Blood Brothers

July 10, 2009
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Are we alone? Are we the only life on a little blue planet? Is earth the only planet that has the ability to support life? Could it be possible that some where in this lonely universe there is another body of rock that upon it life moves, feeds and rests? These questions have been pondered in the best of minds. Yet no matter how much time dedicated to find this life, they come up with a blank not getting close to any answer as they hoped and wished for. Are we alone or are they just waiting to take over?




It was midnight as the dogs started to howl at the bright yellow moon, giving Robert his signal to escape the tyranny of being grounded. He ran across the freshly wet grass trying to get to his faded yellow Volkswagon Buggy. He opened the squeaky door and jammed his key into the ignition; the Buggy burst to life. He drove quickly to the first party of the year. His cousin Tito would be there. Robert was an ordinary teenager looking for fun and love. So, running away from home to a party seemed like a pretty good idea.

When he arrived at the peach colored house practically in the middle of the desert, it look to him that the front porch was a battle field cause of all the people. He walked coolly and swiftly into the main entrance of the house only interested in finding Rachel. She was that girl usually sitting in the corner with a book that at least weighed a couple of pounds. She was not noticed much except for now since Robert started to fall in a deep hole for her (she was invited to this party too, and he begged her to go).

The smell of alcohol grew strongly in the expansive estate.

‘I guess she didn’t come after all’, Robert though after looking through every room. In that instant Robert felt a sixth sense kick inside him and knew that a nightmare was unleashed onto the earth. There was a crowd, circled around something… something that Robert wished was not happening. He pushed friends and unfamiliar faces away till he broke into the middle just to find his cousin, Tito, battling, fighting what looked like a metamorphosis.

Robert had seen this happen many times before; he had to get his blood brother away from the people. He grabbed his cousin bride style and ran to the closest door, but it was to late, the alcohol in his blood and the metamorphosis cell mix hyperactively to make the change quicker. Tito’s hands grew bigger and rougher and needles stuck out sharply, and he had sword like nails willing to slice anything open to ribbons. His face became distorted almost like a mix of an overly large lion and a gorilla. When Robert’s cousin’s metamorphosis was almost completed, he could see out of the corner of his eye a person, his friend, his love walk through the back door.

Tito was escaping his cousin’s grasp soon to be let loose on the rest of the party and not for the main entertainment! Robert started to feel his dark cells kick in him like they had for his cousin but since he was sober that night he had the strength to keep some people of the house safe till the curse over powered him. He let go of Tito and ran with all his force and all fours to the only thing on his mind, Rachel. It took a matter of seconds to reach her but when he got to her he was smacked through the floor boards with great force that would have killed a human, by is own flesh and blood. Robert got up prepared for a brawl but had Tito already lost interest in his cousin. He turned and dug his razor sharp nails straight into the chest of the school’s quarterback. While his prey was yelling in agony, Tito or for better words, the demon opened his mouth to revealing no teeth but instead a head as a tongue slimed with goo. The head had a snake movement and then jumped to the boy’s head, ripping it clean off and shutting off the noise. Blood shot out of the teen’s neck like fireworks on the fourth of July and his body fell completely out of life.

With that the demon screeched in the most horrific voice “Hello warm blooded ones…” and after that screams pierced the sound barrier and made the humans run for the nearest exit.

The beast fed upon the humans slowly, painfully, and completely gory. Robert watched not exactly sure what to think or what to do. He could feel the cells multiplying inside his veins, if he was to help anyone it had to be now and fast. He threw himself at Tito hoping to distract him of his sixth rare meal this evening. While he gained conscience from the drop, Robert grabbed his rough sharp legs and did the throw similar to the throw Hulk did in his first movie with the army tank. The demon flew, tearing apart the roof as if it was a harmless piece of paper. This gave Robert enough time to only grab one person and guide the person to safety. He looked desperately for the familiar face but mostly only seeing dark red blood stains on the floors and the white walls. At the bridge of giving up he found her, Rachel terrified in the dark corner she looked almost petrified. Robert grabbed her calmly and slowly almost as if she had a fragile sticker written all over her body. He jumped at the closest stained wall intending to create a new exit and flee. The wall collapsed with ease, he heard his cousin enter through another wall putting even more screams into the atmosphere.

“Now time to get out of here” he said while putting her on his back and with a swift movement they were on fours moving at least at illegal speeds on the highway.

