September 30, 2009
By iceheart BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
iceheart BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Her hands shook violently as she reached for the door. Winds stormed around her, attempting to knock her right off her feet and into the snow. She hesitated, not sure what to think about the possibilities that lay beyond the knob. Her long nails clicked on the cold metal and she twisted slowly. The door pushed open quietly, unable to measure up to the raging blizzard outside. She rushed inside the castle-like structure and struggled to close the door against the pressure of the gusts. With a click, the room went silent. Breathing shallowly, she turned to face the room, but was unable to make out anything in the pitch-black that enveloped her vision. She backed up and felt the cool stone wall behind her. Cautiously, she moved around, searching for a possible light source, careful not to take her hands away from the wall. She yelped when her leg hit something and it clattered to the floor. She bent down to try to fix what she had done, but as she did, a dim light flooded into the room. It barely illuminated the room, but it was better than nothing. She stood up and looked around, captivated. She had expected a desolate space, but instead found heaps of silver shimmering all around her. It seemed even more like a palace than she could have imagined. A grand staircase spilled down from the next level, spiraling with grace. Suddenly the light appeared brighter, and she could see what seemed like the entire first floor. Awestruck, she stepped forward, her heel clacking on the stone. She looked down at herself and saw that she was in a gown straight out of a fairy tale. It hugged her curves and pooled out at the bottom, the silver sparkling with specks of every color imaginable. Her shoes matched her dress flawlessly, glistening when she lifted her skirt slightly. Her long black hair fell around just past her shoulders, in perfect ringlets. She looked back up and smiled at the room suddenly bustling with a crowd of people, all dressed in gowns and suits, though none quite as dazzling as her own. A man took her hand and kissed it lightly. She blushed as he beckoned her to follow him. The crowd parted and the men bowed slightly while the women curtsied. They all gazed upon her in her splendor and she stared at her feet, not used to this kind of attention. The man let go of her hand, nodded at her with bright eyes, and disappeared into the crowd. The girl peered into the crowd, unsure of what was going on. Slowly, she turned away from the crowd, and noticed a gold throne. In it sat the most stunning girl she had ever seen. Her hair was brown, as were her eyes, and they were deep enough to lose someone in a single gaze. Her long body was dressed in a gown that mirrored her own, though it was gold rather than silver. Actually, this part of the room was all gold too, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from this girl long enough to notice. Upon her head sat a golden tiara, and in her hand was a silver match. The castle fell to a hushed stillness, as the girl rose to her feet. Her heels slapped the floor, and the girl in silver noticed that her shoes also were similar to her own, but again, gold instead of silver. This mysterious girl didn’t speak a single word, just stopped in front of the girl in silver. Her hands made their way to the girl’s head and positioned the silver tiara on her head. Her fingertips brushed her neck lightly and pulled her in close. Their lips came together briefly, and the girl in silver almost lost her footing. The other girl looked into her eyes and then brought her close once again. The girl in silver melted. She was astounded that she was able to stay conscious. She had never felt anything this good. She warmed from the inside out. She could barely even return the kiss for fear that using her own energy would cause her to pass out from pure joy. But the other girl continued, getting more passionate, and the feeling transferred into the girl in silver, and soon her hands were tangled in the brown locks of hair and around her shoulders, hugging her tight. The bliss was indescribable. Short sounds of pleasure escaped from her lips, and she could swear that she had fallen in love. Pain suddenly exploded through her veins. The girl in silver’s eyes snapped open to the sight of a twisted leer from the other girl. Sheer terror flowed through her body and she reeled backwards, falling to the stone. She clutched her stomach, and shuddered from the intense pain. She pulled her hand away, covered in thick crimson blood. An eerie cackle flooded from the other girl’s mouth, now filled with sharp fangs. The whites of her eyes disappeared as black sealed her pupils. The girl looked back to the crowd, panic clouding her face. More black eyes stared back at her, grinning. Her head snapped back to the girl in front of her, who smirked at her and knelt down. Without a word, she grabbed the knife stuck in her flesh and shoved it further in. The girl squeezed her eyes shut and screamed. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her eyes opened to a deserted space. Dim light revealed stone walls and a stone floor resembling a prison. Her clothes were torn and her hair matted. She lay on the floor, trembling uncontrollably. Her body paled as she grew colder and colder. The pain dulled as her eyes closed, never to open again.

The author's comments:
This story is really open to interpretation. It's vague in order to allow the reader to relate in the way that they choose to.

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