Reveal Part 1

October 9, 2009
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Her eyes stare blankly at the computer, glossing over with a light-blue screen. The small hands seize movement along with the blinking. The music continues to play as she drifts into her own thoughts of love, hate, and sadness.

She reveals part of herself to the man she loves, the blanket of secrets has been swiped of the child in her crib. Her resistance towards becoming him is grand, she would like to be accepted and loved. Hiding the cruel side, the emotional side, the raw side of herself. Usually with closed off doors gives the man the key.

He opens it quickly only being disappointed by the sight; thick and dark fog. Walking through the fog he yells, “Don't be afraid. Be yourself, I'll love you always.” Still, all he sees in front, behind, and to each side of him is the same deep fog.

In his mind he can hear a faint whisper, “Find the path, gain my real trust. Then I will show you what is covered in the fog.” It repeats over and over, even though he understands the words. The meaning he is clueless to, but he keeps on walking into the fog. Deeper and deeper into her secrets.

Behind him the door closes, echoing around. It appears more as a screech rather than a slam, a

He gently glides forward, the fog seeming to disperse as he passes through it. Leaving a path, a way for him to retreat from his search into the girl's mind. Her life, her past.

No where...that is who I am and where I am. I come from no where, and I have only been no where. I find myself as that now, though I have experienced much. The memory I hold now is in clear view so I stray.

The man creates a wind around him, his coat floating behind him. The farther he goes the clouds become darker. He glances behind only seeing the light fog distancing. As he struts further a clearing comes into view. He reaches the clearing.

A child's playground presents itself. The cold ground below him changes into a soft white sand that holds a swing set and a structure with slides and monkey bars. Foot steps engulf his mind burning into his skulls. A large man and a small child burst through the fog.

They wear smiles and a light ambiance. Both run around the structure taunting each other with snickers and giggles, the large man repeats, “I'm gonna get you!” and the girl responds with, “prove it to me!” He silently laughs at the joyous father-daughter moment. Then, the fog surrounding the playground darkens and the father and daughter game halts. The father stands stiff and stern while the daughter goes limp. A woman broke through the fog and wrapped her pale fragile arm around the man. She guided him away from the girl.

The young girl was left behind in the now dark playground. She limped the the swing set and gripped a swings string. Her legs bent crashing onto the sand. Tears hit the sand. The painful picture freezes and fades back into fog.

The man glances around himself once more, seeing the same view yet again. He finds himself curious but hesitant. He continues forward. The cold gently seeps threw his skin, shaking his body. His breathing is visible. Another clearing presents itself. The ground is white again but with snow.

The scene is of snow gently falling from the sky, a single tree placed to the side, and snow is gently pilling up. A young teen walks in and begins making what it appears a snow man. The man eyes soften at the sight of her, happily making a creation on her own. She blissfully piles and pats the snow humming a nursery song.

“Hey, who the hell are you?” The man quickly swerved his head around, a group of three girls stomped behind. They came closer, eyebrows burrowed and eyes squinted. He stood his ground firm, only afraid of what would happen if he showed any fear. They proved themselves not to be stopping as they grew closer. Not a centimeter was their distance. He braced himself for impact, but felt as if a ghost had passed through his soul. His feet stumbled a bit.

The three girls reached the young girl, glaring her down.

“Hey! Can you hear me?” the apparent leader sneered. Kicking the snow below her. Specks landed on the girl's clothing, she silently brushed them off and continued.

“Dude, I'm getting pissed off.” one of the minions of the leader grumbled, “Can we just kick her a** and leave?”

“You guys can I'm gonna go get some soup.” the leader said before leaving the same way she came.

One of the two minions grabbed the her jacket's collar and bluntly lifted her off the ground with a thug. As one held her, the other minion swung her fist, hitting the girl's cheek. The minion holding her had difficulty holding her up with the punches swinging her body around.

Tears filled the man's eyes. His heart swelled with impotence. “Stop, please stop.” He muttered to himself. The snow below began soaking in blood like a snow cone drowned in cherry flavoring. A ignorant impulse surged through his legs. He leaped into the painful scene towards the two minions. Having the ambition to push the minions to the side and save the girl.

His hands reached out to the minions, feeling the sensation of skin on his hands as they fell. They both fell like dominoes onto the snow, without thinking he grabbed the red and purple girl and ran into the fog. Once his energy fuse fizzled out his senses came back. He felt a sense of company, and a cold figure gripped onto his hand and he gripped onto it. His head slowly glanced behind.

Curly brown hair shrouded the girl's face. He awkwardly freed his grip from the girl.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded and lifted her head, the brown curls fell of her face.

“What the...?” his eyes widened at the sight of her porcelain face. She had a beautiful face frame but that was it. Sockets for eyes were missing along with eyes, a curve for a nose was there, but no nostrils, a drawing for lips, but no lips. He slowly backed away, the girl cocked her head and took a step forward. “Please let me leave.” Fear filled his throat, his words came out missing pieces.

The girl took a piece of paper out of her jacket's pocket. She motioned for the man to take it. He hesitated to but did. It read “Help me find my pieces.”

“Pieces of what?” he asked.

She pointed to her face.


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Hope_Princess said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 2:43 pm
That's really deep! I likey!
It's a bit confusing at first, but as I read more, I understand.
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