The Creature of haloween night

October 28, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the strangest Halloween in St. Louis, Missouri. There was no one around. I had never seen it like this. There was candy out, but no one was there. So I just walked down the tree filled rows of nice houses, looking for people. There was no one there.

“Hello,” I said, “any one there.”

No response. So I just kept walking down the dimly lit streets. Suddenly out of nowhere I heard the pitter patter of tiny feet. I know it wasn’t Barticus because he is too big to make the tiny sound.

I shouted, “Hello, you better show yourself!”

I felt a sudden tug on the leash. I looked back and Barticus was gone. I looked around and he was in the street with green ooze coming out of his mouth. I looked at his back and there was an all black demon on his back with a spiny tail waving back and fourth, a big snarling mouth with rows of sharp teeth, and spike covered arms with sharp claws. The demon raised his hand and slit Barticus’s throat wide open. Green ooze came spouting out and the demon vanished. I heard a snarl at the end of the street, his ten inch tall body was hard to see in the little light there was. He started running at me, I got scared and ran, but then I fell behind some busses. The demon bit me.
The next day I woke up behind the same bushes I got bit behind, when I walked out every one ran. I turned around and saw my reflection in a window.

“NO,” I screamed.

I had become a monster too.
It was one year later from that dreadful night. I felt the thirst for blood; I heard some thing and turned around to see a boy and his dog…

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