The Treacherous Beginning

September 5, 2009
By AissaxxxP123 BRONZE, Stamford, Connecticut
AissaxxxP123 BRONZE, Stamford, Connecticut
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New Beginning

As the cool gentle striking of the wind hits my face, I run fearfully from the crazed blood stricken hunters. Hunters who run and chase me just to seek my… blood and soul. They call out to me in sickening and dark husky voices…”Amelia don’t run from us… come back”. I scream back “No…leave me alone get away from me”! Suddenly as I’m running a large root from a huge tree trips me and all I hear is a “crack” sound and the wet mossy forest floor under me. I reach down automatically as I feel a jolt of pain in my right leg…I’m afraid that the “crack” sound I heard is my leg. No, I look up to be surprised to my amazement to see the tree root has been split in half. “Ok good that’s one less thing I have to worry about which would be a broken leg” I tell myself. As I think this it occurs to me the other thing I have to worry about is the fact that hunters are after me. I look back to see how far back they are …Oh how I wish I hadn’t. I look back and see two pairs of blood red eyes staring straight at me, their mouths are open and they look as if I am an exquisite meal they are dying for. I take one huge gulp… this is it I’m ready for my doom. As they enclose on me I touch my turquoise dove necklace that was given to me by the wise man in the old village. As if touching the necklace could save me. As I am doing this the hunters stop right in their tracks and one of them says something in their language it sounds like “aumbriatus coulomoruskis doomtomatrei”. The other one gets irritated and launches himself towards me he doesn’t eat me right away instead…he just bites me on my forearm. The pain is excruciatingly painful as I lay there and scream for help there is no one there to hear my cry then a dark shadow creeps over me. Then every thing turns black.

The author's comments:
To my parents and Patrick i love you guys for all the support and for being proud of my writing...oh Rachel B also.

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