The Lives of the Time Travelers

August 16, 2009
By WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
WorldofD SILVER, Vadnais Heights, Minnesota
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Chapter One
A Rainy Day

The Rescuers

I walked out the door to my house. My name is David and you wouldn’t exactly call me the most responsible person, but I can usually work things out. I was on my way to the store. It was so great to get out of the house and feel the fresh air. It was nice to look around. I thought that I could do this once a week, but something always had to occur last minute.

I entered the grocery store and grabbed a few vegetables: including avocadoes, celery, and broccoli. I had to grab some fruits also. When I was just about to grab an apple another hand almost grabbed it. “Oh. I’m sorry here you-.” I turned around and almost dropped the apple. It was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She had curly blond hair.

“Hi. I’m Elizabeth. I’ve never seen you around here before.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t usually come here.” It looked like Elizabeth grabbed some grapes and threw them in her basket.

“So, any plans for the summer?” I asked right after I grabbed a few cereals people liked in my family.

“Um… No. I’m just staying with my family. That’s all.” She wiped some of the hair out of her face.

“I actually wasn’t exactly doing anything either. I-.” The sirens started going off.

“Everyone, the store is closing in ten minutes.”

I bought the groceries and noticed that Elizabeth had disappeared. She probably took a last minute look. I walked out the door and surprisingly Elizabeth followed.

“I think it’s going to rain. Look at the sky. You know what would be so cool?” She said.

“What would that be?” I asked still confused that she just appeared when I left.

“I’d like to time travel and change what happens.”

That was all we said until it started raining. We ran down a dirt path and up a hill into a forest.

“Where are we?” This was so strange. We went the exact same way I came from.

We ran up the strange hill. After a while, we finally sat down under some trees.

“This is like an adventure!” Elizabeth commented smiling.

“Not really. It’s just raining.”

“Oh. Well I’m not usually outside when it’s raining.” Elizabeth blushed and turned. “We should probably exit over there.”

I got up since the rain wasn’t going to stop.

“Hey! The coast isn’t clear.”

The coast never was clear when it rained. “Um. Just come with.” I said. Elizabeth ran over and we ran across an open field. “We’re almost there.”

Elizabeth screamed when something pointy wacked her in the back and she fell over.

I held out my hand and what fell into it was surprising. It was an umbrella. “It’s okay. It’s an umbrella, but where did it come from?”

“Maybe it came from an airplane.”

I doubted that but I still played along. We ran with our umbrellas across the rest of the field and came to a cliff.

“Oh, great!” Elizabeth looked kind of mad, so I looked for something to make her happy, but then I thought of something. We could jump off the cliff and hold the umbrella up. I’d seen it in “Mary Poppins” many times.

“Elizabeth. We’re going to jump off this cliff-.”

“What?!” Elizabeth yelled confused.

“-and we’re going to float down with the umbrellas”

“Sorry for interrupting you. Okay, let’s do it.” We both exchanged looks and jumped off the cliff with the umbrellas. It was really scary at first, but then it started to slow down. I was enjoying the moment so much that I didn’t realize Elizabeth screaming at first.

“Elizabeth. What’s wrong?” I saw that Elizabeth was far away from me and going to plummet to her death down into a bunch of rocks and trees. I grabbed Elizabeth and we finally landed in a different spot that I thought we were going to land in. After we reached the ground, we talked about how strange today was, but I noticed Elizabeth was kind of ignoring me and looking up at something. I turned and saw to feet above us. “Who’s that?” We both walked back as a boy was doing the exact same thing we were doing. Maybe he got an umbrella like we did, too. The boy looked at us like we were crazy and Elizabeth turned around.

“Hi. My name is Jared and I heard you talk about that you wanted to time travel, so you can. I’m-.”

“Get away from us. We need to get home.” I said madly.

“No. Continue.” Elizabeth said surprisingly. She was a very different girl indeed. She first, was so pretty. I was amazed that she just started talking with me. And now, she’s talking with a total stranger about time travel.

“Um. Isn’t your name David. You were pretty adventurous out there.”

That theory was gone, but I didn’t get how he knew all this stuff. We walked with Jared the way home and I decided that I liked him. He wasn’t a total stranger.

Chapter Two
Losing Vision?

I didn’t know what to say to my parents, so I entered the back door and snuck into my room. I guessed it was the same with Elizabeth and Jared.

The next day, I ate a piece of toast with eggs and ran out the door to go to the doctor’s. Today was check-up day and that meant that the doctors were going to see how I was doing and check my hearing and vision. Sometimes taste, but I didn’t have to worry about that.
When I got there, the doctor said hello and I walked inside.

“So, let’s check your hearing.” The doctor put earphones on me and did exercises. Then, right after that I had a flash of Elizabeth and Jared falling down some kind of chute.

“What?” I ended up crazy. I figured the doctor thought I was crazy.

“Okay. So, I will have you look into this light for ten seconds and then I will have you look at this chart,” The doctor said while looking at the computer monitor.

I looked straight into the light and then I suddenly found myself falling over. I looked around and grabbed the table to get up, but I couldn’t see a thing. “I can’t see.” I heard footsteps. I think the doctor must’ve run into the other room and gotten something. I walked forward a little ways and then I felt a tree. That couldn’t be! I put my arm forward to guide me and I felt hair. Long hair. “Elizabeth? Jared?” I felt something touch my face and then I could see again. I had glasses on. It was Elizabeth right in front of me, but she ran off right after that.

“We’re going to meet you when you’re ready.”

What was that supposed to mean? I took off my glasses and realized what had happened. I was too tired that I fell asleep. The doctor looked at me.

“You should take it easy and go to bed earlier tonight. Who are your friends?” The doctor asked.

I was so confused. Why would a doctor ask you what your friends are? “Um. Billy, Rose, Ben-.”

“Who you were with yesterday.”

“Elizabeth and Jared. Why?”

“They’re going to be your friends for time traveling. I am going to make their buttons on your glasses.” The doctor said.

“Excuse me? I thought you were a doctor.” I was so surprised I didn’t know what to say. I am going to time travel! I actually couldn’t wait to see Elizabeth and Jared. They were actually responsible! I ran out the door and noticed on the glasses had a dial on the other side. They were the years to travel to!

When I found Elizabeth and Jared, they had the same glasses and umbrella. I happened to have my umbrella with me. “Hello. Are we ready?”

“Um. Wait. The umbrella turns into whatever weapon for the time period and your outfit changes to the time period.” Jared said as he set a time period.

I wasn’t sure what time period to go to. Should I go past or future?

Elizabeth put on her glasses and smiled.

Jared already had his on.

I set it to 1835. I just wanted to go to a random year. I wonder how much time would pass while I stood here with these glasses. I didn’t care. I just wanted to have some fun!

