September 25, 2009
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Vincent steps into the shower and runs the hot water. He turns the knob until it can't go any further-burning his skin. He thinks that by burning his body the evil will ride away,he thinks that sliting his wrist the contagious blood will leave.
He does this at the exact same time everyday..... Too bad his assumptions are wrong.
Vincent looks a lot like me. No. Exactly like me. The difference is that people see Vincent as Vincent and they know me as evil....
My name is William.
I have been always been a part of Vincent... I am the start to the Darrkness which deserves a right to share a space with the Light.....The humans... Their Earth will become our's.
Just as Vincent is my vessel... He cannot prevent me from breaking free...
I was made to escape...I will escape....

To be continued.......

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