Darkness & Light

August 17, 2009
By Macaronii BRONZE, Exeter, California
Macaronii BRONZE, Exeter, California
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In the Beginning:
Before there was Darkness there was always Light, But the Light’s shadows created the Darkness.
At first they lived in peace, nothing seemed to be wrong, but like all times war would soon come. Light and Dark shared everything, land, power and equal hate for each other. The Darkness was being consumed with greed and no longer wanted to share power. Shortly war was declared and the fight was on.
It's been a brutal war, so many lost and both the leaders of Light and Dark were getting tired of it.
They met in secret and signed a treaty. The deal was Light would go back to the heavens, (in which they originally came from) and Darkness would stay on earth. of course not all the Light went back, some wanted to stay. The only problem was when the Dark leader dies one out of his three sons would take over. Both leaders knew the future and that night a prophecy was born.

"How could father betray us like this!" yelled a deep angry voice as he pounded his fist on a table. This was one of the Dark leader's sons. His name is Dwane, he is very built with broad shoulders, he has black hair in a thick braid. He also had an eye patch on his right eye. Out of the three sons he was the most ruthless and cold hearted.
"Sometimes he can be so...foolish" Dwane continued
"Dwane! Calm yourself" yelled the oldest son. His name was Itzal. He had a shaved peach fuzz head, and his right eye was bloodshot and the iris was white. As the eldest son he would rule after his father, he was the leader and just as cruel.
"Dwane just because you want to slaughter every last one of them, you don’t always get your way" snapped the youngest son. His name was Jett. He is very mature for his age but not as cruel as his other brothers. He has dark shaggy hair and a scar from the bottom of his face threw his right eye up to the end of his forehead.
Dwane rushed towards Jett and grabbed his neck and pushed him up against the wall.
"What did you say?" demanded Dwane
"You heard me, unless you want me to talk slower next time" Jett said smiling
Dwane's anger filled up at once. He snapped his fist ready for a punch.
"Brothers!!" yelled Itzal
Dwane stopped the punch in mid air.
"Please calm yourselves, I've come up with a plan"
"And what's that...world peace" snapped Dwane, sarcastically.
"the plan will only work if we get along and as soon as father is gone" explained Itzal
"Well that’s going to be a looong time, father is not going to give up that easy" said Jett
"That is true but that gives us time to rebuild, become stronger and let our children grow"

Dwane and Itzal are the only ones who had children. Dwane has a daughter named Mindy and Itzal has a son named Demyan. Demyan was eight years old at he time, while Mindy was six years old.

"So what is your plan" asked Jett
"Well the first thing we need to do is get rid of those brats that are destined to kill us"
"Ugh!! don't remind me" yelled Dwane.
"Don't worry brother, if we speed up fathers death the sooner we get rid of them and take control of the world Splitting it into three so we all can rule our own piece of land"
"Hmmmm I like it" said Dwane.
"As do I" agreed Jett.
"But one of those brats is one of us" Itzal added.
"Yes but it might turn out to be useful" Jett said with a smirk.
All three stood and smiled at each other. They grabbed glasses and filled it with wine.
"To father's death" and they all clicked their glasses together.

16 years later:

The sun was setting on a summer day, casting long shadows that seem to jump at you. In a forgotten field there was a little house that sat on a big concrete platform. On the platform you can see two figures fighting, and another watching every move. One figure was a boy, his name was Cole. He had golden hair and green eyes. Cole fought with a wide arm length sword. It was heavy but he held it with great strength. the other figure was a girl, her name was Lana. She had brown hair in a pony tail and chocolate brown eyes. she fought with twin swords that represented that two things can work together.
The sound of the swords clinking and clanking was only thing that can be heard. each time every hit and block got faster and faster.
"stop!" the figure said, stepping forward
This was Fang, he was chosen to raise and train Lana and Cole. He looks like a monk that wore an orange jump-suit.
Cole and Lana stopped and snapped into attention.
"good job guys" his voice completely changing
Cole and Lana just stood there and nodded.
"you are dismissed" Fang nodded and walked away to the little house.
As soon as the door shut Cole and Lana moved from the stiffness and exhaled a deep breath.
"now that was weird" said Cole
"yeah i was so looking forward to a long lecture" teased Lana
"so what do we do now"
"we can watch the sun set"
"all right, I rather watch it go down then up"
They walked to the end of the concrete platform and sat on the edge. The sun was like a giant peach slowly making its way to the bottom of a fruit basket.
Lana was becoming anxious, ready to burst.
"Cole!" she finally blurted out, Cole jumped a little as her voice broke the silence.
"Do you think of the Dark Leaders coming"
"I try not to. have you been thinking about them"
"yeah. a lot actually, I guess im just freaking out"
"Lana there’s nothing to worry about, we been training our whole lives. we got this"
"I know. it's just I have this feeling were not going to see each other for a long time"
"that will never happen. I see you every day. I think your just worrying too much"
"yeah your right. once this whole thing is over maybe I can relax"
They sat there just staring at the endless field.
Lana reached into her pocket and pulled out two necklaces.
Cole saw the sparkles from the corner of his eye. Lana handed him one of the necklaces. It was orbed shaped and crystal clear.
"can you promise me something?" asked Lana
"anything" replied Cole
"Promise me that whatever happens you'll always wear this and never forget me"
"Lana" Cole's voiced cracked
"I’m just saying. just in case"
"you're serious about this aren’t you"
"yeah" a tear escaped from her eye
Cole hated to see Lana sad. He put on the necklace.
"I Promise"
Lana looked up and smiled
"of course you have to promise too"
Lana put on her necklace. It was a dark stone.