Chapter Three
Dinner party

The Evils

I walked out of my mansion and followed a car. I just wanted to know where it was going. My name is Sylvester and there’s something strange about today. The air was kind of stifling and I saw Maggus walking towards me. She was a close friend that lived near me.
“Um. We’re going to have a dinner party. Would you like to join?” she asked. I noticed her black hair was all messed up and she had bags under her eyes. “I’ve been working on making this perfect for hours. Could you please come?”
“Yes. I’d love to!” I said while coughing.
“Well. It’s at 6:00. Don’t be late and dress formally.” Maggus started to walk off, but then I realized that she was wearing a burlap sack and no shoes. She really was working hard for it! I really had to go to it. I started to walk down more of the sidewalk, but then a woman with a stroller walked along with me.
The lady laughed and ran off.
“Excuse me?!” Why did that woman laugh? Was there something on my face? Did my pants fall down? I walked over to a thrift store and bought my favorite magazine: Dark Digest. I loved how all of the stories were so creepy and I wished that someday they would come true.
“There you go sir. You’re probably the only one customer who buys this magazine.”
“Who else buys it?” I asked grabbing the bag. I had also gotten a bag of chips. Everyone can eat junk food sometimes.
“Um. This lady that was wearing an outfit that looked like a burlap sack and a man with spiky hair,” the clerk said.
“The one with the burlap sack is Maggus, but I wonder who the other one is.” I ran out the door with my stuff and then I heard more laughing.

The dinner party was coming pretty fast. It was the next day and it was in two hours. I walked off to another store with expensive suits. I didn’t know what I should get. I looked at the variety. There was a red suit and a blue suit. It looked like just about every color had a suit. I picked up one that had fallen on the floor. The collar was really shiny and there was a broach on the side. I could see why it was on the ground! It looked tattered in different parts. I threw it back on the floor.

“Hey! You’d better pick that up!” I could hear a clerk nearby. Why was she so mad? I grabbed one of the red suits and bought it. They looked nice. I looked down at my watch and realized that I had been in this store for an hour. After walking across Main Street, I turned the corner and saw Maggus running off. She must’ve gotten her hair done, because it wasn’t normal. I couldn’t believe that she didn’t do this earlier. She still probably had to set the table. I walked over to my mansion.

Later that day, I walked over to Maggus’s house with my suit. I noticed that there were a bunch of other cars parked in front of it. Her house was on the brink of becoming a castle. It was bigger than my mansion and it had a bunch of secret passages. There were also cobwebs and candles everywhere. It’s the perfect place to be for Halloween. She had left the door open for guests to walk inside. I walked in and sat down at the long table. There were so many people that it was hard to tell where she was. She wasn’t there. Then, I saw her walk down the stairs with a beautiful black dress.

“Hello everyone! This is my first official dinner party and I will make a toast.” Everyone stood up and I did too. “I’m making a toast to all of the great times and my favorite magazine: Dark Digest!” I smiled and toasted. Maggus looked over at me. I thought I heard her say, “Watch out!” But that didn’t seem right.

Chapter Four

The Elegants

I stood there smiling at my beloved husband. My name is Samantha and today I got married to Victor. We were very happy as we ran down the aisle. We had done so much for this wedding, and now it was over. I was going to become a mother. I had married Victor because he was friends with the rest of my family but mostly because he was as rich as I was. If we did something special, people would remember us. I ran around to the driver’s seat and we drove off in my convertible. “So, where is this new house you were talking about?” I asked throwing the veil off.

“Um. It’s actually quite far away from here. I just-.”

“If it’s not a giant mansion, I’m getting out of this car!”

“It is a mansion and it has a nice view. It is a new house.” He smiled and looked at all of the developments.

“Those are where we wouldn’t go.”

“Don’t we need our stuff?” I brought some of my clothes from my house with. We’ll just call the movers.” I turned the radio on and it was classical music.

“Can we listen to something else?”

“Excuse me?... Oh, I should probably be a little on the mild side to start off. What would you like to listen to?”

“Jazz.” I turned the dial and then stopped at an intersection.

“This is actually pretty nice music. It’s nice to listen to when you’re mad. It eases the pain.” We drove down a bunch more roads.

“The house is coming up.” I kept driving.

“Is it on this street?”

“Yes…. There it is!” I looked over and saw a glorious white mansion. I parked the car on the side of the road and ran inside. “Samantha! Don’t you want to enjoy the exterior?” I could hear Victor say outside. I walked down the stairs and into a master bedroom. I looked out the window and only saw the pool outside and the palm trees. I sat on the bed and almost fell asleep, but then I went into the bathroom and changed into something else. As I put away some clothes, I heard a bang and saw Victor walking down the stairs with a giant box.

“What is it?!” I walked out into the hallway.

“I thought that you’d want this and-.” He opened up the box and pulled out a gleaming coffee table.

“I love it! What was the occasion?”

“It’s just that I love you so much!” he kissed me and walked out of the room. I moved the coffee table down the hall into the living room and then picked up the phone. I dialed the movers, and after a while they came. Victor had brought more things in and I sat and did my nails. I loved the house even though the view wasn’t the best. I was happy that it was one of the best houses he had picked out. I admired my gold nails and walked out of the sitting room. I walked upstairs and into the kitchen. Victor was eating a croissant sandwich with ham and Swiss. “Don’t you want to melt the cheese? We should get a chef.” I grabbed a bag of rolls and grabbed the butter.

“We’re not getting a chef or servants. I just want it to be the two of us.” I spit out some water. I ran off.

“I won’t yell at you, but you’re going the wrong way with this!” I ran out of the kitchen with my roll. Why was he being so selfish? I thought he wanted me to be happy! I sat on the white leather couch and saw what was on TV. I ended up reading a magazine on the table: The Daily Enquirer. It showed a bunch of celebrities and their problems. I noticed that a woman was complaining about not having the right kind of view and storming out of the house. She also ran off with the money. I admire this woman! I went to bed after reading the magazine.

Chapter Five
Mysterious Things

The next day, I woke up at 7:00 and helped Victor since we weren’t ever going to get help. I helped him carry a desk, couch, and wardrobe. After that, I relaxed in the hot tub. Victor had joined me about a half an hour later with a bottle of wine with glasses. I kissed him and drank.

“So, what do you think of the view?”

