Soul Searchinb

September 29, 2009
By Lizzy12 GOLD, Palmyra, New York
Lizzy12 GOLD, Palmyra, New York
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Chapter One


Sophie turned her head quickly towards the ground. Wiping the blood from her chin she examined the carcass with curiosity. Sniffing the dead girl’s body to try and detect any blood left in her veins. Her clothes usually neat and ironed wear a rumpled sticky mess. Blood had dripped on the knee of her jeans and on the sleeve of her shirt

“C***” she whispered to herself. A complication. A snag in her plan. No way could she go back to her apartment looking like she did. Her roommates would know. And she would be in trouble. Sophie quickly glanced around at the park they were in. A public place usually bustling with people however at night no one was there. She had let her cravings for blood get the better of her. There was no choice left for her. She would have to go. Sophie quickly got up leaving the body for someone else to deal with. She had bigger problems and went to the only person she knew who could help her in her present predicament. Her worst enemy. Her Creator and Destroyer. Her Mother.

“Sophie.” She sad curtly a sneer appearing on her face. ”Welcome back.”
Sophie had just entered her mother’s office the one place she feared. Sophie gathered herself and placed a plastered calm expression on her face.

“Hello, Mother. I need some papers.” She spoke with firmness.

“Well, I suppose I could help with that. I am an excellent document forger.” Said Mother.

“Yes you are. I need a driver’s license passport and birth certificate and social security card. The name is Sophie Williams. I need it all by this Friday. Here’s the paperwork.” She said quickly making sure Mother wouldn’t be able to get a word in.

“Alright. Where are you going to escape now? You can only run so far. First it was Kentucky then Oklahoma. Florida and Oregon. The Officials are getting restless. Vampires live on blood. You can’t move every time you slip up. You’re a vampire. You need blood. You can’t go on with this. You can’t survive on human food alone. It’s like a fish without water. There’s no other way.”

“This is a business transaction Suzanne. And I wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for you and your twisted mind. Set the drivers license up for…… Nevada” Sophie said pulling a random state to her mind.

“Sophie come on, there was no way I couldn’t change you. Your father and I thought it was best.”

“Yea. Instead of living at my dad’s house he wanted me to live with vampires and be one. And you killed him!”

“Come on! Sophie. He asked me to change him and I ended up killing him. You know how hard it is to stop once you taste the blood.” She said.

“I’m done talking about this. I’ll bring $550 to your office on Friday.” Sophie said turning to the door.

“Sophie, you can’t go home like that. Here” Said Suzanne tossing her a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt.

“Thanks.” Sophie said and walked out to her car wondering if she would see her mother again.

Sophie drived to her apartment changed her clothes in the car and went in her two bedroom apartment.

“Hey Soph, where have you been?” said Suzanne,” It’s like 5 Am.”

“I was.....walking. I couldn’t sleep.” Sophie wasn’t sure how to tell Suzanne she was moving.

“Should I make something up or not even give an excuse?” Sophie decided a simple excuse would be best.

“Suzanne I was thinking about my mother this morning. My…sister called last week and my mom’s sick so I’m going to live with her, offer her some help.”

“Wow! Sophie, this is the mom that kicked you out and wouldn’t give you your car?” Suzanne said recalling past events.

“C***, one lie leads to more, it must be true.” Sophie thought.
“Yea.” Said Sophie. “She’s my mother she needs me. I can’t help but feel like I owe her for all the times she took care of me when I was sick.”

“Okay. When do you leave?” Suzanne asked
“I’m packing now then I’ll stop by the shop and tell Rick.”
“Well I’m going to get ready. I need to be at the office early” Suzanne said remembering the heaps of paper work she had to go through. “Being a secretary sucks.”

Sophie was pleased that Suzanne believed her lie. She quickly went into her room and started to cry.
“When will it stop” Sophie said quietly while pondering on her future. Would she ever stop running from the inevitable?

Sophie got her suitcases out of her closet and in a whirl she started packing. She was use to this routine of course. She folded her shirts in the suitcase and started on the next drawer then to the closet and eventually to her books, nightstand and dresser top.
Sophie moved around the room with such speed any human would be amazed. However she wasn’t a mere human she was a vampire. She didn’t get tired, sleep, eat or use the bathroom. All of the mundane human qualities disappeared. Sophie now just had to wait. Her papers wouldn’t be ready until Friday and that would be tomorrow. Sophie sat on the bed in silence wondering what her future life would be like. She finally decided just to read and pulled out a random book not really reading. Human or nonhuman she was not patient.

Sophie brought her now packed bags to her car. Suzanne was already at work and said goodbye earlier. Sophie stopped by her mom’s office and asked the secretary for her papers. She handed an envelope with money over and walked out. Sitting in the car she spilled the contents out checking everything over. She started in her car to go her job, for the last time.

Sophie pulled up in front of the copy store and grabbed her purse shut the door and climbed out of the car locking it. Sophie entered the store and stopped at the counter.

“Rick” She questioned towards the back. Rick, a middle aged manager walked to the counter.
“Sophie” he said in surprise. “What are you doing here? It’s your morning off.”
“Rick, I’m moving to live with my mother, I’m quitting.”
“Sophie, I’m sorry to hear that. Hold on I have your last paycheck.” Rick said as he bent down to open the small safe. Twirling the lock, until it clicked Rick pulled out an envelope and shut the safe and quickly handed it to Sophie.
“Thanks, Rick.” She murmured.
“Be sure to put me on your resume. Good Luck.”
“Thanks, I will.” Said Sophie knowing very well she wouldn’t. Staying in contact with people who she had worked with as dangerous. Sophie could be easily tracked. Smiling once more Sophie turned and let the door slam behind her.
“Time to hit the road.” She muttered, as she got in to her car and drove off, to a new life, again.
“Would this time be different?” Sophie wondered weighting the possibilities in her head.

Sophie was at the border of Nevada. She pulled out her map keeping with her custom, she closed her eyes and jabbed her finger randomly. She squinted, reading the small text, Springville.

Sophie arrived that night in Springville surprised at how small it was. She drove down the main road in town soaking it all in.
“Hick Town” She murmured as she saw the old cars, small shops and people waving to each other. Sophie was surprised at the cleanliness of the small town-it was immaculate.
She saw a sign “Lowest crime rate in the state of Nevada.”
“Great. One slipup and it would be noticed” Thought Sophie.

The author's comments:
The Beginging of a stort I started to write and got stuck. Any ideas ? Compliments ? Critisism ?

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on Oct. 13 2009 at 4:31 pm
arElana PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
24 articles 0 photos 94 comments
I like it alot, but the diolog seems a little false. the story is amazing though, and dialog is hard. i do like it though


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