A Small Boy in a Big World

June 16, 2009
By Alex Oliveira BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
Alex Oliveira BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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Chapter 1: Lucas and the Castle Walls

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lucas. He was a short boy with black hair and blue eyes that turn green in the dark. He lived in a town way out in the Valley Land. This town was called Hackenson. Hackenson was a popular town. There were a lot of shops and banks and blacksmith and many more. The ruler of the town was King John the 3rd. The king was also Lucas’ father. Lucas lived in the castle. One morning he woke up and went out into the balcony. It was a sunny day in June: the smell of bread being made from the outside shops and restaurants down the street; the sound of people buying and selling: the hot sun‘s rays beating down on the castle roof tops. Lucas went downstairs for his breakfast. He had some eggs with some home-made bread.
He was always in the castle unless he went out on a trip because his father had some work or if he went out to town for a walk. He was always getting what he wanted so easily and he was getting sick of that. He wanted purpose in life and wanted to be normal, not like a prince (even though he was). One day he went out onto the balcony and saw all the famers working in the fields, all the stores people working at their best, all the blacksmiths making armor. He said he wanted to work and train and become like one of them. He thought about leaving the castle for the first time of his life and he was thinking this thought over and over. He finally made his decision. So at dinner he told his father and mother and his two younger brothers what he wanted to do. His father was very displeased with what he deiced to do with his life.
His father’s face was red, and looked like he was burning up from anger only because Lucas was to take the throne when he died. His mother thought it would be a great opportunity for him to learn how to live like his parents did as kids and said, “If that’s what you want to do then go and do it,” and the second oldest son was happy because if Lucas left then he would be next in line for the throne. So the next morning he got up early, packed up most of his clothes and fifty silver coins (which was like five dollars a coin) and said goodbye then left. He spent his fifty coins to buy himself a nice house down by the river.

Chapter 2: Living His Life

He first started his new life working to make some money and growing plants in his garden so he can sell them or eat them himself. In two years he made over two hundred and fifty silver and gold coins saved in his bank he decided to buy wood to make into furniture for his house, and to buy some new armor so he can start fighting and taking on stronger quests and making more money. His first quest that he took on, which involved fighting, was pretty easy because he wasn’t that strong and he wanted to start off easy. So he kept getting stronger and stronger and then took on harder and harder quests. Then he took a break and just settled down at his home for a little and relaxed and just stayed off working until he ran out of money.
He was lonely so he went downtown and bought himself a baby dragon. He knew that if you raise a dragon well and full of care they won’t grow into a huge beast but instead will stay small and nice. So he named his dragon Fireball. He was small black and had a smooth back but his tail was a little spiky. After he got his dragon he took it home and made a room for it so he could fly in there and blow fireballs when ever he wanted. He would let the dragon fly away because he knew that a dragon always comes back to their owners after a day or so.
So when Fireball came back he took him to his room and it was full of all this new stuff and Fireball was so happy. Fireball thanked Lucas by rubbing his tail against his face which meant that the dragon was grateful. The feeling of the tail was so soft with little spikes because Fireball was still just a baby dragon.
After Fireball had eaten his dinner and went to bed, Lucas went out to see the city at night like he used to when he lived in the castle. He loved to see the lights of the castle and the people selling their items to the tourist that came from that Land of Waters. After he went out and bought a few things and went home he went to sleep.

Chapter 3: The Hard Quest

The next morning he woke up ate some eggs he got from his neighbors barn and had a little breakfast. After he ate he went to go look at the quest that go around in the city. He picked up a few flyers that he found about some jobs he is very interested in. He went to go see one of them after lunch because in the morning he was looking for this quest. This quest was far out past the dark woods and beyond the riverbank. He knocked on the door and this old man with a cane answer the door. He let Lucas in. The house was small, cozy for one person. It smelt like the ocean seas at noon with the sea breeze air. The old man asked Lucas if he wanted a drink. “I would like a glass of wine, if you don’t mine” said Lucas. The old man poured a glass of wine and started to tell Lucas about this quest. “Well my boy this isn’t any ordinary quest, this quest takes a lot of skill and mastering some of the toughest skills. You need to have enough strength to mine the minestone. You must be able to fight the ice warrior and ice giant in the snowy ice caps. And then you must get some steel ore. Once you’re done with those items talk to the elf and he’ll make the replacement sword that you will bring to me for your reward. And if you want if you get double the items he will make you two swords incase you want one.” So the next morning Lucas went out for the quest. Three days later he returned with two Swords of Light. He got his payment of 1,500 silver coins and went home. He then started hearing about this extremely hard quest that kill seven men who have tried it. He rudely butted in someone’s conversation and then started asking

Chapter 4: The Dragon Slayer at the Top of the Mountain

The men started telling him about the dragon slayer quest. It was known to be the hardest quest in all of the lands. This dragon has tormented the entire world for centuries. He wanted to know everything about this quest. He found out that the owner of the quest was his father. He went to the bank to take out all of his money so he can beat the quest. The armor he bought was dragon armor. The armor was completely red, strongest armor to own. After he put on the armor and got ready with potions and food to heal he went to the castle. He went inside and when his father saw him all he said was “what are you doing here.” “I’m here to take on the dragon slayer quest and help your kingdom.” His mother came in the room and saw her son taking this quest and started crying because she was afraid he was going to die. He took his papers and went on his way.

The first part of the quest was to build a boat to sail to the island. He built his boat and started sailing. As he neared the island thick fog started coming in. All of a sudden his ship was on fire and burned up. He jumped off and swam to shore. He saw the biggest mountain in all the land. He started climbing and fighting his way through all the guardians of the mountain. He finally reached the top and saw the dragon sleeping behind a huge metal gate. Lucas opens the gate and charged toward the dragon. The dragon woke up and fought back. After four hours in battle Lucas ran out of food. His armor burned off with the entire fireball blown at him. Sadly not to long before he ran out of food, he died. His body burned on the ground and the dragon had a feast off his body.


The author's comments:
I like writing about old Mid Evil Times. I am currently writing a book. I hope that when I finish my book it will be published and become a world wide book. I also love to cook. I hope that in my future I can build my own restaurant. I want to also be the chef and manager at my restaurant. I still don’t know if my dream will come true but whatever is coming my future I’m ready for it.

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