“It’s horri-.” I moved away a curtain and saw the city down below and all of the nice places. “It’s wonderful!” Now I thought about how miserable I would be by myself. We relaxed and looked out the view and then went back to moving things in. Next, we moved in all of the art and found out that the house was so huge that some rooms were still empty. We ended up going to a store and buying more things. We made an indoor garden out of one of the rooms and a party room. There were even three guest rooms. I had a perfect house and a perfect view. The last room we made was the indoor courtyard which was the first part of the attic. It was mostly for sports. I didn’t think that room would be used often. After we finished moving everything in, I just noticed that we didn’t put the things in the closet. It was a walk-in closet. I brought three pairs of shoes at a time in. I had dropped a shoe accidentally and tripped on it. I looked straight after my fall and saw strange shoes. They were golden shoes and somewhat old. They were so shiny that they glowed in the dark room. “Victor?” I called and heard him coming down the stairs.


“Um. There’s some shoes that weren’t here before. They look ancient but new at the same time.”

“They’re probably just some shoes that someone left here.”

“But I thought you said no one else lived here before. I thought you said this was a new house.”

“Oh, I don’t know then.” I could hear him walk back up the stairs.

“Hello, there Mr. Ingledew. Can I speak with Samantha?” I heard a voice and then I knew exactly who she was. Polly Seawall. She was one of my rivals in college and she would always try to beat me. I didn’t want to see her at all! I ran upstairs, but I was too late. She was inside the house. “Hello, Samantha. I came over to tell you-.”

“That you’re going to beat me again. Why are you here?!”

“Samantha!” Victor said. “She asked to see you politely.”

“No. That’s not what I was going to say. I’m your next door neighbor! Don’t you love it?” she asked and then I was horrified.

“Yes. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Bye then.” She walked away and I slammed the door shut. “That was Polly Seawall! My enemy!” Victor was walking off and he didn’t even say anything.

“She’s just your next door neighbor. It’s not like she’s living here.” He walked over to one of the guest bathrooms and closed the door. The rest of the day flew by and I me my mom for dinner. I wanted a little bit of time away from there, because of Polly.

“So, how is the new house?”

“Um. It’s really big and nice. There’s a nice view behind the spa!”

“Oh, well that was nice to invite me to lunch. Now I’m going to leave. Bye Samantha and good luck with Polly.” She walked out of the restaurant. I bought some more clothes and went home. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep without knowing that Polly Seawall was going to come into my house and haunt me!

First Travels

The Rescuers

I arrived in what looked like… Austria? I saw what the weapon was, and it was a pocketknife. I wanted to know why everyone was so sad. I ran over and almost fell into a coffin. It must’ve been some kind of emperor, but I didn’t know who.

“It’s so sad that he had to die.” A man said right behind me.

“Um. Yeah. What’s his name?” I asked.

Everyone stopped crying and stared straight at me. “You don’t know the great Franz II?!” the whole crowd said.

I wondered if you could warp to a different place also. I finally realized what I was wearing. It was kind of a villager-kind of outfit. I took one step back and found myself falling into a pond. I heard everyone else laughing and then a loud voice erupted, “Silence! I am the new emperor.”

“That’s silly!” a woman cackled.

I was so surprised. Why would someone say that to their emperor? I snuck out of the pond and ran down the village and came across someone crying in a cellar. I walked in slowly, trying to not surprise her. “Hi. Are you sad that the emperor died? There is a new one and you can meet him-.”

“No. I just want to leave this place and never come home!” the girl said and I noticed that she wasn’t well.

I had to do something. This girl must’ve not belonged here, because she wasn’t cackling. I grabbed her arm and we walked down into the other room.

“Please, you don’t need to help me.”

“Well, yes I do. I need to rescue you from-.”

“Get out of my house!” a loud voice spoke. A giant man ran down into the cellar and broke a bunch of bottles. I tried to grab the pocketknife, but it must’ve fallen while I was running.

“Who is this guy?” I spoke a little too loud and the giant man turned and his face was one of the worst ones I’ve seen. The man grabbed the girl by her feet and I held her back. It was useless. The man took the girl and all of the townspeople came over and cackled at me once again. I ran until my legs hurt, and then I had to change times, or else I would die here with the little girl. I took off the glasses and pressed the button that said “Elizabeth” on it. I wanted to see how Elizabeth was doing. I put the glasses on and I saw Elizabeth in a beautiful gown and I guessed she was in France. She also had a powdered wig and she was walking down a giant corridor behind a crowd of people. She checked her pocket for the weapon and took out a pen. “Ugh!” A man followed Elizabeth.

“You forgot your parasol.” The man said.

“Excuse me?” Elizabeth said right after.

“Well. You look strange without one.”

“That’s the wrong time period for that!” Elizabeth flushed.

“Well, I’ll be going then.” The man looked embarrassed and ran off in the other direction.

Wow! Elizabeth had just gotten rid of parasols! Then, she walked faster trying to catch up with the rest of the crowd. All of a sudden, a bunch of people gasped and stood around something. It was Marie Antoinette. She had also died. I guess we both had someone who died! I was just about to take the glasses off, but Elizabeth fell down a trapdoor as she turned around. Why would someone put a trapdoor there? The view went down to some kind of dungeon, but it wasn’t like the usual dungeon. It was very fancy and there were guards standing near a giant door. The room was in a bronze light. It must’ve been a long fall because Elizabeth wasn’t in sight. She finally dropped to the ground and her wig must’ve fallen off. All of the guards ran over to her. I needed to travel there! Elizabeth was in trouble! I grabbed the dial and went to 1793. I hope it sends me to France!

I ran over and opened the same giant door and she would be right there on the other side. I ran at full speed and grabbed her, but it wasn’t her. It was just her wig and a heap of clothes. She had time traveled out of there. I took off my glasses and saw Elizabeth lying on the ground. I just realized that Jared was still time traveling somewhere.

“I got rid of Queen Marie Antoinette.” Elizabeth started to cry.

“No. You didn’t. I watched you. She was already going to die, Elizabeth. Some history, you just can’t change.” I felt so sorry for her. Marie Antoinette must’ve been one of her idols. I hoped nothing like this happened to Jared.

Chapter Seven
Betrayal of the Guests

The Evils

I took a bite of my chicken and ate some mashed potatoes. This was actually going quite well for what I thought it was going to be like. I took a sip of the wine and then a bunch of food was swiped off the table. I looked over at Maggus and she had mashed potatoes in her hair. I noticed that there was no wine in the cup and then I noticed that Maggus and a guy with spiky hair had a cup. The guy with the spiky hair was the other one who like the Dark Digest! All of the house guests except me and the spiky hair guy were getting up out of their seats. Maggus tried to pick up the food that was on the ground but there was too much. How could someone do that?! I walked over and helped her. A bunch of the china was shattered across a bunch of the floor. “Maggus, we might need to end the dinner party or at least say goodbye to everyone else,” I said feeling sorry for her.

“Okay. I’ll do the honors.” She got up. “Everyone, exit the building. The dinner party is over!” The guests just stared at us and then one pulled out a knife.

“Maybe we should just leave.” I ran out of the room. Maggus and the spiky hair guys followed and we hid in the bathroom.

