The 10th : The Prologue

October 7, 2009
“To the stars!” he proclaimed.”To the stars!’’ That was my earliest memory of him before he left: Of my father. He was an astronomer that was selected for a super top secret mission to go out into space on a classified case. All he could tell mom and me is that it was going to “another big step for mankind into a brighter future” and that there was nothing to worry about and that the mission would go well. I was too excited to worry about the details. I was just happy to see him fly off into space in those cool space shuttles’ that could rocket through our atmosphere into the next frontier. A few days after that me, mom and the rest of the other scientist’s families with the N.A.S.A staff, crew, etc. all were there to wave good bye to our loved ones. The shuttle towered over us like a sky scraper. It was called the “The Explorer”, and the scientists’, ” Crew 13.”My father was the last to go onto to the shuttle. We did a group hug and waved goodbye. “Bring me back a souvenir!” I called to him as he left. He chuckled and nodded as he hurried up the stairs. We sat in bleachers and watched in awe as the shuttles’ engine fired up Crimson red fire, and golden flame’s burst out followed swiftly by red/yellow ambers as it shoot out into space with a thunderous roar. The craft keep going until it left a grey streak of smoke behind over the horizon. As everyone left me and mom stayed behind for a while gazing up at the sky.

“So how long is dad going to be gone?” My mom still was glazing up at the sky as if in a trance. Without looking at me she said calmly, ”Just a few day’s..” Then turned away and led me to the car. As the car drove off with me in the back seat I gazed out the back window. The sun was setting in the east creating an image of yellow and orange in the sky. Some birds flew over with the wind blowing slightly. What a great day this turned to be, I thought happily. I also thought I couldn’t wait till he got back and told us what happened and everything. I laid back in me seat and drifted off to sleep for the long ride home. Little did I know that this would be the last time me or anyone else would see him or the crew ever again…

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