The Journey

September 25, 2009
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I’m walking on a path, a beautiful cobblestone path. It looks like it leads to light, just light, but it also looks like it’s going to start winding. I’m alone; why is no one here? I keep walking, until I see someone, an old lady. As I walk closer it turns out she is not she is not old, just short, with beautiful silver hair. Her eyes a deep blue, like the ocean, but skin as fair as a blanket of snow. I feel like I’m going to fall into her eyes, but before I do, she speaks. Her voice as melodious as her hair is silver. She calls to me, “Come my child.” I walk closer, “Yes mother.” And I follow her. She stops beside a heavenly tree, lush with foliage. Not tall, not short, but an average size and beautiful non-the-less. She speaks again, “This tree my child, is your pathway to the freedom, you so strongly desire.” I’m confused “but, how…” I stop. There is an emerald green key at the base of the tree. Without thinking, I pick it up. It’s tiny with a design of vines all around it. Mother says to put it on top of the single golden leaf near the base of the tree. I do as she says and for a minute nothing happens, then suddenly an oak door appears beside the tree. I try to put the key in the lock but before I can, a dove blocks my path. It nudges me to follow and I do, without any thoughts or reaction. The door floats beside me. As I walk on, I see a lone Victorian style house. It is made of indescribable material, maybe hard, maybe soft; maybe white or maybe black. It seems like it’s made of everything. The front door surprisingly is made of marble and the windows of transparent crystal. Crystal is not transparent. I walk closer for a better look and what I see shocks me. The windows are sparkling, but made of glass. I peek through the windows and see nothing, so I walk on. As I leave, I see a tiny well kempt hedge. There is a door leading to the backyard of the house. I see trees, two of them and blue bells surrounding the fencing. The trees, one apple and one cherry are beautiful and full of scrumptious looking fruits. I reach out to pick one of the tempting apples, but before I do a voice from behind shocks me. I turn around only to see the swan looking back at me, “Don’t touch the fruit, your destination is near and you will be happy and content once you reach there.” I am about to refuse, but the swan interrupts “Follow me.” I feel scared for a moment, then hurry to catch up to it. As I follow, I see a pond with silver water and gold coins with fins and tails swimming about. I turn back to find the swan, but it is gone; I feel it’s time to open the door, so I do and take my first step into heaven, my journey is over, I am free.

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kimber said...
Oct. 10, 2009 at 1:40 am
WOW! that is very amazing. your a brilliant writer
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