“So, you like the Dark Digest? My name’s Tyron.”

“I like that magazine, too. Do you know how to escape here?”

“There isn’t actually a way,” Maggus replied washing the food off her face.

“I don’t know if this sounds weird, but people have changed that are living around here.”

“I know!” Tyron said.

“Me too. The people that I bought this dress from were laughing at me.”

“The house guests probably left by now.” I walked over to the door and tried to open it. It didn’t move. “They locked us in!”

“Those little imbeciles!” Maggus covered her mouth.

“You’re right. They will have to pay for doing this to us!” We banged on the door a bunch of times.

“They betrayed us!” Tyron said looking for something to wack the door with. I broke the pole off the towel thing. I didn’t hear Maggus yell at me. This wasn’t her at all. She had changed. I wacked the door and it broke down.

“Maggus, aren’t you mad that we destroyed your bathroom?”

“No. I’m mad at the ones who destroyed the rest of my house!” Maggus yelled with a glare. She ran out of the destroyed house and turned to look at Tyron.

“Um. Maybe she’s right. I won’t let anyone do that to us again!” Tyron said running off. I just realized that I wasn’t going to ever invite anyone else to my house other than them. I walked out of the house as it fell down. Maggus was going to have to live somewhere else for what they did. Days went by and everyone was laughing once again, and this time I just glared and they ran away.

A few days later I fired my servants and they said, “Yay!” and they were very happy. I didn’t want anyone to destroy my house. I picked up the phone and dialed Maggus’s number. I hadn’t heard from her in a while. “Hi. How are you doing?”

“You need to come over here right now! Something’s went totally wrong!”

Chapter Eight
The Strangeness of Shoes

The Elegants

I took off my blindfold and got out of bed without Victor noticing. I couldn’t sleep because of those shoes. I walked inside the closet and the door shut behind me. I turned on the light and put the shoes on. I accidentally touched something and then I wasn’t in the closet anymore.

I looked around and noticed that I was wearing something else and I was standing outside a giant French mansion. There was a fan in my hand. “Oh my god!” I looked down at my shoes and noticed that there was a small dial and a two buttons. I pressed one of the buttons and was back in the closet. I accidentally bumped my head on one of the shelves. “Ouch!” I walked over to the door and it didn’t open. “Victor?!” I could hear him move out of bed.

“What is going on? It’s the middle of the night!” The door opened and he glared down at me. I smiled.

“Um. These shoes aren’t ordinary. I put them on and turned this dial. After that, I was in the 1700’s in France!”

“That’s so strange. Can we talk about this in the morning?”

“Yes.” I walked over to the bed and went back to sleep. I couldn’t believe that those shoes were time traveling devises!

The next day, I got ready and then laid on the couch. Victor walked down the hall and into the room I was in. “It’s time to talk about the shoes.”

“We’ll talk about them with Polly. We’re going to Bankins.”

“I refuse to do anything with Polly Seawall!” I ran out of the room and into the indoor garden.

“You’re going to have to get used to seeing her, because she’s our neighbor!” I could hear him say as the door slammed shut. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. Did he like her? I ended up grabbing my purse and running out the door. I didn’t want anything bad to happen. When I got to Bankins, every table was full and that was fine because I was going to join them. I walked over to the table they were sitting at and sat down next to Victor. “I thought you weren’t coming?”

“Oh, I’m coming.” I kissed him.

“It’s alright. I’m happy to be single. I can just-.” She started crying and grabbed her napkin.

“It’s alright. I know how you feel,” he said patting her back.

“Victor!” I said. Polly accidentally fell over on the booth and looked down.

“Oh my god! The sun is coming for me!” she ran out of the room.

“What was that all about?” I asked walked over to the other side of the booth.

“I don’t know, but you can have her omelette. I guess it’s better without her. I agree with you and we don’t have to go and eat with her or invite her over. I think we should block her calls.” I smiled. He was finally listening to me! We ate our meals and then walked out of the restaurant. I bunch of people looked away from us when we walked by which was the total opposite of usual. “Samantha! Your shoes!” I looked down and realized that I was wearing those time traveling shoes.

“What?! When did I put these on?!” I took off the shoes and threw them in my purse. We ran into the limo and headed home. These shoes were definitely strange!

Chapter Nine
Losing Weapons?

The Rescuers

I pressed the “Jared” button, and it must’ve been like the 2200’s. Everything was so futuristic. There were a bunch of space-mobiles everywhere. I had seen a place like this in movies, but never imagined it as what the world would look like in the future. Jared was running from a bunch of vicious robots. He was shooting a laser gun at them. He was holding nothing suddenly and then he jumped behind a counter of a small restaurant. Why did his gun just disappear? Jared was now running away from some kind of fire explosion, and then he smacked a big, fat silver “Fire Alarm” button. A bunch of sirens went off and water almost soaked Jared. I could hear in the background a bunch of people crying, “Yay! You saved us!” Jared had become a hero, I became a “nobody”, and Elizabeth had become a “transparent”.

I took off the glasses and walked out of the room.

“Where are you going?” I heard Elizabeth say.

“I’ve had enough for today.” I was just about to leave, but then I had an urge to put the glasses on. No. After a while of walking out of the building, Jared caught up with me.

“Hi. Where were you in time travel?” he asked.

“Where is Elizabeth? I thought she would’ve came with us.”

“Oh. Elizabeth said she had to retract Marie Antoinette. She just had to for what she did. I wonder what she did that made her do that.”

“Um. I pressed the ‘Elizabeth’ button, and she had shown herself that she was a time traveler and she had interrupted the funeral for Marie Antoinette. Well, I went to Austria in the year 1835 and there was the Emperor,” I said. We walked up to a restaurant.

“I did it!” Elizabeth sounded so happy. She ran over and hugged us both.

“So did you get her back to life?” Jared asked looking at the menu.

“Um. No, but I showed everyone that she wasn’t bad at all and-.”

“Elizabeth, I think you didn’t save that part of the world at all. I think you just demolished it.” Jared said.

What!? How could Jared say something like that? Elizabeth had surely rescued the goodness of Marie Antoinette. What about what I did. Austria was probably at war with France and it was all because I had interfered with that girl’s life. I hope my next travel doesn’t end up like this! “Elizabeth didn’t do anything wrong. I did.” I ordered my food after that.

“I know you’re a hero, Jared, but why are you telling us that we’re not doing good?!” Elizabeth ran off out of the restaurant.

I left a tip on the table and followed Elizabeth.

“Hi, David. It’s good I didn’t order because I’m not hungry.” Elizabeth was crying again.

“I actually did screw up, but you didn’t. You know we need to keep going with this time traveling even if something goes on. We will probably change it in the later travels. After a while, we finally got up and walked back to our houses.