As the night settled in and the little family went their separated ways to go to bed and rest. But not everyone was fast asleep. Cole was up just staring at the ceiling. He would stare for hours just thinking about who he is and why he had to be chosen to kill the Dark when he was Dark himself. Of course he didn’t look like it, with his blond hair and light colored eyes. He been staring at the emptiness for hours and he couldn’t take it anymore. He got up to talk to Fang. Cole walked quietly not to wake up anyone. He peaked in Lana's room, she was tossing and turning. Probably having another bad dream, Cole thought. When Cole got to Fang's room he wasn't there. "hmmm I wonder if he’s outside" Cole opened the front door and saw Fang just standing, looking up at the stars.
"Fang?" Cole said walking towards him.
"Cole you should be asleep"
"I couldn't sleep...and I wanted to talk to you"
Fang turned around and you can see the sadness in his eyes.
"of course my son" Fang put his hand on Cole's shoulder and led him to the edge of the concrete platform.
"now what is on your mind" asked Fang
Cole hesitated. trying to figure out how to say what’s on his mind.
"Am I supposed to be good"
Fang had a confused look on his face. "what do you mean?"
"I mean I was born from the dark and I’m destined to kill my own kind. And why me, why couldn’t I be born into Light. I would be considered good and not evil"
"Cole just because your born from the Dark doesn’t mean your evil. There are many people who are good in Darkness and Light and there are also evil and bad in Darkness and Light."
"but why do I have this guilt when I know the Dark Leaders are bad"
"well it seems that your having trouble finding yourself. you know what’s right but you have this guilt. You know you and Lana are very special. You two were made for each other, to balance and complete each other. Like Yin and Yang. without each other the balance is broken"
"so as long as im with Lana I’ll be alright?"
"yes but you cant always depend on her. you have to learn to except yourself. where you came from"
"so I have to except Darkness....what if I can't"
"I know you will but it takes time, you'll soon see how two things count on each other to survive"
"Thank you, father"
After that Cole and Fang went inside to go back to sleep. Lana was in her bed but she was tossing and turning, trying to escape from her nightmares.

Lana was in a forest. The sun was setting and the trees casted long scary shadows. soon the forest was covered in dark. No light in sight. Lana looked around trying to see anything but nothing was there. She heard something behind her. Lana turned around and saw three figures. "You should be afraid of us, but you should be more concerned about the future" Lana was confused on what one of the figures said. But they disappeared. Suddenly Lana saw a Light from the corner of her eye. She turned around, and in front of the light she could see Cole and Fang. She smiled and walked towards the light. but when she got there it wasn’t them. "To save the world you have to give up your being and everything you love" Lana was really confused now, she shook her head no and turned around. As soon as she did a Dark figure was there and in a blink of an eye Lana felt a pain and oozing of the blood that dripped out of
her body.

Lana woke up with a cold sweat and was breathing hard. "it was just a dream. Only a dream" She checked herself making sure she was ok. She exhaled a relief breath but something was different. there was no sun in her room, and it was clearly morning. Lana got up fast and ran outside. When she opened the door it was dark. The sky was full of stars. Lana's eye bugged out and fear took over her. She ran inside to wake up Cole.
"Cole!! Cole wake up!!" Lana shook him
"Lana its too early"
"Cole if you don't wake up there might not be another day to wake up to"
That caught Cole's attention.
"ok fine what’s wrong"
"look outside"
Cole sighed and looked out his window.
"ok nothing looks out of the ordinary"
"do you know what time of day it is?"
"of course, morn-" that’s when it struck Cole and he finally got what Lana was so worried.
"we better wake up Fang"
Cole and Lana ran to Fang's room but he wasn’t there.
"he’s probably downstairs" said Cole.
they went to the kitchen and opened the basement door. The room was dark but there was a few candles lit. Fang was sitting in front of the candles just staring.
"Fang?" asked Lana
"it is time for you two to face your fears and fulfill your destiny"

As it turned mid-day it was still dark with the night sky. Fang, Cole and Lana stood on the edge of the concrete platform. All three stared blankly ahead, waiting for the worst. Everyone was prepared for the fight. Fang would fight along also. With his staff. Cole held his sword with a strong grip. Lana had one of her swords in the sling behind her. The other she held.
Lana turned her head to Cole. He looked back and smiled. They both touched their necklaces. Remembering the promise. As the three stares at the endless field in front of them, they could see smoke.
The Three Dark leaders were coming. Fang, Cole and Lana could feel the earth vibrating. The Dark Leaders were traveling in tanks. There was five tanks total. As the tanks came closer to where you can see them, they all stopped. The middle tank began to open and three men stepped out. The Dark Leaders walked a little further close enough to see the other three but far enough to not get attacked. Both parties stared at each other for moment. There was so many emotions in the air.

“If you give up now, this could end peacefully”. It was Itzal. The eldest of the brothers.
Fang answered immediately.
“As long as evil wishes to rule over the good. We will never give up”
“Why don’t you let the children talk”.
Cole and Lana to a quick look at each other.
“We’re not kids!” yelled Cole.
The middle brother chuckled. This was Dwane. He spoke. “Oh I’m sure you’re not. You must be the Dark one”
“What if I am” Cole answered back.
“You should join us”
“I’d rather not”
The youngest brother, Jett finally spoke. “What about you, girl”
Lana grabbed her other sword from behind her and went into a fight stance.
“Not in a lifetime” she answered.
The three brothers laughed.
“So it’s going to be like that. So be it!”
Itzal then threw dark energy on the ground towards Fang, Cole and Lana. The blast separated the three. The dark energy also turned their surroundings pitch black. It made it hard to see anything.

