Lifelong Friend

September 7, 2009
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“Dyson, Hunt, Snow, you work level one of the basement, Kyles, Blake, and Johnson, you…” he trails off as he strolls down the line. ‘The basement,’ Snow thinks to himself, ‘has Sergt gone mad? The three of us could never handle that, maybe Dyson, he’s always ready for action, but never Hunt and I. Dyson wouldn’t, couldn’t ever survive by himself he’ll always need someone to calm him down and tell him to retreat. Hunt would hide behind me and I would never let him out of my sight. He’s like a little brother to me and-,’

“Now, listen up maggots, some executives of this scientific building created a new form of army to defeat our enemies in other countries. They tested on human subjects and now as usual they’re out of control. So the executives made some kind of border around the humans and trapped themselves in there with the mutated freaks.
“That’s where we come in, now boys and girl,” he emphasizes on the girl part while looking at Tanya, who would always complain when he’d forget to include her, “It’s not like last time, we’re going to fight this time instead of just saving lives, we’ve got to manage both. As soon as you find a human you don’t keep looking for more you take them to us immediately. We’ll need extra armor and twice the weapons. You’re useless to me dead so don’t bring back any bodies.”

Someone grunts three people away from Snow, ‘I’m pretty sure that’s Chuck,’ he thinks.

“You got something to say!” The Sergeant lifts his eye patch to show his scared eye as he yells at the brunette. Chuck winces, “No s-sir,” struggling to meet Sergt’s gaze. Chuck doesn’t like the idea of pulling dead bodies back, let alone leaving them behind. “Load up!” Snow and Hunt grab their thing simultaneously, but Dyson is all loaded up and ready to go. They march off into the hover trucks. Snow always sits between Dyson and Hunt; they don’t like each other that much this would be another reason for them to fight. It is a slow ride to they’re destination. All soldiers load up the map of the building into the heart of their armor, which is in the middle of their chest plates. The blue light from each heart shows a three-dimensional map of the fifty-story building, also including the ten levels of the basement.

“The boys and I will be here to assist the survivors and send them to the hospital,” Sergt has us line up on either side of him as he speaks, “Now, you know your group and area, don’t get lost because I’m not sending anyone in there to get you OUT,” He sprays the “T” in “out” on Hunt. ‘Sergt seems worried we’ll get lost, we have a map don’t we? What’s wrong with him?’

“Now, I don’t know what’s going on in there so be careful.” He salutes his soldiers and they salute their sergeant.

“Hey, Snow you know what’s up with Sergt? He never says ‘be careful’. I think we’re going to die and that’s the only possible way he could think of saying goodbye to us, what a jerk.”

“Hunt, you know he trusts us with our own lives. And he just said he doesn’t know what’s going on so we have to do this, it’s what we do.”

“Yeah, but this time I’m really scared. Sergt usually gives us some details on our assignments we don’t know what were up against.”

“Maybe your-“

“Stop your bickering ladies we have a job to do,” says Dyson wrapping his arms around their necks trying to strangle them.

“Stop it Dyson!” Hunt squeaks.

“Hey that’s an insult to me, I’m ready for whatever, whenever, wherever,” Tanya plops on her helmet and locks it tight; they did the same. “It looks like I’ll be four levels below you boys.” Snow is bewildered by the remark, ‘A girl below us wasn’t the basement the most difficult. What IS wrong with sergeant tonight?’ Dyson, Hunt, and Snow take the elevator with Tanya and her group. “I just got these blonde highlights,” she pats her helmet, “My hair will get all messed up now.”

“If I have to hear about your hair this whole time I’ll lose it Tanya I mean it,” John Kyles, a guy Hunt and Snow aren’t very familiar with, but Dyson, he knew almost everyone. “So Blake, Tanya Blake can you keep your mouth shut for this one mission for me and Johnson over here?”

“I’ll think about it.” The helmet’s blue cover is clear enough to see her roll her eyes.

“We’re on channel six,” She shows her walky-talky to us, “So if you guys get bored and want to talk,” she directs her eyes to Hunt, who stares at the ceiling unaware she’s even talking, “you can talk to us.”

“I doubt they’ll remember to these scientist are crazy,” says Johnson.

“Or HE just won’t wanna talk to YOU,” Dyson says while John thinks the same thing. They all know Tanya likes Hunt, he just never notices. She often scares him with how rough she can be. Ding, the elevator opens. “Bye,” She waves at Hunt who has his back to her.

“Goodness, Tanya, she’s so annoying. I love how she’s always talking to us to get to him,” Dyson points to Hunt.

“Who cares HE will never notices her anyway,” says Snow.
The elevator leaves it pitch black in the room; Snow flicks on a flashlight and loads up the map.
To be continued…

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