The next day, I woke up to feel a nice summer breeze. I was just about to go to the bathroom, when something caught my eye outside the window. Elizabeth was motioning for me to come over. I got dressed and went outside. We walked to the building where our objects were. Jared was sitting there waiting for us. “You’re an ‘early bird’… What’s wrong?”

“Um. Our umbrellas are missing.” Jared pointed to an empty section.

“Elizabeth!” I yelled right after realizing what she had done.


“You got rid of parasols, so now we won’t have weapons, and Jared you didn’t exactly save the future city. Those robots are probably still invading,” I said reassuringly.

“I guess we all screwed up, but it’s okay,” Jared said quickly.

Elizabeth had already put the glasses back on and I think I knew exactly what she was going to do. I put on my glasses and went to a random year.

The year was 2345. It was even later than when those robots were chasing Jared. I was wearing an astronaut suit and I was floating in space. I didn’t get where everyone else was, but I was just floating. Had Jared destroyed the whole rest of the world in his travel? I was going to find out! I floated down to a deserted building and opened the door. I saw a bunch of different kinds of robots when I came inside and it must’ve meant that they died down after destroying the whole rest of the world. I turned around, but the door had already closed and locked behind me. No problem, I could just take off the glasses off if anything went totally wrong. I walked cautiously across the building and then I saw a bunch of people lying on the ground, tied to the ground. I ran over and started untying them. I guess they hadn’t destroyed everyone.

“Hey! Get out of here!” someone said behind me.

I turned around and saw someone I’d seen before! It was the neighbor’s little baby, and she was all grown up. “Vicky! It’s me, David.”

“David, you need to get out of here! The robots are going to come back to life! They will destroy the rest of us if we escape!”

What was I supposed to do now? Listen to the baby and leave, or rescue everyone and get captured. Both didn’t sound the best at all. I picked answer two and didn’t listen to the baby. I untied everyone and we ran at full speed. I heard a strange metallic noise, and then a few more noises. The baby was right!

Chapter Ten
Brand New Towel!

The Evils

I jumped out of my seat and then my coat totally ripped. I didn’t care about it now. My friends were in danger.

When I got there, I knew what happened. Some people had gotten in. I saw Maggus and Tyron standing in front of the destroyed house.

“You were too late!” Tyron said miserably.

“They gave me this!” Maggus pointed at a scar on her face. Her clothes were also ripped. Tyron ripped off another piece of my coat.

“Hey!” I looked at it and realized it had become a cape from running out of my house so quickly.

“We need to get to your house!” Tyron said starting to run. We followed him and ran extremely fast.

“Maggus, how did they get in?” I asked while running.

“Um. They broke through the door. I locked it with three locks.” All of a sudden, a bunch of people appeared across the street. My mansion was right up this hill! We ran inside and put all of the locks over the door. I grabbed a package on the ground. It was probably a bomb, but then when I opened it it was something strange. It was a towel, but it was extremely shiny and I thought there was something special about it. We ran up the first flight of stairs and then they broke through the door. We ran up to the highest level and then stopped.

“What are we going to do? We’re trapped!” Tyron yelled.

“I don’t think we are!” I threw the towel up and hoped for something magical to happen. The towel was hanging in midair!

“How did you do that?” Maggus said. I pulled the towel to the side and noticed a different place. I could hear a bunch of footsteps behind me. The door opened.

“Let’s just jump through!” We jumped through.

We must’ve been in England. The time had changed. Did we time travel?

“Um. The time changed.” Maggus said. Maggus picked up a goblet that was sitting on the ground with a poisoned drink inside.

“Let’s just poison and glare.” I just realized that we had become evil, but it was for the best. Well, we are the Evils! I wondered if we needed to retrieve a towel in each place.

“I think your right, but I think we should poison someone in every place, so then the world will be a happy place once more.”

“I just thought of a name for us. The Evils,” I said picking up my goblet. We walked down a road and no one disagreed.

Chapter Eleven
The Amazing Basket

The Elegants

When we got home I finally realized that I didn’t tell Victor what the shoes could do. “Hey, I never told you about these shoes.”

“What about them? They’re pretty bright.”

“Well, remember last night when you opened the closet door?”

“Yes,” he said looking kind of strange.

“I turned one of these dials and appeared in a different time period. I think they’re time traveling devises.”

“That sounds ridiculous! Let me see.” Victor grabbed the pair and turned the dial.

“You need to put them on. I think there’s another pair in the closet.” We walked downstairs and he grabbed the golden shoes. I stood next to him and then he disappeared. I stood there for a long time until he appeared in the same spot.

“You’re right. I went into the past and I was also wearing clothes for the period.”

“I wonder what would happen if we brought something with like a basket. I wonder if it would fill.” I walked into the party room and grabbed a basket. “You know what? I actually think that time traveling would be a good idea. We could be special time travelers. People would also remember us.”

“I actually like that idea. We could be called the Elegants!” Victor said bending down to turn the dial. “I’ve noticed that one of the buttons on the shoes leads back here, so if we want to come back we just press the big button. I don’t get what the other button does though.”

“Well. The first year we should go to is-.”

“We need to demolish the Evils. They’re time travelers. I’ve seen them before.”

“Well. Let’s go to 1235.” The doorbell rang and that gave us even more of a reason to do this. I put my shoes one and hoped that the Evils would be there. Victor appeared by my side and we were in the middle of a forest.

The Evils

We walked past a tower and then we saw a castle.
“Here we go!” Maggus said with her scratchy voice.
“Um. Your voice changed.”
“It’s all right. No one messes with Maggus!” Tyron kicks a bucket into a river and a little boy cries. He glared and walked over to us once again. I kicked the door open as soon as we got to the entrance. A bunch of people moved away from the door. I guessed they were repairing it, but I glared and walked right past them.
“Leave us alone. We’re the Evils.” The people followed us up the stairs and then we turned into an open door. I heard footsteps and pulled Maggus and Tyron into a closet. Maggus shut the door. It was almost pitch-black inside except for tiny slits that were on the door. I watched a girl run into her room and slam the door.
“I have nothing to do with you!” She yelled and then she started crying. She jumped onto her bed and I noticed that she didn’t have shoes. She must’ve been like a Cinderella and they always get their ways, so she was our first target.
“Okay. This is our first target. We are going to close in on her and set a goblet on her table. It’ll work out perfectly,” I whispered. We opened the closet door slowly and then walked over to the table. The girls eyes opened and I knew we were goners.

The Elegants

We ran up a hill and saw a castle. There was an open window and I could see a girl lying on her bed. I looked into the basket and noticed short arrows. Victor put one in the bow he had and shot a person inside. “Um. Why did you do that?”