Fang was on the ground. He got up quickly and listened for any movement. Fang heard a step behind him. He swung his staff and hit something. It was Itzal. Itzal swung his sword viciously at Fang. But Fang had speed with him. He easily blocked every hit. Itzal kept swinging and each impact affected Fang. Fang then swirled his staff and it hit Itzal in his face. Itzal stumbled back. That bought Fang a few moments to recuperate.

When the blast hit Cole immediately jumped out of the way before it could damage him. Cole stood in the darkness and waited for any attack. As much as he wanted to focus, Cole couldn’t. He has never been exposed to darkness and it was affecting him greatly. Suddenly a sword sliced threw the dark. It barley missed Cole by a hair. Cole jumped and swung at the person. It was Dwane. Both swung at each other. Cole was very aggressive and Dwane noticed.
“Looks like the Darkness is getting to you” yelled Dwane, between swings.
Cole blocked the swings and slashed Dwane on the arm.
Dwane didn’t look surprised, he simply stepped back and hurled a hard blow to Cole. Cole got up quickly. He let the Darkness inside him do the fighting.

Lana had her two swords up. “Are you scared of the dark?” a voice said behind her. Lana turned around quickly and saw a sword being lunged at her. It was Jett controlling the sword. The same sword kept coming and coming. Lana used both her swords to block each hit.
“Why don’t you just give up? Light will never over power Darkness” yelled Jett.
“Darkness and Light are supposed to balance each other” Lana managed to shout back.
Jett laughed and swung at Lana. Lana titled her swords to an ‘X’ and blocked the hit. Jett was putting all his weight into his sword. Lana was shaking from holding the two swords. She then used all her might and pushed Jett. He flew back and disappeared in the darkness. Lana looked around quickly. Her breathing wasn’t normal and her heart was jumping out of her chest. Lana then calmed down to a point where her heart rate was normal. Jett still hasn’t appeared. Lana turned around and at that moment Jett pierced his sword into Lana’s side. Lana felt the pain and the blood dripping. She even felt the exact moment when Jett pulled it out. Lana let out a scream of pain. Jett smiled at his success and disappeared into the darkness. Lana fell to her knees. She ignored the sticky red ooze and held her side, hoping it would stop bleeding. As Lana was about to black out she pictured Cole and Fang. She then fell to the ground, surrounded by darkness and no one knowing what had happen.

Cole and Fang were still fighting not knowing what happen to Lana or what was going on with each other. Cole was still fighting against Dwane. Both were possessed with their anger and personally hate for each other. Suddenly there was a high pitched sound that traveled threw the air. It was a whistle. Cole and Dwane stopped fighting at the same time. Dwane knew what this meant. He then left with out a word.
“Hey! Come back! I’m not finished with you!” yelled Cole.
Cole was full of rage that seemed to come out of no where. “Cole!” it was Fang. Cole looked back where Dwane disappeared and back to where Fang’s voice came from. He cussed under his breath he turned to go find Fang.
Minutes later Cole found Fang on the ground.
“You okay?’’ asked Cole reaching out his hand.
Fang grabbed it and got up. “Where’s Lana?”
Cole’s rage and anger seemed to disappear when Fang said Lana’s name.
“I…I don’t know”
Out of no where something jumped on Cole’s back. Cole quickly got swung his sword at it. The Dark Leaders released creatures that looked like mutated dogs. The dogs have been exposed to high amounts of darkness. It made them bigger, stronger and more dangerous.
“What was that!?” yelled Cole.
“I don’t know, but we have to find Lana”
More and more creatures started to come. Cole and Fang fought them off and tried to move on. There was so many they were forced to stay in that one spot.

Lana was still alone in the darkness. She was just mumbling words not even knowing what she was saying. Lana didn’t know whether to welcome death or try to fight back.

To save yourself and the one’s you love. You have to give up your being.

Lana heard that before but still didn’t know what it meant. She kept hearing that phrase over and over in the same voice. The voice was female so it was new to her. Lana’s eyes began to get heavy. She wanted to close them, but Lana couldn’t just leave. Without saying goodbye. As Lana was about to close her eyes, she saw a light. It was small at first but it was getting closer to the point Lana had to close her eyes.

Cole and Fang were still occupied with the dark creatures. Then a beam of light shot down from the sky to the ground. Cole and Fang looked with amazement but the creatures were distracting them. Still looking and fighting at the same time. They notice the light was raising a body. Cole looked closely. “It’s Lana!”
Fang stopped for a moment and looked.
Lana’s body was hovering in mid-air. Her eyes were closed and her body was limp. The light disappeared but Lana still stayed in the same spot. Lana began to straighten up her body and opened her eyes. Her eyes were glowing. Lana waved her arm and light rose from the ground. It grew and created a wave of light that made the darkness disappear, along with the creatures. The creatures that surrounded Cole and Fang disappeared, they looked up at Lana. Cole started to run towards her but Fang stopped him.

The Dark Leaders couldn’t believe their eyes. Their plan was stopped but they would soon go to plan B. A dozen men from each tank came running out. They all lined up ready for the order. “Fire!” yelled Itzal. The small army fired arrows towards Lana. As the arrows came closer to Lana they all stopped in midair and fell to the ground. Lana moved her body towards the Dark Leaders. She moved her arm in front of and lifted her hand. One by one the tanks flew into the air and were destroyed. The blast killed almost the whole army but the Dark Leaders and the rest of the survivors were making a run for it. Lana then stuck her hand out and sharp light blades appeared. She threw them and each blade struck in the back. The Dark Leaders fell to the ground and slowly died.

