Happiness and Sorrow

October 1, 2009
By angel_of_darkness_2013 BRONZE, Ogden, Kansas
angel_of_darkness_2013 BRONZE, Ogden, Kansas
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“Chaos, your reign of sorrow ends now!” exclaimed Serenity as she flew toward him. Right after, Chaos did the same. “No longer will you be in my way, sister!” he shouted. With all their might, they executed their final blow. The winds were at their most powerful as they grew closer and closer to each other. They clash with a bang that soared through the horizon. Struggling, Serenity prevails in ending Chaos in his attempt to defeat her. Chaos plunges to the ground. She believed that he was gone forever, so she just leaves his limp body to decompose. She never saw him again… Or so she thought…

Five years have past since then, and Serenity had become Priestess of Haven City, a city with many buildings, houses, and curving roads with people who care for one another, no matter who they are. She has made everyone happy with the government, along with each other. No one had anything to be in pain about, but one night, as she walked into her quarters, she felt a presence nearby. It was familiar to her but she didn’t know where it came from. Suddenly, a shadowy figure leaped out from a dark corner and kicked her toward a wall. Straining to sit up from the pain, she casts a spell to bring light into the area. Someone in a black robe with a mask was in the room. “Who are you and state your business!” Serenity demanded attempting to get up.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me,” sneered the mysterious intruder.

“What are you talking about?”

“Hmph. It seems that you can’t even remember your own brother.” He took his mask off to reveal that is was Chaos.

“Impossible! You died five years ago!”

“Or so you thought. I was revived after out battle so long ago. And I thought after five years, I should show you that your dear brother was still alive.”


“Now, I shall continue my plan that was rudely interrupted. And this time, you won’t stop me!” He disappeared, cackling in triumph.

“How could it be…?” Serenity thought to herself walking to her window. “Now he is going to stop at nothing to shroud this world in sorrow… How is he going to accomplish such a task? I’ll have to find all the information I can at sunrise.” With that, Serenity drifted into sleep in her bed.

Morning came, and Serenity was already up and about. She had nightmares about her brother as she had in the past. She went into town and found an elder that used magic to see all. Everyone in Haven City was delighted to see Serenity, especially the men, for she had long black hair that flew gracefully in the wind with eyes glistening in the sunlight. All the men say that she is the most beautiful woman in Haven City, not only to give respects, but because that is what they believe, even though they have a wife. They liked the fact that she had much sincerity are care for all of her people. Although, she did have her moments to where everyone thought that she had someone come in and make her life terrible, but in the end she resolves and maintains her personality. After being eye candy for the men, Serenity arrived at the elder’s hut. “Elder, my brother has returned and is apparently more powerful than before. Can you see how he achieved such power and a way to stop him?”

“Hmm…” the elder pondered, using his magic to see psychokinetically on Chaos. Serenity, keeping her manners, grew impatient.

“I see… He has spent these years improving his skills, going through vigorous training for both his physical and magical abilities. Also… A machine… I see he has built a machine of some sort, but its purpose is unclear…” The elder opened his eyes, seeing that he found all that he could. “So, where is he?” Serenity asked.

“On the highest point of the Haven Mountains. He has built the machine, as well as his hideout there.”

“I thank you for the information,” and immediately, she warped to the peak of the Haven Mountains. She saw the hideout and a satellite at the top, surrounded by many tall mountains. She wondered if the satellite was the machine that the elder mentioned, and if so, what its purpose was. “No matter what, I’ve got to stop him.”

She warped to a nearby vent and swept inside. She passed by many empty rooms. Then, she came across a room with Chaos inside. She did her best to make the least amount of noise as possible. Although there didn’t seem to be much security, you couldn’t be too careful. Eventually, she found the control room to his machine, along with lots of other machines that seemed broken. Again, there seemed to be no security in the room. Although no one was inside, she didn’t let her guard down as she went through the vent. She touched the ground, took a good look around, and saw no cameras either. She crept along slowly to be sure that no one could hear her. With relief, she walked up to the console, and just as she was about to pull the switch, she suddenly flew toward the center of the room uncontrollably. She had realized that she had fallen into a trap. It turns out that the broken machines in the room weren’t really broken and were parts of the trap. It somehow created a distorted area that made Serenity unable to break free. Before her eyes, Chaos appeared. “So… You think you can just scurry around like a rat in my hideout trying to find out what I’m doing?” he said smirking.

“Whatever that thing does, it’s not going to going to work! I’ll stop it!” Serenity screamed, struggling to break free of the trap.

“And how are you going to accomplish such a task when you’re hanging like a mount on a wall?” Serenity grumbled at the fact that he was right. “This trap doesn’t allow you to use your abilities to break free. It can only be released from the outside. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a world to control.” He laughed as he disappeared in front of Serenity. Still struggling, “Great. Now how am I supposed to break free?” She stopped to rest and saw a bird fly outside a window. Then, she got an idea. She pulled out a musical instrument that she carried with her called an ocarina, which had special abilities depending on what song is played. She brought it up to her lips, and began to play a song. When she finished, the same bird flew into the room and through the machines. The trap broke down and Serenity was free. She ran to the switch and pulled it, but nothing happened. The voice of Chaos came into her ears. “Oh sister, you can be so gullible. There’s no way to shut it down! This world will belong to me!!” His voice disappeared. Serenity, with her fists clenched and jaws clamped, flew through the ceilings of the many rooms above to find Chaos at the top.
A storm as brewing and the rival siblings stared each other down as the winds were blowing, thunder booming, and lightening crashing around them into the mountainous terrain. “Aw what’s that matter, sister? Afraid that I’ve won?” Chaos sneered with sarcasm.
“That will never happen, Chaos! This time, I’ll stop you for good!!”
Their battle began with Serenity giving a surprise attack. She threw a ray of light toward Chaos using her magic. He avoided the attack and retaliated. Blow after blow, and blast after blast, they grew more exhausted and the storm was becoming fierce. After a few minutes, they ascended away from each other, as they were five years ago.
“And here we are as we were long ago,” Chaos said panting but smirking. Serenity gave a stern look. “Hmph. But this time, it’ll be different. This time, I will defeat you and take over.”
“No chance!” An aura began to form around Serenity. Chaos did the same and flew toward her. They clashed as they did before. Serenity began to give way from her exhaustion, and then noticed the machine was sparking at a certain spot. So, with the right timing and aim, Serenity threw Chaos at the machine. The machine blew up as he made contact with it. Serenity stared at the explosion. The rain stopped the fire moderately quickly, and she went to see if Chaos had survived. She looked through the rubble to find her brother. After searching and searching, she found him lying on the ground. “This time, I’ll make sure you don’t return,” she said lifting him. She warped to the Haven Coast, and ascended to a deeper part of the waters. She took one last look at her brother, and with tears in her eyes she dropped him into the ocean. “Farewell… May you rest in peace… My brother…”

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