Blood Magic

September 19, 2009
By AkaErBear BRONZE, San Leandro, California
AkaErBear BRONZE, San Leandro, California
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He walked down the steps into the dark blanket of night with a cigarette in his hand. He reached the ground and looked around, taking a long drag of the nasty thing he held. I watched him as he walked down the alley way, the stars in the sky couldn't be seen because of the street lamps and city lights. A gust of wind brought the smoke from his cigarette closer to my face and I resisted my need to cough. He looked around again, looking straight at me without seeing me becaus I was quite well hidden. He had on a black trench coat that made him blend into the black of night. He kept walking, his heels clicking on the hard pavement. I followed, curiosity controling my body. He had such a smooth and graceful way of walking that I felt like a clumsy puppy compared to him. I kept far behind him, trying to keep myself hidden. "Tristian!" A deep voice yelled. I looked around to see a ghastly creature of a man behind my a ways screaming at the boy I was following. The boy looked at the man and started running, turning into another alley way. I looked at the man and prayed he wouldn't see me and at that moment he did. "Oh, ello lovely." He smiled a crooked and malicious smile. I felt my eyes get wide as I gasped. In a second he was right up in my face, touching my cheek harshly, his prickly skin scratching me. "Got yourslef some pretty skin there poppet." He said, cackling. "Only the best..." I snickered as I caught him off gaurd and pushed him just far enough way that I could turn and run. I went the way the boy had, hearing the old man coming behind me faster than he should've been able to. I felt his nails grab my arms and slide down my body, scratching me and filling the air with the scent of blood. I fell to the ground, slamming into it. "Oh poppet should've stayed still. Now you've leaked. Oh it's only a matter of time before they smell you my lovely." He cackled, a smile creeping onto his face. I stayed on the ground, thinking. He ran his nails down my back and I screamed, as loud and high as I could. "Oh poppet, you've got yourself some lungs there. But you only just alarmed them, now they'll come faster. Oh poor poor poppet, what a horrible death you will have." He said, his hand still touching my skin, making it burn. I heard a screech of cackling and running footsteps comind down the alley ways. "Oh your in trouble now poppet." He said. "Leave me!" I screamed, my eyes burning with a new found intensity. I stood up and glared at the man. "Oh poppets got a temper eh?" He said. I let out a screech louder than anything even close to imaginable and his eyes got wide. "Oh no....poppet is you one of them?" He asked, his voice wavering. I felt my skin burn as I glared at him, my eyes firey with hatred. "No. I'm just an extraordinary human." I laughed, feeling the actual fire burn in my eyes as my body filled with an intense warmth. But then they came. Cackles filled the night air as they ran up, their heads cocked slightly as they got close. "Ah you got us a firey young lass." One of them said. Those ghastly creatures could destroy me in 5 second flat. "Oh look what the little poppet can do." One laughed. Their skin was slightly green pale, their hair blue black and their eyes were bright red. Their teeth were all razor sharp, like a sharks, and their nails all long and pointed. They wore scraps of cloth, the males of their crotches and the females over their crotches and breasts. They all had gashes in them somewhere, ones that would never heal. "Miomie!!!!" Someone screeched. That was the one thing they said in their lagauge that I knew, it meant kill. They all charged and right before they got me something grabbed me and pulled me up into the sky over them. They screeched and cried, reaching up for me. As soon as I was in the air I was across the city on top of a building. I looked at my savior, the boy. "Why were you following me?" He said, his violet eyes glowing in the moonlight. We were in the more country part of the city now, where they were no lights besides the houses and the moon and stars. I stared up at him, inable to speak. He had a captivating beauty resting in his soul. His skin was slightly tanned, with freckles spread across him. His trench coat was gone, and he only had on a tank top and shorts. I reached out my hand to touch him but dropped it. "Why?!" He demanded. "You're beautiful..." I said by accident. His eyes softened as the words escaped my mouth. "Your all I've ever wanted Aurora. And everything I can't have." He said, a tear escaping his eye and falling down his cheek. "You can have me..." I said silently. He looked at me solemly and curiosity welled inside me again. "Tristian..." I whispered, " what a perfect name." I looked down at the ground as a gust of wind hit us. I looked up at him agian, his mouth slightly open. His pink lips were perfect and his fair but tanned skin was illuminated. I concentrated on his mouth and saw why he might think he couldn't have me. "Everyone is different." I said. He glanced at me and ran, dropping of the building amd disappearing into the night. I stood there, stunned, fallen in love with someone I'd only watched from afar. I heard screeching and cackling, the creatures had found me, they stood at the bottom of the building sniffing the air. I looked down at my bloody skin. "Oh They kept screeching for me. I looked around...knowing I might make it I started to run. I was in the air, almost to the other buildings roof and then I fell short. Grasping onto the ledge of the building for my life I prayed I wouldn't die. But I knew that tonight would either be my death or the begining of a new life. "EEEEEEPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Something beneath me screeched as I heard them jumping at me, scratching the bricks walls to get to me. I pulled up, trying to get up and rolled onto the roof. I ran and jumped again, this time completely falling and landing on the ground. I felt a burning pain shoot up my arm as the running footseteps came towards me. My heart was beating so fast I thought it would go off like fireworks inside me. So I stood and ran, with tears rolling down my face, hoping I'd make it out alive tonight.

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this is amazing!!! i love it your very talented there is more i hope?


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