Lana’s eyes turned to normal and she began to float back down. Cole and Fang were motionless. As soon as they seen Lana coming back down they snapped out of it and ran towards her. When they got to Lana, Cole caught her body and slowly brought her to the ground. Still holding Lana, Cole could see the blood on her side. Cole couldn’t speak or do anything he just held Lana’s lifeless body. Fang came closer to Lana and touched her arm. “Lana. Lana can you hear me?”. she didn’t respond. A tear then rolled down Cole’s face and fell onto Lana. Lana then moved a little, her eyes slowly opened. They stayed half closed. “Lana!” Cole gasped. “Everything is going to be okay”. She moved her eyes to look at Fang. Lana then looked at Cole. Both were staring into each other’s eyes. Lana lifted her weak hand and grabbed Cole’s hand. She put all her strength into it and held it tight. “Don’t forget” was the last thing Lana said. The same light appeared again and shone on Lana. When the light disappeared so did Lana. Cole fell to the ground and started to lose it. He looked up to the sky but nothing was there. Cole looked at his hand and he could still feel Lana’s grip.

Lana fluttered her eyes open. She awoke to a bright room filled with sunlight laying on a bed. “Where am I?”. Lana sat up and noticed something. The pain she felt from her wound was gone. Lana lifted the side of her blood stained shirt. All that was left was a scar that disappeared before her eyes. Weird. she thought. Lana got off the bed she was on and walked to a window to look outside. Outside was beautiful. Lana could see a path leading to a white building. Along the path were trees that grew brightly colored fruit. Sparkles seemed to shine in the air. On the ground next to the path were clouds. Clouds took up most of the space but paths were built to walk on. Lana then noticed a figure standing next to one of the trees outside. She walked towards the door and walked outside. Lana inhaled the fresh air. It was so pure and sweet scents filled the air. As she walked down the path closer to the figure, she noticed it was girl. She wore a white robe and had very light blonde hair. As Lana approached her she turned around.
“Hello, Lana” She said.
Lana was stunned by her beauty, she seemed to glow.
“You know my name?”
“Of course. I know a lot about you”
Lana looked around with a confused look on her face.
“Where I am? And who are you?”
“My name is Sade. Now follow me and I’ll explain everything”

Sade smiled gently and walked slowly away. Lana followed behind. They stopped at the building that Lana saw when she first looked outside. It turned out it was a house. It had gold trimming and little flowers sprouted next to the walk-way. Inside it had a feeling that warms your heart. They walked to a kitchen area and sat down.
“Do you have any questions?” asked Sade.
“Am I dead?” Lana asked.
“Well, no. When someone dies their body stays on earth while their soul come up to heaven. Right now your body and soul are together”
“Then why am I here?”
“You and Cole have to be separated for a while. So both of you can learn about where you came from. And to learn the powers you have deep inside you”
“But we never been separated before”
“I know it’s a test to see if you two can survive without depending on each other. You’ll be reunited again”
“When will I see him again?”
Sade hesitated a little. “A year” she finally answered.
“A year!” Lana shouted. She put her head down and tears began flowing.
“Lana I know it’s hard, but you’ll learn so much here”
“What about Cole?”
“I’m sure he’ll be fine”
Lana picked her head up and wiped away her tears.
“I hope you’re right”
“There’s always hope here” Sade smiled.
“Sade. Can I ask you something?”
“Of course”
“Are you an Angel?”

As the year went by Lana never forgot Cole and Fang. She would replay one of her favorite memories in her mind over and over.

One night when Cole and Lana were little, Fang wanted to take them out to catch fireflies. Cole immediately ran after the fireflies, failing to catch them. Lana stayed behind Fang’s leg. Fang looked down at Lana.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’m scared”
“Of what?”
“The Dark”
Fang knelt down so he could meet face to face with Lana.
“Lana there’s nothing to be scared of. There’s always light in darkness. And those little fireflies will protect you.”

The year was finally up and Lana could finally go home. She was excited but sad at the same time. Her and Sade became such good friends. Lana never had any other friends besides Cole. And it was hard for her to talk to Cole about girly stuff.
“I’m going to miss you” said Lana.
“I’m going to miss you too. But just remember I’ll be looking after you”
“Thanks, it’s nice to know someone will be watching over me”
Sade smiled. “I have something for you”
Sade nodded and went inside the house. She came back with two swords. The handles were pearl with black stripes. Sade handed them to Lana.
“Wow! They’re great!”
“It’s the least we can do. Since we can’t find your old ones”
“Someone made them of course” Sade pointed to the giant castle with golden gates behind her.
“Oh! Well tell him I’m very grateful for them”
“I’ll make sure to pass the message”
“Well I guess I’ll be going now”
“Lana. Could I ask you a favor”
“Yes. You’ve done so much for me. It’s the least I could do”
“Went you get back. Can you visit me?”
“Of course I will”
Lana walked up to Sade and gave her a hug. Lana then stepped back and put her swords in their nice customized sling behind her. She closed her eyes.

When Lana opened her eyes she was home. But it didn’t look like home. The day was cloudy and the little house she remembered looked abandoned. Lana’s happiness and excitement quickly melted away and turned to sadness. Lana walked closer to the house. As she was to reach for the door she noticed it was off it’s hinges. Lana didn’t even want to go inside. It would be to sad. Lana walked to the middle of the concrete platform. She stared at the field in front of her remembering what had happen a year ago. “What am I going to do now?” Lana said to herself. Lana then looked to the north where the forest was. If you go threw the forest you’ll eventually come to a village. Maybe they’ moved and they’re in the village. Lana decided that will be the place she’ll look.

