Lulu Giraffe

September 4, 2009
By M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
M.G. James SILVER, San Diego, California
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The Giraffe Who Aspires To Be The World's First Giraffe To Be A Published Author!!!

Lulu, dear Lulu,
You type all day long
And you type all night
Typing and typing
With no end in sight.

Wondering and wishing
Such stories are fun
Creating new ventures will never be done.

From sunrise to starlight
You work and you work
While ideas and new stories
Continue to lurk.

There are so many things that a Giraffe could do...
Writing and typing is certainly new!

Why won't you ever just be like the rest?
Reaching for crisp leaves and resting are best.

But NO! You insist on your writing!
Oh, what a big mess.

Your beauty and class
Your charm and your wit
Are hidden away as you sit there and sit.

A beautiful Zoo you live in, it's true!
The children come see you
But you're never there!
Writing and typing with such little care.

Typing and typing
We no you won't quit
Until you are published lickity split!

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