“Those were the Evils. They were going to poison that girl.”

The Evils

I was wrong. She scratched her head and fell on the ground. Maggus looked at me confused and then we threw her body in the closet. I felt like I was being watched. We were. The window was opened and I could see two people standing on a giant hill far away. They had killed the girl, not us. The thing that had killed her was a short arrow. We needed to go over to them. They could be the only people that were like us! The only people that we could relate to. Maggus had already jumped out of the window and towards them. I ran in front of her. “We come in peace!” The woman turned and ran off.

“Those are some shiny shoes!” Tyron said. The man shot one of the small arrows and followed the woman.

“Farewell. You don’t belong here, Evils.” I glared and threw my potion on the ground. What good were we with our potions? They had weapons and they could’ve killed us right there, but I found a blanket on the ground. I put it up and opened it. We jumped through and I heard the man sigh.

The Elegants

I walked for a little bit and finally turned around and didn’t see the Evils.

“Yay! You got rid of the Evils!”

“Um. No. They time traveled somewhere else through a blanket.”

Chapter Twelve

The Rescuers

The robots were all getting up and their eyes opening. I tried to exit the door, but one grabbed me and put my hands behind my back like how people handcuff people. Now I couldn’t go back to that room. I couldn’t take off the glasses!

I was just about to get shot in the head by one of them when Jared appeared wearing an astronaut suit. He ran and started shooting all of the robots and then I realized that I had a gun too. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! And then I realized that Elizabeth and Jared were true friends. They never let me down and always helped me. “Thank you, Jared.”

“I sure thought you were going to die there!” Jared laughed as everyone rushed out of the building with new astronaut suits and floated out the door. After everyone had left, we took off our glasses. “Elizabeth?” I asked.

“She must already be time traveling again,” Jared commented.

“I’m going too.” I put the glasses on and turned the dial to 1467, and plunged into darkness.

I got up quickly and brushed off a bunch of dust. Where am I? I walked over to a door and slowly opened it. Light flooded right in and I had to adjust to the brightness. I squinted and noticed that I was in a closet in a workplace. My weapon was an old envelope opener. I looked at a bunch of papers with numbers and noticed a giant chart on the wall. “Hmm,” I thought about it. I walked into another part of the room and heard the door open. I jumped behind a wooden desk. A man walked across the room.

“I can see you. Come out. I don’t bite!” the man said.

I got up and walked over to the man.

“Oh! A new paper boy!”

I looked at myself and realized that I was wearing something that “Robin Hood” would wear, except white and brown.

“Hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Leon Battista Alberti, but I suspect you already know that,” Leon said.

“No. I don’t. Can you explain to me what all of these numbers and letters mean all over the room?”

“Well. The main thing that’s on the wall is the polyalphabetic cipher. I suppose-.”

“I’ve never heard of that.”

“Have you been living in a closet or what?!” Leon yelled surprised.

I came out of one. I didn’t get what was wrong with the place. I just about took the glasses off when a giant rumble occurred.

“Enough talking. We need to get out of here!” he yelled and we ran out of the workplace and felt the cool air. As soon as we got outside, I knew where we were: Italy. I realized that his name did sound Italian. I could see the Coliseum in the distance and it looked almost the same as in pictures, except it wasn’t as damaged. I had to say that I wasn’t from here, but would that be wrong? We walked down a bunch of dirt roads. There were warriors fighting way on the other side of the Coliseum. They all looked stressed out and some of them were falling over. The other “side” of the war was very put together and they were fighting like crazy. “That’s the Great War.”

The “great war”? Was this guy crazy? I’ve seen way worse wars. We kept walking and I couldn’t figure out where we were going. Leon had exited his workplace for nothing and now we were walking miles from it. “Where are we going?”

“We need to get out of this town. They’re here,” he said scared.

“Who?” I asked confused.

“The Evils. They time travel and-.”

“I’m a time traveler also and so are two of my friends. We’re the… the… Rescuers!” I triumphed as we walked. We were now officially heard of!

“Well, you can time travel out of here, because there’s nothing wrong with this place. Only that there is war going on and we should exit town. If I need your help, the year will light up. And for all the other years and places.”

“Oh, thanks!” That was so helpful! Now, all I had to do was tell Elizabeth and Jared. I took off the glasses.

I was standing in the room and only Elizabeth was looking at me. I guesses Jared went to another place in the future. “We’re the Rescuers!” I said joyfully.

“Let’s call that a day. I’m exhausted!” Elizabeth got up and left the room.

Chapter Thirteen
Future Kid

The Elegants

We turned the dials and disappeared.

I ended up in the middle of a field. Victor was nowhere in sight. I pressed the other button to see what it did and then I disappeared from the field.

“I know what the other button does! It sends me to you!” I said as soon as I saw him.

“Well, we’re in the future!” We walked past a bunch of colorful buildings and then we noticed an adult walking right up to us.

“Mom. Dad. Why do you look so young?” I was so surprised. This must’ve been our kid in the future! “Someone was here yesterday and they disappeared right after they pulled the fire alarm.” I frowned.
“Actually, we’re going to do the same after we’re done here.” I hugged the man and then he jumped back and looked frightened.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you remember us?” Victor said and then I realized that he was looking at something behind us. He ran off and then we slowly turned around. Now we knew what he was frightened about. There was a giant robot tripod. It had destroyed a bunch of metal structures behind it. It was starting to come toward us and we just ran.

The Evils

“I guess that was our first death.” We looked around and we were inside a stable. We were covered in horse poop!

“Agh! Gross!” Maggus said wiping a bunch of it off. I grabbed a shovel that was leaning against one of the walls. I started scooping it up and flinging it outside.
Tyron helped and then I heard someone say, “What have you done!?”

Chapter Fourteen

The Rescuers

The next day, I awoke to feel the same breeze as before. I ate a bagel and ran outside. There was construction across most of the road, but I ran past it. I ran down the small park and to the other side of it, and then turned the corner. Elizabeth and Jared were standing outside the door. “Why are you guys out here?”
“We were just waiting for our hero! I love the new name! The Rescuers!” Jared grinned.
“Thanks, but how did you know that? I never told you.”
“You must’ve said it pretty loud because you said it in the room,” Elizabeth said. We walked inside and into the room on the side. I didn’t feel like going myself, so I clicked the “Jared” button.