As Lana reached the entryway to the forest she stopped before going in. most of the bad dreams she had, took place in this forest. Lana took a deep breath and stepped in. The forest wasn’t that bad. It was dark but she seen worst. As Lana walked she ignored the fears and only thought of where to look for Lana first. Lana was coming close to the exit of the forest when she saw a dark figure. It was a man dressed in black. His face was covered with a mask.
“Hello?” Lana said looking at the masked stranger with curiosity. But he just stared on, saying nothing. Lana didn’t know what to do. She should try to talk to him or go around.
“Ok well I’m going to leave now”
Lana started to walk but the stranger got in her way.
“That’s not a good idea” he said.
“Why are you trying to stop me?” asked Lana.
“I’m trying to save you”
That surprised Lana. She got a little closer to the masked stranger and looked into his eyes. To her disappointment, he had black eyes.
“Were you expecting someone else?”
“Yeah” Lana said with a sigh.
“I can take you to see Fang”
Lana looked up at him with a surprised look.
“How did you know?”
“I followed you from the house”
“My name is D.C.” he stuck his hand out. Lana reached for it. As their hands touched something sparked between them. They both felt it.
“I’m Lana”

D.C. and Lana sat near the exit of the forest. D.C. explained to Lana how things changed while she was gone. Everyone thought evil wouldn’t rule after the death of the Dark Leaders. But like father like son. Itzal’s son Demyan and Dwane’s daughter Mindy soon came into power. They would rule with complete power, control and no pity towards anyone. D.C. told Lana that Cole and Fang were ambushed and captured.

“Is Cole with Fang?” asked Lana
“Do you know where he is?”
“No. but if you want to see Fang, we better leave now”
“Where is he?”
D.C. pointed towards the east. Lana looked and saw a huge castle. It was black with jagged rooftops and fences.
“Yeah, and don’t expect him to be treated like royalty. He’s locked up in the dungeon”
“He’s a prisoner!?”
“Sure is”
Lana got up fast. “Then let’s go already!”
“Hey wait! We cant go yet. I have to tell you the plan”
“A plan?”
“Yes, a plan. You can’t walk in like nothing”
Lana sighed. “What is your plan?”
D.C. just laughed and smiled threw his mask.

“I changed my mind. I don’t like this plan anymore” Lana complained.
D.C. was behind Lana handcuffing her.
“Don’t be a baby. You’ll be fine. Everyone will think I’m going to throw you in a jail cell”
“Ok. For some reason I trust you”

D.C. and Lana started walking towards the gloomy castle. As they got closer the castle looked frightening. Instead of entering threw the big gates in front they went to the side. D.C. pushed Lana. “Hey watch it!” she yelled.
D.C. laughed a little. “Just playing the part”.
There was only one guard at the side of the castle.

“Hey D.C. what’s up!” yelled the guard as D.C. and Lana approached.
“Aw nothing much. Just got another one”
“Man that’s your third this week”
“Heh, well someone has to do the job”
“So what did she do?”
“Uh, you know the same thing everyone does”
“Hey what’s that behind her?”
“Oh, I guess her swords”
“Do you want me to hold them for you, she might brake free and slice your head off”
“Yeah sure” D.C. pulled Lana’s sling off and handed her swords to the guard.
“Oh these are nice”
“Hey I caught her so I get to keep them”
“Awwww ok but next time I call it”
“Ha-ha ok”
The guard opened the door and D.C. pushed Lana inside. Once the door shut D.C. unlocked the handcuffs. When Lana was free, she was mad.
“Are you crazy! You gave him my swords!”
“Don’t worry. I’ll get them back and put them somewhere safe”
“Ugh! You better”
D.C. rolled his eyes. “Follow me so you can see Fang”
They turned to the right and walked a little ways. They turned left to a new hall. Left and right were jail cells. Almost all of them filled up. At the end of the hall was a door. D.C. and Lana walked down the hall ignoring the yells and screams from the prisoners. When they got to the door D.C. unlocked it.
“He’s in here”
“Thank you, D.C.”
“I’ll come back for you later”
Lana nodded and stepped inside. D.C. closed the door, locked it and left.

When the door shut Lana was surrounded in the darkness. It was hard to see anything. Lana put her hand in a fist. When she opened it an orb of light appeared. The orb then floated to the ceiling, lighting the whole room. Lana could see now. She walked down some stairs that spiraled against a wall. When Lana reached the bottom of the staircase, she could see a cot against a wall. Someone was on the cot. It was Fang he was laying on his side, his back against Lana. The orb of lit the whole room but Fang didn’t seem to notice. Lana approached Fang.

“Fang?” Lana said softly.
Fang’s eyebrow went up with wonder. He turned around slowly and sat up,
“Lana!?” he said in a weak voice.
When Lana saw Fang she could barely recognize him. His once handsome face was drained. Fang was now skin and bones.
“It’s me”
Fang tried to get up but Lana had to help him. Holding him up Lana gave him a gentle hug. Fang wrapped his weak arms around her. Tears began to flow.
“Where have you been?” asked Fang
“If I told you. You wouldn’t believe me”
They let go but Lana still held Fang’s arms.
“It doesn’t matter. Your back now. Everything will be okay”
“Fang I have to get you out of here”
Fang then sighed and sat down on the cot.
“Lana I can’t. I’m too weak and in no shape”
Lana turned her head away. Then she remembered something.
“Where’s Cole!?”
Fang’s face sadden.
“I don’t know. If he’s alive, he should be in this castle somewhere”
“I have to find him”
“Lana that might be a problem, he’s fallen into darkness. Demyan and Mindy have been controlling him”
“But I have to try”
Then Fang noticed something.
“Where are your swords?”
“Umm. About that. It’s a long story”
Fang’s father instincts came in. He gave that disappointed look.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get them. Then somehow I’ll think of a way to get you out of here”
Fang sighed. “Just be careful. It’s dangerous here”
“I will” Lana gave Fang another hug and walked up the stairs.

