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October 20, 2009
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It was my first weak of middle school, or 7th grade. My first day I get this piece of paper with my classes on it. They say Period one is Flying 101, room #1,459,853. Period two is School Bus Lifting, in room #283. Period three is Ray Vision, in room #1,853. Period four is Evil Giant Robot Training, in room #999,999. Period five is Side Kick Training, in room one. And then they expect us to find them all by our schedules. I see a teacher and ask him, where to go, hey says you should have thought about that before I came.

Oh, did I mention I go to a super hero/villain school, where they teach us to be either. I have super strength, flying, and ray vision. the school is on a privately owned island. My school is called super heads.

I ended up not finding any of my classes. I went home that night as stressed as rubber band about to snap and psychotic as a raging bull. And my parents didn’t make it any better, by being gone and saving the world. My parents are the most known super heroes of all time known as Superchick and Superdude. They have saved the world from many Armageddon’s; such as Godzilla, giant robots, meteors, aliens, zombies, and many more.

The next day at school I got my head pushed down the toilet, and still missed all of my classes. After school there was a tryout for a law enforcement team. I tried out but I didn’t make it. I went home after tryouts as sore as I could be. My dad was expecting me to make the team so I could go with him on training. When he found out he was steaming much as a tea pot.

The next day at school I found my classes but they were the dumbest classes ever! After school the senior came up to me talking crap, so I picked him up and flung him 100 feet. The principle caught us and he called my dad. When he got home he threw me through the front door. He asked me do I want to be a hero or a villain. And I said a villain. I have never seen the look on his face that he gave me. Then, he walked out of the front door.

On the last day of school for the week I changed all of my classes to villain classes. I never went home after that day.

These next six years of my life will be the best with all of my life.

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JordyRaye15 said...
Oct. 22, 2010 at 8:28 am
Sentence structure, gramma, and capitaliztion of the school. Fix these mistakes and your essay will be great.
Kymvaris said...
Oct. 28, 2009 at 6:33 pm
I thought the subject matter was good, but your grammar and sentence structure needs work as does your story development using details. Fix all of that, and you'll have a great story.
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