September 19, 2009
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“Another day in boring History class,” thought Carter as she stepped into class just as the bell rang. The time was 11:10am. Carter plopped her butt down in the back row and prepared herself for another pointless lecture on how the Soviet Union blew up a bunch of civilians in The Cold War.
“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. How are we today on this lovely morning?” Mr. Ross said.
“Fine,” mumbled the class. Carter looked outside to expect sunshine; instead she got rain steadily pounding on the ground.
“We’ll be watching a very educational video today on the nuclear warheads used in the Cold War. Be prepared to take notes because we’ll be having a quiz tomorrow on the video’s content,” explained Mr. Ross. He walked over to shut off the lights and started the video.
Carter laid her head on her arms and stretched out on her desk. She turned her head over to the window and looked out. She noticed in detail of the raindrops hitting the window, sliding down, and getting bigger as the drops collected water. Instead of listening to the narrator in the video, she focused on the soft patter of rain. She found the sound soothing. Her eyes slowly closed and her breathing slowed and steadied.
Carter awoke to screaming and crying in the hallways. She fell off her chair, alarmed, and looked up to see the class empty and kids running in the halls. “Wait, wha…what’s happening?” Carter mumbled, still foggy from sleep.

“Carter! Get up! Come on, hurry. We have to go!” Ian yelled. Ian was Carter’s best friend.

“What’s going on, Ian?! What’s wrong?” Carter screamed over the noise as she stumbled to her feet and followed Ian. They ran out into the halls and had to keep to one side to avoid getting run over. It was chaos. Students, teachers, and staff were in a panic.

“Follow closely. I’ll tell you when we go somewhere less crazy. Don’t go near doors, windows, or other places without me. Understand? Just stay close.” advised Ian.

“I don’t understand. What is it?” Carter was still confused, but just then she heard a deafening crash on the first floor of the school. Luckily for Ian and Carter, they were on the fourth floor, also the highest floor. Ian took a sharp turn into the science hallway and pulled Carter into an abandoned classroom at the end of the hallway next to a flight of stairs.

Ian looked around the room, then turned to Carter to explain, “I don’t expect you to believe me immediately, but from the evidence you’ve seen, you better start believing. We have to get out now and fast. They came this morning and invaded our school. I’m not exactly sure what they want, but I guess they only have one motive.”

“Who’s they?!” asked Carter with a panicked tone. Fear was building up in her, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Ian gave her a look of misery and said one word that could strike fear in anyone. “Vampires.” he blandly stated.

“No.” she whispered. Carter wanted to ask Ian more, but just then the door to the classroom opened and two shadows fell in. Carter and Ian both held their breath.

“Angelo, shut up. I think someone or something is in here. Let’s go find a different room to hide in.”

“Stop freaking out Kyle. You go look if someone’s in here. I’ll keep lookout.”

“Kyle and Angelo?” Carter asked hesitantly.

“Carter?” asked both Kyle and Angelo. They were both surprised and relieved at meeting each other.

“I’m so glad it’s you guys and not them. Ian’s hiding with me. Are you guys hiding too? What’s happening so far?” Carter rushed to ask. She was eager to find out what was going on.

“I’m not sure, but we have to get out really soon,” replied Angelo. They all hurried out of the room and ran to the flight of stairs.
They snuck down until they reached the commons. Carter and Ian were so close to the door, but one of the vampire guards saw them and alerted the others. They ran to the gate, but the vampires were faster. They each grabbed one of them and held their hands behind their back. Carter couldn’t struggle at all because the blood sucker had his teeth on her neck. All she could do was to look pleadingly at Ian and tell him her silent goodbye. She could feel hot tears running down her face as she felt pressure on her neck. This was not how she imagined her death to be. Carter shut her eyes, stopping the tears and awaiting the pain. Then she suddenly felt herself falling to the ground. It turned out that Ian got out of his vampire’s death grip and punched Carter’s vampire, which momentarily gave Carter enough time to get free. “Run pass the gate! RUN!” Ian yelled at Carter. She couldn’t leave him, but she knew she had to if she wanted to live. Kyle and Angelo were already dragged back into the school. Carter managed to get pass the gate and when she looked back as she ran, she saw Ian being dragged into school along with Kyle and Angelo. She knew then that there was nothing she could do to help him now. She paced over to the school parking lot with a stern look on her face. Loud choruses of screams were heard as the clocks all turned to noon. Then a deadly silence followed. Carter had to accept the fact that she was the only student that made it out alive and human. Part of her told her to run away, but a stronger part told her to go back. She had to somehow find and save her friends.