When Lana reached the top of the stairs to open the door it was locked.
“He locked it!” Lana let out a big sigh.
She then stepped back. Lana then cupped her hands and a bigger orb of light started to appear. She shot the light energy at the metal door. The door flew back. The blast was silent but the metal hitting the floor was loud. As Lana was walking down the hall where the jail cells were. She stopped and actually looked inside one of the cells. Inside was a mother with three children. When the mother looked up at Lana, you could see her tragic story in her eyes. Lana walked closer.
“I will save you”
The mother shook her head.
“You’ll get killed”
“I rather save lives, then save mine”
Lana then stepped back and stood in the middle of the hall.
“Does anybody know their way around this castle”
It was silent for a moment. Then a little voice spoke.
“I do!”
Lana looked around and saw a little arm sticking out of one of the cells. She ran towards the cell and looked inside. The little voice that spoke was just a little girl. She was maybe ten years old.
“I use to be a maid here” she said as Lana approached.
Lana felt so sad when she saw her.
“What’s your name?” asked Lana
“Ayrika” she answered
“Ayrika, did u know that guy who brought me in here?”
“Yeah, that was D.C.”
“Right! Do you know where I can find him?”
Ayrika thought for a moment.
“I remember his room is on the fourth floor. When you get there it’s the second door to the right”
“Thanks! And I’ll think of a way to get all of guys out of here”
Lana then looked at the other prisoners and ran out.

As she ran down the hall she knew she couldn’t exit, where she came in. Lana stopped and thought for a moment. She looked straight ahead where the wall ended. Lana walked closer and it wasn’t a dead end. It turned to the right. When she looked there was a door. It was lead inside. Lana thought. She put her ear against the door. Lana listened and heard nothing. She opened the door quietly and peeked out. Inside the castle gave you a haunted feeling. It was empty and quiet. Lana shut that door quietly. She turned to her right and saw stairs. Lana ran up the stairs and down a hall. At the end of each hall were new stairs to climb.

When Lana finally got to the fourth floor she was exhausted. Lana took a quick breather and walked down the hall. She passed one door, next it was D.C.’s room. She listened for any movement inside. Lana didn’t hear anything, so she opened the door. When she got inside she immediately saw her swords. The room was simple. Just a bed against the wall and a dresser. Lana’s swords were against the wall the dresser. As she was walking to get her swords something caught her eye. A necklace was hanging by the dresser. Lana picked it up and looked closely at it. It was the necklace she gave to Cole. Then Lana her the door shut behind her. She jumped and turn to see who it was. It was D.C.
“Uh. I…I needed to get my swords” Lana explained
D.C. stood there and looked away from Lana. He then pealed away his mask. When the mask was completely off his eyes went from coal black to a deep green. When Lana saw D.C.’s face revealed she wanted to cry.

Cole walked up to Lana and embraced her. Lana wrapped her arms around him tight.
“I thought you were dead” Cole said with a sob.
“It felt like it”
“I missed you so much”
They pulled away to look at each other. Cole put his hand on Lana’s face and wiped away one of her tears.
“I missed you too”
Outside it began to rain. That might not sound like a big deal, but it hasn’t rain in over a year. Inside Cole grabbed his mask and stared at it. He made a fist and use his new dark powers to make the mask vanish. Cole then turned to his dresser and put on the necklace Lana gave him.

“Cole what are we going to do?” asked Lana.
“I don’t know Lana. You have no idea what we’re up against”
“Cole what happen to you? How did all this happen?”

Cole sighed and went to sit on the bed. Lana joined him. Cole grabbed Lana’s hand and began to tell his story.
“Fang told me once that you and I were made for each other and we balance each other. When you disappeared out of my arms. It felt like a part of my heart was ripped out. A couple days later Fang and I got ambushed and captured. Demyan and Mindy used their Dark powers to transform this castle into a prison. As we got to this castle me and Fang got separated. That was the last time I saw him. Demyan and Mindy wanted to see me. They saw how broken up I was and took advantage of that. They filled that empty hole in my heart with Darkness, I was now under their control. The first two months I don’t remember well. All I know is that they controlled every move I made. But one night while I lay in bed, I thought of you for the first time. I don’t know how I managed to, but I did. That one thought of you cleared away the Darkness. I was no longer under Demyan’s and Mindy’s control. I could of escaped, but where would I go? And I didn’t want Demyan and Mindy to find out. So that night I became D.C. When morning came, the name Cole was forgotten. It was like it never existed. I did visit Fang, but as D.C. never as Cole. I didn’t want him to be ashamed of me”

Lana looked down.
“I didn’t know. It seems like this whole thing is my fault”
“No Lana it’s not. It’s just destiny”
Lana turned back to face Cole.
“And it’s destiny that we’re together again” Lana thought and something came to her. “And destiny to defeat the Dark Leaders”
“Lana we did, remember?”
“Yeah, but not the new ones. Cole our destiny was never fulfilled. But now we have another chance”
“Our last chance”

The fifth floor is where Demyan and Mindy spent most of their time. Demyan was looking out a window that took up the whole wall. He glared outside, looking at the rain as it came down. Demyan was about twenty four heading to twenty five. He looked nothing like his father Itzal. Demyan was a tall built man. He had his hair in corn-rolls and a stone like face. In the center of the room was a giant stone container. Inside was filled with Dark energy. Mindy then came into room. Mindy looked and had many traits of her father Dwane. She had long black hair and her face seemed to be in a permanent glare. Mindy was twenty two years old.
“Look I don’t want to talk” Demyan said as he heard Mindy’s footsteps behind him.
“Because you knew I was right, but you never listen to me” snapped Mindy.
“I don’t want to talk about it because you need to learn how to respect me. Do you know who your talking to”
“Yes. My cousin who betrayed me”
Demyan turned to face Mindy.
“No your looking at the new Dark Leader” he growled.
“I was supposed to be the ruler as well”
“Supposed to. But things change”
“Well I’m sure you can take care of Cole and that girl then”
“Yes I can, and when they’re dead. You could bury their graves”
Mindy glared at Demyan and left the room. Demyan just laughed and went back to stare out at the rain.

