September 3, 2009
By nick krieger BRONZE, Park City, Utah
nick krieger BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I’m a ginger bread man named Creamy. I live in a happy joy-filled world. Every day use to be the same for me, wake up, make breakfast go to work ( I am a school teacher at gumdrop high) come home and sleep. But one day I decided to do something great. I called the owner of the Cookie Dough factory, and asked if it was possible to build a cookie dough house. A pause, a deep loud voice picked the up the phone. This is my story of how I built my cookie dough house.

Man today was an awesome day on sugar street. I could smell the sweet candy canes growing in the fields, and the sugary gumdrop grass being watered. The caramel clouds where shiny and warm over the village. I arose from my soft frosting bed, tired and worn out. Yesterday had been rough, teaching a small class of ginger bread kids fresh out of the oven is hard work. I needed something fun in my life, I was wasting my time teaching all this time. I slouched down on my couch and grabbed a magazine off the table. The cover read Amazing Houses.

I swatted through the pages and paused over a certain house. This house was not made out of ginger bread (Like every other boring house) but out of cookie dough! Chocolate chips surrounded the whole house! From that point on I knew what I needed to do, I needed to build a house out of cookie dough.

I raced for the phone and called a cookie factory. The operator answered, I asked to speak with the owner of the factory. She put me on hold for while, suddenly out of the blue a deep cracky voice caught my attention. “Hello?” asked the big gingerbread man. I gathered up as much courage as I could and answered with a weak “ Yeah, you the owner?” The man chuckled and gave me a warm “ Of course, do you have any questions?” “ Yes I do, can I order 20,000 pounds of cookie dough?” I asked curiously. Once again a pause, “Why sure that’s no problem!” shouted the owner. I felt like I had dodged a bullet. Now it’s time to start building a cookie dough house!

Truck loads and truck loads of cookie dough were being dumped at my door step. I knew I was going to need help, and a lot of it. I called almost every single gingerbread civilian in the phone book, I had about six hundred people that offered to help! Everyone started pilling into my yard, we waited for the last of the dough to be dumped out. It was time to get to work. I whistled as loud as I could. A huge bulldozer came crashing out of the pixie stick forest. I pointed at my house, and in the blink of an eye it was coming full speed at my house. BOOM! The gingerbread was crumpling away, frosting was flying and sprinkles were pouring down from the sky! That’s when I screamed “ Lets build a cookie dough house!”

This was great everyone was doing there jobs and having a great time. My job was to shape the dough and place in the right spot. I glued frosting in the middle of a cookie dough brick and started stacking more on top. It was an easy process but it was almost impossible to lift the cookie dough up, they weighed around one hundred pounds each! After I got all the cookie dough blocks ready to go, I stuck ice cold chocolate chips in every empty space. Now I needed help putting the twenty foot long cookie dough walls together. Everyone got ropes, tied them around the walls and lifted them up, Amazing it worked! It was a perfect square, and a big one to. Now we need to make doors and windows. Everyone got giant cookie cutters and starting cutting out the doors and windows. I walked into the first available entrance and climbed up the wall to the top. I had my friend named Coco throw more cookie dough blocks up to me along with some frosting glue. I glued each hunk of dough to the wall, then I glued more pieces to the ones on the wall to create a second story floor. I built a quick stair case, so that people could move the furniture up. (I made a great cookie dough couch and bed.)

It was about 10 at night and everything was just about done. Cookie dough flowers painted the yard in all kinds if different colors, it was cookie dough everything! The best part of the house was the caramel drizzling done to the rain pipes. After everyone had left I walked into my amazing new house and screamed “ Yes!!”

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