Robert made it to the caverns one-hundred and fifty two miles away from the blooded white house which seemed safe for the rest of the night. Screams subsided by the time they reached a good distance, knowing that Robert and the unconscious Rachel were the only survivors of the brutal murder. After some hours, a fire was lighten to keep warm, Rachel recovered in complete shock, lost and determined for answers.

“I know that was your cousin, but what was he?! Some kind of vampire searching for blood, a ghost looking for lost souls, was it even a chupacabra?!” Demandingly. She picked up a medium size stick that had been sitting in the fire for a while, pointed it at him, threatening to burn him to ashes.

With a loud sigh Robert said slowly, “I suppose you deserve to know since you were practically killed back there. My family… has a curse. You can say we are the anti-human people even though we are part human. We have lived among you since the gods found out about your violence and future to destroy the earth. My family is here just to destroy your kind, but don’t get me wrong we kill in amounts necessary for you to reach equilibrium with the rest of the world creatures. Well that’s how it’s supposed to be until now.”

After moment of silence the only word that could slip off Rachel’s tongue was, “…what…?”

“Okay, well legend has it that one day these anti-humans will metamorphose uncontrollably into their demon forms one by one, to start the extermination of mankind no matter of your color of skin, the language you speak, poor of rich. You will all perish. I’m still surprised I haven’t changed and started my killing spree, but I bet my other five family members have started their journey already” He finish’s with a smile on his face. She looks at him as if was something that came out of a horror picture show.

“How dare you be ‘summoned’ onto our planet, our territory, our home and tell me that you are here to brutally murder everything I care about and grew up to love! How dare you…” Rachel scolds at the top of her lungs.

“That’s what my last girlfriend said, after that my brother cut her extremities off and cut her heart out.” Robert said with a half laugh, “didn’t like her much anyway.”

“Oh great, now you think this is a joke. So you find it entertaining to see lives lost? What if I…” she grabs the stick she dropped, during the true identity reveal of her best friend, and slowly points the end with the fire closer to her abdomen. Right when the fire started to lick the cotton of her shirt the stick was taken away by a fast blur.

Robert stood at the edge of the caves holding the stick containing the fire and replied seriously “your day will come soon, let’s not rush it. Go to sleep, your energy is going to be needed tomorrow night. I promise you, your safe here.” When he spoke his last word he stared at the sunrise towards the east, then after some seconds left for the west in search for some small animal to consume. Rachel stood there for a moment and realized she was tiered, and she hoped so profoundly that maybe this could all be just a small nightmare. What she was not realizing was that the nightmare had only begun.

Robert was correct, all five of his family have all started their mass murder to hunt every last human on planet earth. Evelyn, his older sister, was in Paris, France just finished spitting acid on the Chandler of France quickly dissolving him into dirt. Rohan, his uncle, started in the Siberian tundra killing all the Eskimos leaving only distorted bodies and blood pools slowly becoming icicles. Sharai, his little sister, was in Afganistan and she just obliterated a tank from the Al Queda Army and now plans a surprise attack to a sleeping ground unit. Tito escaped from Arizona and now headed straight for Texas, on his road trip he had turned every car on the highway into sheets of crumpled up aluminum. Lorcan attacked the city people of Chile at the moment creating more havoc than World War II. He just tore his earliest victim in three equal pieces for the three headed dog on each of his bulky deformed body. Robert, the sixth is supposed to be in India killing people off the street like it was a video game but instead he never left Arizona and his kill count was at zero, while the rest of his blood family were on their thousands.

Rachel wolk up at close to noon determining from the position of the sun (since she did not charged her cell phone since two mornings ago). Robert came back a while ago with two large jackrabbits in his hands. He started a fire and begun to cook them well done. Robert just stared at the blazing flames unaware why he had not changed into his dark form yet.

He passed the roasted bunny to Rachel “well its not scrambled eggs, but it will do.” she said with a hope of a start of a conversation.

“So I take it you accepted the truth over night?” he asked surprised.

She looked at him with horror “Your telling me it was not just a clever nightmare I just finished sleeping off?” she asked with little hope written on her face. Robert looked to the ground and shook his face moving his hair like a Herbal Essences commercial.

“I’m deeply sorry Rachel but its time. Your species’ time. You can run, you can scream and kick around, you can go hide… but it wouldn’t change a thing its your destiny as humanity,” he stated with pity in his low voice.