Jared was walking out of what looked like a beach resort. Everyone outside was relaxing, but there was something wrong here. Jared ran down a bunch of stairs and on to the beach. A bunch of people were sunbathing. The year must’ve been 2010. It didn’t look that much later than now. Jared seemed to be the only one who saw the Tsunami on its way. Was this Hawaii?
“Everyone! Exit the beach immediately! Go! Go!” Jared yelled. At least they heard him! All of the people got up quickly and ran. “There’s a Tsunami right in front of all of you!” Everyone started trying to unbury themselves in the sand and scramble to their feet. Even the people on the street were driving away, but some of them were in such a rush that they got into car crashes.
I don’t know if he saves this time and this place, or he totally killed it. He ran onto the road, but he was too late. The Tsunami came down hard and I almost felt like I was in it. After a long time, Jared floated to shore on a remote island. I noticed a submarine in the distance and it had picked up all the people and brought them to safety. Strange. I realized that he did save them, because if he wouldn’t have said that, they would still be blind. But I do think it’s quite ridiculous that they didn’t see the Tsunami. It was huge! I took off the glasses and looked at Jared. “Good job!”
“That Tsunami was really scary, but I survived!”
I wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t survived. I pressed the “Elizabeth” button and gasped.

She was climbing up a giant cliff. She had a bunch of scrapes, but other than that she looked gorgeous. She was wearing kind of a hip white business suit with black shorts and high heels. She got to the top and there was dead grass and shrubs. Was this some kind of trick of the eye? How could there be shrubs and grass at the top of a cliff?! Elizabeth took a mini gun out of one of her pockets and then she ran down a really curvy road and no one was outside. There were a bunch of black houses that all looked the same. She really stood out! Where was everyone? A car came zooming down and it almost hit her. She ran out of the way and fell into a shrub. This wasn’t exactly going well! The driver wasn’t even paying attention to the road and looking at their cell-phone.

“Hey! Pay attention to the road!” Elizabeth ran down the rest of the street and looked inside the windows. I could just see inside, babies were taking apart cell-phones and eating pieces. Everyone was spoiling their kids. Not only kids, babies! After that, a bunch more cars came zooming down the road, but this time Elizabeth saw them. She walked to the sidewalk and found a coffee shop. So Everyone had a cell-phone. And no one was paying attention to anyone. Elizabeth walked inside and everyone inside had a laptop even the workers. There was a giant line and no service. This was so ridiculous. An actually nice car that wasn’t zooming parked outside the coffee shop. The man that came out did not have a cell-phone or laptop. He had a giant smile and a box. A salesman. Everyone ran out the door. There were crowds and crowds of people and they all listened intently to what he was saying. The only person the listened to was a salesman. “STOP! See what you are doing?! You’re all buying cell-phones. Just stop! Listen to each other too! Would you think of doing that?! Follow my directions! You don’t know me because I am a Rescuer and I will help you. Go home and talk. Throw your old cell-phones away or sell them. This is urgent!” Elizabeth yelled. Everyone went home. I took off the glasses.

“Um. What year was that?!”

“2013,” Elizabeth looked scared.

Chapter Fifteen
Indoor Conflicts

The Evils

We ran and hid behind a pile of horse poop. To our relief, the man was talking to his wife.

“You cleaned it up, but why is there poop outside? Did you not let them come into the stables, ya hag?!” I guess we weren’t the only people that were having a hard time, but that was over with. The wife must’ve ran back into the house because I heard the door slam. It was about 1035. Older Middle Ages. We walked out of the stable after the man ran inside. We were going to go inside and poison and this time, we’re not going to need help.

When we entered the farmhouse, we could smell dirt. This house was trashed, but we had to trash it more. Maggus kicked a bottle of milk over and it smashed. I checked down the hallway to see where they were. They must’ve been in the cellar. Tyron walked back outside and knocked over a flower. Maggus knocked over a bunch of jugs and then we ran towards the cellar doors. They had no way out and that was nice. I led the way as we snuck down the stairs. “We’re here! You have no way out!” I said and then I noticed the room was empty. They knew we were here. The doors closed and locked.

“They’re clever, but there must be a way out.”

“This doesn’t usually happen.” I picked up some tools and tried to break the door open. It didn’t work. Tyron looked around and then noticed it was pitch-black. The people must’ve put a blanket on top of it. A blanket!

“We definitely need an army! This would be way easier if they were here,” I said accidentally running into a table. I don’t think there was a way of getting out!

Someone opened the door and we threw the poison at them. We walked out of the cellar door and looked at the suffocating people. Tyron took his foot out of a bucket that he had fallen into. Tyron followed us. “We’re back!” We toasted our potions and walked away with the blanket.

Chapter Sixteen
Elegante Autographs

The Elegants

Victor looked inside the basket and there were red bombs inside.

“Throw them!” I threw one at one of the tripods and victor threw one at a bunch of robots that were climbing up on top of each other. “How did the world become so much worse?” I asked jumping inside a random building.

“Whew! That was exhausting! This is so strange that robots would rule the earth.” Victor grabbed my hand and put an emerald ring on it.

“Thank you, but isn’t this a little bit random?”

“No. We had just-.” The tripod had broken through the building we were inside and more bombs appeared inside the basket. “I guess we get refills.” I looked at the ring.

“Victor. We can’t destroy this thing! I guess we aren’t as perfect as we thought we were. I’m going to turn my dial.”

“No, wait!” Victor threw a bomb and it hit the top of the tripod and then it started falling down on us.

I turned my dial and sat upright on a chair. I was looking down at the world. Victor was no where in sight and I couldn’t move my arms because they were tied to the chair.

The Evils

Tyron held up the blanket and opened it.

We were now in the future it looked like, but not that far. There were a bunch of trees and a small town. We were looking out of a window pretty high up from the ground. You could say we were in a skyscraper, but I didn’t get why there were trees all around. Tyron grabbed one of the cups that were sitting on the table. They were green glasses with a pink liquid.

“Okay. We should explore the area,” Tyron said stuffing the cups into a small bag. All of a sudden a scream occurred.

“What was that?! Did someone beat us to the spot again?! Aw! Imbeciles!” Maggus yelled. We walked out of the room and into a long hallway. There were many different ways to go.

“This is a very confusing place.” We walked down the hallway that went straight. Every door had a slightly different color and said “Dwelling” on it. We made our way around a lobby with a giant statue of a king. Tyron kicked one of the legs and the statue fell over. We walked for a really long time until we finally found an outdoor patio. It had a bunch of little shops connected to it.

The Elegants

I moved the chair around the room but it was hard. After a long time I finally broke free and bent down to turn the dial but then I heard a voice.

“I’m over here!” It was Victor, but he sounded far away. I walked toward the miniature town and then I saw a small version of him waving his hands on top of a high patio. “Come down here!”


“Touch the ground near me.” I leaned over and fell right in. I looked around and saw shops on the side of the patio. We walked over to a door that seemed to lead into a hotel but then we saw the Evils walking toward us. We ran inside one of the shops and to our surprise, it was named after us. Elegante. A bunch of people screamed and cheered.

“There they are! The Elegants!” I looked inside the basket and noticed there were gold pens and paper.

