Star Struck: Episode 1

September 23, 2009

Hi, my name is Lucas. I'm roughly 16 years old, have no car, and just lost my girl friend. Not wanting too look like a total loser though, I am the first baseman for varsity baseball. I have a normal life for the most part, at least until the incident. Oh you know, the radiation explosion. It basically killed half the worlds population, striking all of china and other parts of Asia, but the rad poison has spread over to the America's. And this is about where I leave off.

Running past the hallways at top speed, almost late to my next class. Home Ec was one of the most hated classes,but it still was just recently required by my school saying it was

'an important skill that all students must have' in order to pass the SAT. To me it was just another load of bull that parents are wanting us to have just because a little rad poison has entered our atmosphere by a massive meteor accidentally pulled by the worlds biggest idiots.

I mean how do you actually pull a meteor a tenth the size of the moon hurtling towards earth, and not be able to send it flying right back. But since I'm not a scientist, I don't care. But the one good thing about all of this, is that people are changing, which is making the world that much more interesting.

Rumors are going around that the areas surrounding china, are changing. Not just little changes either, there saying the people there are becoming these mutants that attack others because some primal rage has ravaged their bodies. Again though, this is probably just the media trying to grab some watchers to their station. But still, what if it was true?.

Entering the door, I hear Mr. Dells ask me why I'm late. Answering, "I tripped in the hallway, because my pants fell down, and then the assistant principal calls me to his office, saying that I shouldn't moon the other students in the hall way, WHICH ISN'T TRUE!! I was tripped by-"
"Ok Lucas, I got it now just take your seat!!"

Ha I got away again. Mr. Dells is one of the most gullible and most impatient men I have ever met. He will often believe the most made up , ridiculous story that you have ever heard.

Listening to the droning sound of the man who just believed me, I look out the window with interest, and I notice some guy walking around weird, like as if he is drunk or something. He is really pale and has this yellowish blob on his right cheek which seems to pulse like a heart.

"-So you need to take the needle like this, TRAVIS NO SLEEPING! And you take it through like this-"
"Mr. Dell! Theirs this guy out there, he is walking like a drunk and has this yellow thing on his face!"
"What are you talking about?? Oh My GOD! Hurry call the school nurse, we need to get that man immediate medical attention!!. Quickly call 911!"

I grab my phone from my pocket and take this moment to send texts to my friends, telling them about this weird day I am seeming to have. Several minutes later the school principal comes on the mic saying
"Everyone listen, the rad poisoning in this area has somehow increased, we need you all to head out the door, there are school buses which will take you to a vault which can protect you from most of the poisoning. Everyone remain calm, the teachers will escort you out. Do not touch any person that is looking or acting weird. If he is chasing you, contact authorities immediately."

Wow, a speech that was probably printed out on a sheet which makes you sound like a robot! Thanks Mr. President for giving us this useful information. But anyways I wonder who would go to this much trouble to put on this big of a hoax, I mean their packing us up and sending us into vaults!

"Hey Luke come over here!"-oh great- "Dude whats going on? Where's this guy you were telling us about?"
"Uh, i saw him outside home ec's window. He looked like he was going to fall over and die like any second."
"Alright lets go check him out, I mean didn't you say that he was about to die? We should help him out!"

Yeah I know what you really want Big Tex, you just want to make me look like a fool again you jerk! Following anyways like a fool, I was thinking of a way to get him instead when the man busted through a window. He had this wild, crazy look in his eyes like he would kill anyone that he didn't like.

"Hey, uhhhh i think we should just leave him alone..."
"Yeah, lets go." answered Luke, and if by like the man new we were about to leave he charged!

The author's comments:
Was inspired by a group of friends. Also please be brutal on spelling, grammar, ideas, and looking for new ideas! Please comment!

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this is really goood!!!!!!!!


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