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September 21, 2009
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Since the beginning of time, wolves and vampires lived in the midst of humans, blending in and hiding their true identities. A particular vampire, The Master, grew crazy of having to live in the shadows. He started to hunt more than a hundred people each night- which was forbidden due to preserving the human race. Other vampires disapproved of his actions and so they tried to stop him. But they were unsuccessful since his immense consumption of human blood made him uncontrollably stronger than any living creature. So a group of vampires and wolves agreed to work together to lock up the vampire, and so they did. They locked him up in a steel, metallic coffin (where not even an atomic bomb can open it, except the key that went with it) and buried him in the depths of a cave.

For almost a millennium now, a group of unlikely opposites, the vampires and the wolves, continue to protect the key of the Master. Followers of the Master try to take the key to unlock him- to make it harder for the Followers, the vampires and wolves broke the key into two, each side keeping one piece. And so the burden of protecting the key is passed down each generation of vampires and wolves…

In a tiny, rainy, snow-infested town of Darrington, WA lives sixteen year-old, outcast Natalie Roze. All her life she has been judged by her disorder- CIPA, in which she can never feel pain- but is able to confide in her best friend Jason Yullie. When summer break approaches, Natalie moves with her aunt for a vacation. Meeting Skyler Collins next door who she later finds has a terrible secret. He accidentally turns her into ‘one of them’. But something goes wrong. Instead of joining Skyler in an eternal life, mysterious killings disturb the quiet town of Darrington. With a missing Jason, and a befriended, sullen Ethan Smith, Natalie tries to save and uncover the secrets of Darrington, Washington.

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