“If it’s really our time like you say, why did you save me back at the last night? Why are you here at not where you’re supposed to be, mass murdering? Finally, why have you not changed like the rest of your family into the horrors of hell? She questioned with almost a voice of understanding and knowledge. “I believe you are different from the rest of your family, your destiny is the one that has changed… for the good of mankind on this world. I believe…” he rudely interrupted her grabbed her by her soft white neck and lifted her up with ease, like his strength and gravity where good friends.

“Don’t you dare tell me that am supposed to change my persona, my life, my damned destiny! I came to this world for one reason ad I will fight and kill for that reason till the gods say otherwise. You are chosen to live for some reason or another, your destiny was not to get needles stuck through your chest by my cousin that’s as much as I know now,” he barked loudly at her. He squeezed the soft vulnerable tissues of her throat then her go. He walked away while she went tumbling onto the cavern floor leaving bruises along her body.

“I still believe you changed. I believe that you came here to save humans from extermination and make us thrive again not fail,” she said while examining herself for any serious damage.

Robert stopped walking and gave out a loud over exagerated sigh, “from your huge faith in me, what do you believe I would do to help your species? Most of all why would I do it what could I possible gain from this experience of betraying my own kind for your people?” the half human asked.

“You would have to abandon your old ways and traditions, and I know this sound horrible but… to kill your four other family member before they kill the last of the humans,” she said with an epiphany in her voice. Everything went quiet for minutes then a burst of laughter came from his diaphram.

“You,” he laughed again “want me to kill my family,” he looked at her like she just lost her noodles. “For one, I’m not the strongest demon in my clan, it will take a damned miracle to at least take down two of them, secondly, we have a tracking device where we know where each other is and what our plans are. They would have been over here already trying to kill you if they we not having so much fun seeing who can kill he most humans in one day. If you wanted to know my sister, Evelyn is wining at thirty-four thousand bloodily murders.” He said with a slight joy in his voice.

“Why can you take this seriously… if you are not going to prevent this…? I’ll do it.” She said with a voice of unasurance, and then turned around ready for nothing.

Robert spoke out, “You’ll just fail, what’s the point? Live the rest of your life happily, enjoy your last minutes.”

“No. I will not, I will not sit and let my people die. I’m going to do this, even if I fail I will know in my heart I tried to save and stood up for what I believed in, it’s better than waiting for my time to come knowing I will die soon cowerdy like. Good-bye, Robert.” And with that she fled to the blinding light of the big ball of fire to face her enemy’s, human enemies, The World’s Enemy’s.

It took her some hours just to find a main road and by the time she even reached the boiling hot town her skin had turned from a light peach color to a dark black color. Breaking down to her knees frequently planning to give up and roll on her back and wait for the 125 degree atmosphere to swallow her into black soft ashes. Yet, she pushed on her abnormal fragile bones because if she fell down, so would the rest of humanity.

During all this time Tito had destroyed the lone state of Texas decapitating numbers and leaving gory, bloody scenes on Six Flags, Western Playland, and just for kicks he destroyed the Alamo. Rohan and Evelyn both freed the continents of Asia, Europe, and Australia from Homo sapiens. Africa still contained people but numbers rapidly dropped by a fire completely surrounding all of the countries. This fire got closer to the middle of the continent and with that the wind did away with the ashes of the fallen. At that moment they are crossing the Bering straight that connects Alaska with Russia. Lorcan was in fifth place on kill rating yet tore all of Latin America into complete silence and left lakes of blood and sea’s of souls. Sharai was at better progress, Canada was now a land of frozen water, trees, and many graves. It is possible to say the same for all of the other states bordering Canada and the Statue of Liberty lost its head latterly. When she was leaving a hunter fired at the distorted anti-human, shotgun pellets sunk deep into her neck making her go stiff then fall to the ground. Robert, kill count… zero.

Robert stood there, over looking the city he is supposed to be causing destruction, pain, horror, everything bad shown on scary movies but everything is peaceful. He knew if he did not destroy this city his family will they might even kill themselves for the last kill. This was ground zero, where everything would ether end or start, destiny’s time, destiny’s choice. Countdown starts Thirty minutes.