Cole and Lana prepared themselves to face Demyan and Mindy. Lana got her swords and put them in the sling and swung it around her. Cole got something from under his bed. It was long and wrapped in cloth. He unwrapped it to reveal his old sword. Lana walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder.
“You ready to end this?” asked Lana.
“As long as your with me”

Cole and Lana ran up to the fifth floor. When they reached the door to enter, Cole kicked it in.
“You know a knock would have been appropriate” said Demyan, still looking outside. His back towards Cole and Lana. Cole and Lana didn’t say anything. They stayed back and pulled out their swords. Demyan then turned to face them. He walked towards them but stood in front of the giant stone container. That was the only thing that separated them,

“Where’s Mindy?” yelled Cole.
“Doesn’t matter. She has no authority here” Demyan answered back.
“I thought both of you were the Dark Leaders?”
“That was then, but things change. She knew I was rightfully the Dark Leader”

Suddenly a black cloud appeared behind Demyan. Before he could react Mindy stabbed a sword in his back. She pushed the sword harder and it came threw his chest. Mindy held the sword and that was the only thing that kept Demyan’s dead weight up. Mindy then twisted the sword around. “You’re right, things do change” she said ginning pulling the sword out. Demyan’s body fell to the ground. He died with his eyes open and blood soon to come out his mouth.
“Don’t you hate when that happens” said Mindy, looking at the blood stained sword. She then threw it to the ground. “I hate doing the dirty work. But someone has to do it. Right Cole?” Mindy continued.
Cole’s face turned hot.
“I never killed anyone!” Cole snapped back.
“Oh of course not. But you were an excellent delivery boy” Mindy said with a grin.
Cole wanted to charge at her, but Lana held him back.
“Don’t listen to her. She’s trying to use your anger against you” Lana said. Cole exhaled and stood closer to Lana.
“And you must be little miss sunshine, who wiped out half my family” Mindy said.
Lana didn’t answer back. She just stared ready in case Mindy attacked.
“It doesn’t matter. They died because they were weak. Demyan thought he was strong, but he failed like his father” Mindy continued.

Mindy then jumped into the stone container filled with Dark energy. Cole and Lana tried to stop her, but it was too late.
“Cole why did she do that?” asked Lana.
“Oh you’ll see and it isn’t pretty”
Almost a minute went by and no sign of Mindy. Cole and Lana stood nearby, ready for the worst. The room started to shake and a reptile like hand gripped onto the stone container. Then a tail appeared and soon the whole body came out. Mindy was transformed into a serpent. She stretched out her neck to the ceiling. Mindy then curled her snake-like body to bend her head down to Cole and Lana. Her giant eyes glared at Cole and Lana. Mindy let out a growl that echoed the whole room. She then turned her body and jumped out of the window.
“Whoa!” yelled Lana.
“Told you it wasn’t pretty”

Cole and Lana ran to the broken window. They looked out into the rain and saw Mindy slithering away to a disserted land not to far from the castle.

“How are we going to catch up to her?” asked Lana
Cole thought for a moment.
“Hey! I’ll show you a trick I learned”
Cole grabbed Lana’s hand. Black smoke appeared and covered Cole and Lana. As the smoke disappeared they could see Mindy charging at them. She stopped in her tracks. Even as a serpent, you could see the human features that showed her anger.
Cole pointed his sword at Mindy. “It ends now!”
Mindy let out a roar that sound like thunder. She then jumped over Cole and Lana and swung her tail as she landed. Cole and Lana ducked and barley missed having the air knocked out of them. They ran towards Mindy throwing Light and Dark energy orbs at her. It dazed Mindy for a moment but she quickly regained. Mindy’s giant hand came crashing down towards Lana. Cole ran and pushed her out of the way. Cole held Mindy’s giant hand with all his strength. If he let go, Mindy would crush him. Lana then threw a Light orb into Mindy’s face. Mindy let out a roar and lifted her giant hand away from Cole. Cole quickly ran towards Lana. Mindy was scratching her face, trying to get the Light off.

“You okay?” asked Lana
“Yeah. What about you?”
“I’m Okay”

They both stood at a distance watching Mindy struggling. Finally she got the Light off. Around her face was burnt. Mindy snapped her head to Cole and Lana. As she came running Cole and Lana tried to swing and try to at least weaken her. Instead Mindy’s tail bashed them to the ground. They lay on the ground losing consciousness.

Mindy approached Cole and Lana. Smelling their bodies to see if they’re really dead. A growl bellowed in her belly. Mindy opened her mouth revealing many sharp teeth. As she was moving closer to Cole and Lana a beam of Light shot down from the sky. When the Light hit Mindy she let out a cry of pain and moved back. Cole and Lana coughed up the water and opened their eyes. The Light seemed to heal them and it was like a shield. It blocked out the rain and dried them up quickly.
Cole and Lana sat up and helped each other up.
“Where did this come from?” asked Cole
Lana looked up at the sky and smiled.
“It’s Sade”
“Who?” asked Cole.
“I’ll tell you later. We got to focus right now”
Cole nodded.

Mindy was pacing around Cole and Lana like a caged animal in the rain. She swung her giant hand into the Light but it burned her. Cole and Lana noticed this.
“The Light burns her” said Lana
“The Light will probably make all the Darkness disappear. Can you control it?”
“I don’t know. I’ll need some help”
“Me? I cant help you. I’m from the Dark”
“Cole that doesn’t matter. Remember we balance each other out. We hold half each other’s power”
Cole looked up at Lana. “You’re right”
Lana grabbed Cole’s hand and they closed their eyes.
Mindy was still pacing around. She let out a hiss or two and was becoming very impatient.