Carter walked back inside through the front door and used a scarf she found to cover her neck. She walked into the gym and was shocked by the sight she saw. All of her former classmates seemed to glow faint silver with brilliant shining red eyes. Every feature on their faces was profound and smooth. Almost as if sculpted by marble.
She then realized it was too late to save any of her friends. She carefully made her way through the crowd, careful not to touch anyone. They gave her odd looks as she passed them. She eventually came to a door that led to the gym storage room. As she was about to open the door leading to the next gym, she felt a cold arm grab her. She spun around to see a stunningly handsome boy holding her.

“Let go!” she desperately pleaded as she struggled to pull free.
He ignored her plea and said triumphantly, “I don’t believe I’ve seen you before. You smell……..appetizing.” He grinned, showing two pointed teeth.
Carter tried to pull away, but his grip was too strong. She felt her wrist burning and cried out in pain. The scarf fell to the floor, exposing her neck. He bent down, opened his mouth and slight pressure was felt when she heard a loud snarl behind her. Ian pounced on the vampire and pushed him down. He grabbed Carter’s arm and they ran. However, the gym was filled with vampires and Carter and Ian were soon outnumbered. The handsome vampire boy grabbed Carter away while mobs of vampire jumped on Ian.
“Ian! No! Stop, please! Ian, no….please no!” sobbed Carter.
“Too late…” grinned the handsome vampire. He leaned into her neck and once again attempted to bite.
Carter felt her skin break and pain shoot through her. “NOOOOOO…..”
“Carter Calloway! Wake UP!”
“Nooo-…what?” Carter woke up confused and disoriented.
“I will not accept this behavior Ms. Calloway. I have no choice, but to give you a morning detention with me tomorrow morning,” Mr. Ross said. “Sleeping in class is one thing, but yelling is not tolerated.”
Carter just then realized it was nothing, but a dream. Not even the newly received detention could ruin the relief she felt. Happiness flushed over her and she sighed. She looked around to see all the students staring at her.
“Sorry Mr. Ross. Won’t happen again sir,” blushed Carter as she apologized.
“It better not. Class, you’re dismissed early today. Have a good afternoon.” Mr. Ross said.
Carter picked up all her things and walked out. She saw that everyone looked normal. Kyle and Angelo walked by as she walked to her next class. “Hey Carter! Hanging later?” Angelo asked. Carter lightly laughed and accepted his offer. As she rounded a corner, she ran into Ian, who was busy carrying his books to class.
“Ian!” yelled Carter. She was so glad to see him again.
“Hey Carter.”
“The weirdest thing happened to me in History!”
“Oh yeah? What?” asked Ian. He had amusement etched into his face as he looked at Carter.
“Well, I had a drea-.” The bell interrupted Carter. Horror immediately crept onto Carter’s face. The clock struck noon and the screaming had started.

The End.

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KiraKira said...
Sept. 29, 2009 at 7:48 pm
awesome! Except you shouldn't write the end. You should write to be continued!!! This has to be continued!
RachelGone replied...
Sept. 30, 2009 at 4:23 pm
Thanks so much!
Some stories are left to the reader's imagination so create your own special ending and you could send it to me :)
KiraKira replied...
Sept. 30, 2009 at 7:16 pm
hmmm... it sounds like the vampires have come, so maybe this time she will know the mysterious handsome vampire boy... maybe he's like, some secret lover or something, and maybe Ian is a descendant of vampire hunters or something so that's why he is immune to them and he can't be turned into a vampire and he wants to protect Carter for some reason.... I don't know much more than that. :)
KiraKira replied...
Sept. 30, 2009 at 7:17 pm
oh, and I'm a little new around here. Maybe you could read some of my stuff. Do you have anymore stories posted that I can read? :)
RachelGone replied...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 9:01 pm
I'm new too :)
I currently have a short story being reviewed, so it might be up soon. Thanks for reading :D
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