Rachel arrived at the city of the fire bird and a burst of adrenaline ran from her excretory system to her red blood cells giving her enough energy to pick up a semi truck. “Oh crap, what I’m I going to do know should I tell some one?” she started running to the first sight of human life but stopped herself as soon as she realized what she was doing. “I can’t tell some one… not if I wanna get sent to the loony bin.” She thought to herself “What if I go buy I gun so I can blow the demons back to hell!” she starts to run again in a different location then stops suddenly again “Damn I don’t have a license… what if I got a cooking knife!” once again she started running in a new direction then stops almost simultaneously. “Where is Wal-Mart again?” Rachel started to run again then crossed a thirty story reflected mirror window building with the name of “Wells Fargo” on it. On top of it Robert stared at her like a cat about to pounce on a moving string.

“Wow she made it. Half the battle won little one.” He said with a joyful voice that even he didn’t catch. Countdown ten minutes.

She ran, even though the blazing heat. The sun kept drying her fragile body like it did to a grape to transform it into a raisin. Her breathing, sounding dry and hallow, her leg muscles pulsed with pain yet she made it to a knife store out of breath and energy bar at zero percent, but she made it. She bought a hunters knife for two hundred dollars (she decided to use her collage money since she would not really have a use for it any more.) it had a camoflouge handle with a two inch thick stainless steel black blade that formed a sharp point at the end. When she got outside ready to attack evil, red, white, and blue bulbs shined brightly by their artificial sun light. A whineing sound came next and at last when the glare stopped bouncing off the passenger seat door she saw in clear blue letters “Police” and in the back side it said “To serve and to protect…”

She dropped to her knees knowing she was too tiered to run another marathon and put her hand on her head and yelled “I only kept two or three books from the library! No big crime!” Two officers dressed in complete black only one yellow object on their utility belt. They both shared a glace of “yeah, I thought she was crazy, too”

The bigger officer asked seriously “Do you go by the name… Rachel Landel?”

“Um yes… who is asking? Rachel thought through all the crimes she had committed “I’ve stolen books…sneaked into movies...gotten drunk at parties…smoking wee…”

“You’re Mother.” The shorter chubbier one said. Rachel just stared at space for a while “oh… crap. I’d rather go get eaten than go with her.” Rachel got up from her swore knees and climbed slowly into the back of the small car. Inside the car smelled of foul alcohol and vomit she had a hard time touching the seatbelt without gagging. The cop drove slowly down 19th ave. Then just like when a piano falls from the sky, overly large raptor feet come smashing hard into the police cruiser.

She hit the metal fence with her head cause of the impact then according to Newton’s law of motion she hit the speakers on the back of her head. Gashes opened up revealing dark red liquid but to her everything went black. From the roof Robert witnessed the car accident killing the cops but no way to know about Rachel. He jumped down from the building, landing several feet away from his cousin Tito, landing on one knee and destroying the street pavement.

“So, there is a rumor that you want to take us down, side with the humans. Tell me Robert how much humans have you destroyed? Look you can’t even change into one of us any more. Your weak you can take us down.” Then Robert jumped at him pushing him towards the wall of a close by bakery story he ran toward Tito and dug a fist where his gut is supposed to be and jabbed him so hard that would make Rocky proud. Tito’s small head goo like head-tongue bit his shoulder deeply, shot him a bit than throw him at a wall. He walked over to the wounded half human and dug his long nails deep into is abdomen making Robert get to his knees and clutches his stomach to stop the pain.

“See what I speak of, your weak!” Tito spit at his cousin and kicked Robert with a good amount of force toward the head, sending Robert flying back into the street. He layed their next to a red fire hydrant hoping for that miracle before he knew it his cousin was on top of him.

“Now to finish off the hero of the humans” he raised a sharp needle to stab the life out of him, then Tito went stiff and fell on top of the now half dead demon. Rachel pushed the dead cadaver off of him and offered him a bloody hand.

Close by the remaining three relatives ran on all fours toward the city of the legendary fire bird. Ready to kill, ready to avenge, ready to take revenge on their betrayer. Blood will be spilled, more souls to be lost. Extermination to humanity or death to the rest of the family curse.

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thomasb said...
Sept. 24, 2009 at 3:20 pm
I like how the author started and concluded the story. The first paragragh really drew me in to read more of the piece. I also like the mythology in the story i thought is was really creative. The whole story was very good and descriptive as well.
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