Bones of Me

September 26, 2009
Bones of me i was 10 when i knew what that men't. It all starts when the cold night. Of July i was walking through the cometary. Around 11:00 the fog opened up to a pacific grave. That was one of a bone out of the grave. I tripped over it and nothing happened. Until the next day someone came up to me. It was not any one that i knew or saw before. So he said your dieing in 3 days i got very freaked out. so i ran as fast as i can to get away from him. So after 3 days someone died. It wasent me it was one of my friends. So i never found out who was doing this i guess this is the part of a great mystery.

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phelpsn said...
Oct. 14, 2009 at 6:02 pm
"Bones of Me" has a good plot to it, however, there are some major grammer mistakes. "i" when it is refering to yoursef should be capitalized."..July i was walking..." That i should be capitalized. Some spelling mistakes also took away from the story. I think instead of "men't" it is meant. I believe you also wanted to say cemetary instead of "cometary." The story is interesting, though, and I enjoyed it.
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