Fight To Stay

August 17, 2009
By 3mily BRONZE, Burlington, Other
3mily BRONZE, Burlington, Other
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The weather was blazing as two brothers walked side by side. The night was almost magical. Now, the youngest brother watched as the stars were so bright he thought ‘now this is one star watching time’ He began his story, My brother and I strolled over a pathway, a long steep of grass. It’s high like a maze. I can feel the rough tips on my fingers, intertwining through as we step dazed. The smell of sweet grass and the feel from the moon made it feel like home. I wish that was the case though. The moons rays hit us at every angle. No space to hide the truth that will come when this dream all ends. Why does this night have to become day? I don’t want this to end, not now. I breathe in a deep and heavy breath in hopes to find inner peace. My brother Jack lies down. I follow his lead, and begin to laze into the profound meadow bed. When I rest down it becomes clear that this surely is a dream. My head is lying still on the pasture, my arms caressing each other, and the overwhelming sense of happiness. Jack and I are still, and waiting. For anything, for everyone. We take in what we can now, for when it ends, it will be no more. It hits us like a storm. We were expecting this but we are still not ready. It came soft. The molecules gathered, and met in the clouds. The pressured condensed water is ready to fall. The rain slowly starts to dribble down. Slowly like the time is going slower, and it is going to stop midway. As it’s raining the drops fall and heal the plants wounds. It knocks my face hard now, and clams me down. The rain smells like fresh air, as it falls harder. I open my mouth and taste the water. It is salty but yet it’s delicious. I look over my right shoulder and find my brother gone. It was his turn to leave. It will soon be mine. I feel joy and in awe because I am the last boy to be alive in the world. Not just the only boy, but the last soul to roam this earth. Suddenly, without notice it becomes clear to me. The rain is falling so hard now; it’s almost as if someone’s heart was bleeding. It broke and cracked from misused love. Sorrow and pain drift down now, little crystals from the sky. It looks as if spirits are coming from different places to meet up in this remarkably chosen place. It begins to smell as if all the worst scents are all coming here and disappearing in all of space and time. There is no sound, all hearing has been banished. But yet, I can feel as if all of earth’s smells are gone from my reach. This part I was dreading. Pain crashing down on me, lifting all the agony brought on in the world has now been dragged and dropped on my shoulders. Madness, jealousy, sadness, agony, rage, and depressing are all striking me cold. The pain is unbearable and I feel as if the world’s negative thoughts and actions have all ended with me. Oh, now the hail. It is getting closer now. Clasping my damp hands together around my head I wait. The agony has stopped. Something wonderful has begun. Emotions that bring joy, happiness, love, excitement, and delight to people have come. As these feeling finally leave, it begins to snow. I am so tired out; I barely know what is going on around me. I hold it together and try to think logically. Through all that I have been through, these years. The Ice Age Bill, Thunder bolts Joan, Meteor Ashley, and finally this. My brother and I, teammates, buddies have been through it all. Including the robots melting in 3110, or the space shuttle on Galaxy V vanishing. We have seen and been there. Now, as I lay here with nothing to do, feel, smell, hear to taste I cannot believe its coming to an end. I finally realize now that this is not a dream. It is maybe fantasy like, but definitely not a dream. There is nothing here. It is all black. No smell, it only smells like water, which has no taste or smell. It is clear, as day. No sunrays, no moon shining, it is black. There is nothing to see, or hear. All animals, all living organisms are gone. Wait, I’m here. I’m still alive. When I reckon this, I know what is actually happening.
The world has come to an end.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my grade 8 narritive paper.

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