“I guess it’s autograph time!”

The Rescuers

We walked straight and found out we were in another beach resort. This one was completely different, however. There were a bunch of different buildings connected together and a bunch of patios. We walked into the lobby and looked around.

“I think I like the past better,” Elizabeth said after looking at all of the confusing maps.

“This place is confusing!” we laughed. It seemed like there were way too many people in the lobby that a bunch were chatting and sleeping. Were these the only employees? Jared ran up to the giant counter.

“Excuse me, but can we get a room?” An employee turned around and dropped his glass and it broke. “What?!”

There was something very wrong!

“Sir! You have violated a law! You used the R word!”

“Excuse me!” Elizabeth looked like she was about to smack the employee, but then a bunch of guards appeared in the doorway and we had no escape. I could hear Elizabeth screaming and Jared yelling something I couldn’t understand. And then everything went black.

The Elegants

“We admire you so much!” Someone said and they walked up to me. We wrote a bunch of autographs to people for a while.

The Rescuers

After a long time, I finally got up and I was in a jail cell. We were all in cells because Jared had asked a simple question and it was what people normally asked at hotels. I don’t think Jared or the employee were weird. It was the year that was weird. I could see Elizabeth and Jared in the two cells in front of me.

“So, have any ideas?” Jared asked hopelessly.

“…Yes! We never checked our weapons!” I said happily. I looked in my pockets and didn’t find anything. Then I saw something on the floor. It was a notebook. “My weapon’s a notebook. That’s useless!” Jared was holding a scissors.

“I guess it’s somewhat useful, but these aren’t exactly weapons. Elizabeth, what did you get?” Jared said trying to see the other side.

I was the only one who could see Elizabeth. She was sweating like crazy and I could see why. I could see a bunch of blood on the bottom of her dress. She had sat on a giant sword and her arm was bleeding. “Um. She has a weapon, but she’s bleeding badly… Jared?” What had happened? Jared just disappeared! Jared popped up in the hallway in between the cells and he unlocked ours. Jared and I helped Elizabeth up and we ran down the hallway. After a while, we stopped and sat down at a table on the closest patio. This was probably the nicest one it had about six tables with umbrellas. There was a little strip mall. There was also a restaurant and a bar. I hadn’t noticed before, but the confusing hotel was on a hill, even though it was already tall.

“What happened?!” Jared said confused.

“My weapon is this sword, and I sat on it,” she said kind of scared.

“What?!” Jared looked over and saw three people walked fast across the patio towards the bar.

“Let’s go on! Get the towel!” the woman in the group said sinisterly.

“No. We need to poison someone,” one of the men said and they went inside the bar.

“That was strange!” Elizabeth said.

“Those must be the evils! Elizabeth, are you all right with walking into that restaurant?” I asked.

“Sure. It’s just my arm.” We got up and walked inside the restaurant. It was a new restaurant called Elegante. I was guessing it was pretty fancy. We sat down at a table and noticed no one else was sitting inside.

“Where is everyone?”

“Over there. They’re all taking pictures of some people.” I turned and noticed a man and woman wearing fancy clothes and extremely shiny shoes.

The Evils

We hid behind a table and heard someone say something outside. There were people sitting at about every table. We could just replace someone’s drink. Maggus replaced a man’s drink right next to us and he fell to the ground. I looked over and noticed Maggus’s hair had a little bit of the poison in it.

“Maggus!” Tyron said.

“What?! This is what we’re supposed to do.” I grabbed a washcloth sitting on the table and wiped her hair. A bunch of people saw us and were coming straight at us. I quickly held up the washcloth and we disappeared into another year.

The Elegants

I bought some appetizers and ate while doing autographs. I noticed three people sitting at tables alone.

“Hello! Do you want an autograph?” I asked and then they walked over to us.

“We’re the Elegants: time travelers!”

The Rescuers

Wait. There’s another group of time travelers? Well, they’re perfect. Everyone adores them. Elizabeth had gotten an autograph and she looked at the golden ink.

“Elizabeth! We should support each other.” Jared yelled.

“I am.” Elizabeth grabbed Jared’s scissors and flipped it over. She cut it into some shape and then I saw what it was: an R. After that, she ripped off the back of the notebook and stuck the pieces of paper together. “Want an autograph? We’re the Rescuers: time travelers.” Elizabeth gave the R to the woman and they all signed their names.

“Well, sorry we mistaken you,” I could hear the woman say as we ran out of the restaurant. A bunch of alarms went off as soon as we got outside and I knew exactly what they were for: we had broken a law, so we should’ve still been in that jail. A loud noise occurred and it sounded like the blades on a helicopter and it was. A bunch of people started chasing us from all directions and the only way was straight and we had to grab the ladder. We all ran at full speed and jumped.
I was the only one who made it across.

Chapter Seventeen
Lost in the Future

I was so terrified. I had just lost my friends. I didn’t even know who was driving the helicopter! I slowly walked over to the driver seat and sat on the passenger seat. It was someone I’ve never seen before and that was what I was hoping. “Thank you so much for saving me like that!”

“No problem. Something usually goes wrong here.”

“But something terrible happened. My-.” I stopped myself because I was done here. I had to take off the glasses.

The Evils

This was great! We ended up inside a lighted closet. I grabbed a small rag and wiped the poison off Maggus. Tyron was looking around the closet for cups, but there weren’t any. I looked also and only saw cleaning supplies. I wondered where we were and what time period it was. Maggus got up and hit her head on the low ceiling. Tyron had peeked out a small slit in the door.

“It’s a small hallway,” Tyron said. I opened the door and we had to adjust to the bright lighting.

The Elegants

“Agh!” I was mad that they had torn it up and now my pen was out of ink. I looked inside and shook it up. I got squirted by the gold ink. “I guess it does work!” After everyone left Elegante, we turned our dials to some time in the past.

We ended up inside some kind of castle. There were a bunch of different corridors but we kept going straight. The corridor was very long and started getting smaller. Suddenly a door opened about at the end of the corridor and the Evils came out. We ran at them and then I heard a bunch of banging and then a door slam. A bunch of people came out of rooms and cheered.

“Hooray, Elegants! You saved us all!” I smiled at all the people. We walked outside. The meadow was beautiful. We were so happy that the Evils were gone or at least I was. I turned the dial and screamed.

The Rescuers

I threw them off and noticed it was pitch black in the room. I flipped on the light. I was so relived that Elizabeth and Jared were still sitting there, but there was no screaming. I ran over to both of them and took both of their glasses off. They fell over and I saw that their eyes never blinked.

I ran full speed out of the room and to the door. It wa

The author's comments:
I like to play the piano and write many things. The Gideon Trilogy inspired me to write this, but it is not like it at all, because the characters have complete control of where they go in time.

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