people of the dimensional place in time were happy. They all seemed content like they knew what was going on in their lives, they knew that no matter what happened, it would happen and they were content. Utpoia? No, just a different world. Everyone, I mean everyone was happy with where they were, what they were doing. It was one of the most wonderful and scary experiences in my remembrance. I don’t want Earth to be like that, but knowing of a place like that out there, somewhere in the dimensions of time and space makes me wonder. But wondering leads to thinking, and thinking leads to worrying. So I tend to just accept the truths.

If you happen across this journal, who knows what time you will be experiencing in your life. But since you, are not me, I encourage you to think, and grow, and learn from this. There is more than you know out there. More than I know, but I know one thing, be happy for what you have, for who you are, and where you’re going to go.
-Theory “The Time-Walker”

The author's comments:
This just popped into my head. But I like thinking about time and bending the rules of time and quantum physics. Or at least I think it's quantum physics...If you like it please comment. Thanks!

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moorgie SILVER said...
on Mar. 2 2011 at 1:06 am
moorgie SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
5 articles 1 photo 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

- Matthew 5:15 (see also v.14- 16)

Wow thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I'm glad that other people appreciate what I'm wrting because that's what it's all about!


on May. 31 2010 at 8:50 pm
BleedingRose PLATINUM, Frederic, Wisconsin
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*The darkness holds infinite possibilities.


OMG, amazing!  Please turn this into a story, you've got major talnet, and this is such a good opener!  I believe you can be an author some day, if you truly desire to be so!  :)



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