A swirl of wind started to build up around Cole and Lana. The Light that was around Cole and Lana began to stretch out. As it was becoming bigger, Mindy’s reptile face became alarmed. She slithered around the Light and began running back towards the castle. The Light was catching up to Mindy. As it reached her she yelped out a roar of pain. The Light now covered her whole body. Mindy kept on running but was forced to stop. She began to shriek with pain. Mindy’s scaly skin was being burned off. Mindy’s skin bubbling and was shriveling till it turned to dust.

The Light traveled quickly. When it reached the village, everything was transformed. The gloomy color and depressing mood changed. The castle transformed too. The dark colors that consumed the castle changed to a brilliant brick color. Dark red was the main color of the castle with gold trimming. The Light also made the rain and clouds disappear. The sun’s golden rays spilled down for the first time in over a year. Everything was coming alive again.

When the light reached the entire world and all the evil Darkness disappeared. Cole and Lana’s destiny was finally fulfilled. The wind that swirled around Cole and Lana died down and disappeared. They opened their eyes to a new world. They let go of their hands to rub their eyes. The sun was shining brightly and Cole and Lana weren’t use to the light. Cole blinked and a huge smile stretch out on his face. He turned to Lana and gave her a big bear hug.

“We did it!! We did it!!” Cole chanted swirling Lana around in a hug. He let go of her breath so she can breath. Lana looked into Cole’s eyes. “Together”
Cole put his hands on Lana’s neck and moved them to her face. He looked deep into her eyes. “I never want to be apart from you”
Lana looked in his green eyes. The sun made his golden hair look like a halo. Her heart skipped a couple beats.
Cole moved his face to Lana. Lana didn’t move, just excepted it. Slowly their lips touched. It was a gentle kiss. Their first kiss. A kiss that bound them together.

Hand in hand Cole and Lana walked to the castle. Each step they took the dry earth sprouted grass and seedlings made their way in. As they reached the castle, vines were growing along the walls. Cole and Lana went to the side door to go to the jail cells. The guard was standing by the entrance. The guard didn’t seem alarmed.
“You are Cole and Lana?” the guard asked.
Cole and Lana were confused and cocked their head to the side.
“Yes. We are” Cole finally said.
The guard then bowed to them. Cole and Lana were really confused now.
“Thank you for defeating The Dark Leaders” the guard said.
“You don’t have to thank us, it was something we had to do” Lana said.
The guard stood straight up. “This means a great deal. Demyan and Mindy had control over everything. If no one would listen to them. They were killed immediately.”
“So they controlled everyone, not just me?” Cole asked.
The guard shook his head yes. “Everything is back to normal now. And you two to take the throne”
Cole and Lana’s eye’s bugged out.
“What!! We can’t” Lana blurted out. “Yeah. No way!” Cole agreed.
The guard let out a chuckle. “How about we let the prisoners out”
He walked to towards the door and opened it.

Lana walked to the door but Cole just stood in one Place. Lana turned around and was concerned.
“What’s wrong?” asked Lana.
“I don’t know if I can face Fang” Cole confessed.
Lana put her hand on his shoulder. “Why? You didn’t do anything”
“Lana I betrayed him. I let him down. I just let him rot in that dungeon and didn’t even try to help”
Lana moved Cole’s face so he can look at her.
“Cole you didn’t betray him. You just wanted to protect him”
“What if he doesn’t forgive me?”
“He will. He really misses you”
“I miss him too”

The guard, Cole and Lana walked down the hall to the jail cells. Lana used her Light orb and formed them into little Light blades. She threw them and each blade cut the lock off the cell. As all the former prisoners walked out to freedom, they thanked Cole and Lana. Ayrika walked up to Lana and gave her a hug.
“Thanks” Ayrika said.
“No, thank you. I couldn’t of did anything without your help”
Ayrika smiled and walked out to freedom.
The cells were empty, except one.
“I’ll let you two get the last one out” the guard said.
Lana nodded and the guard left.
“Lana. Is it okay if I go alone” asked Cole
“Of course” Lana gave Cole a quick hug.
Cole looked at Lana for confidence and turned to go see Fang.

Cole walked down the spiral stairs quietly. Fang was sitting on the edge of the cot looking down. Eyes closed. When Cole reached the bottom of the staircase, Fang looked up. It was silent. Cole walked to Fang and went to his knees. Cole started sobbing.
“Fang. I’m, I’m sorry”
Cole’s face was down, to hide the tears. Fang’s eyes began to water up. He put one hand on Cole’s shoulder.
“Cole you don’t have to apologize”
“But I betrayed everyone. I brought shame instead of peace”
“No you didn’t. You had to choose your own path. It lead many ways, but you found the right one in the end”
Cole’s wet face looked up at Fang’s. Cole and Fang got up and embraced in a hug.

“Awwwwww” it was Lana.
Cole and Fang jumped as Lana broke the silence.
“Come over here” Fang said.
Lana skipped to them and joined the group hug.
“Our family is back together”

The summer now past and fall was making its way in. The leaves changed from bright green to the golden, red colors. Fang, Cole and Lana made the castle their new home. The castle was filled with happiness and no more pain. Fang healed quickly. His weight was back and was stronger than ever. The sadness that was in his eyes disappeared. Fang’s eyes were full of joy, now that Cole and Lana were not just destined to kill evil, but destined to be together.

Cole and Lana walked threw the village. People waved to their new rulers. Light and Dark ruled together once again.

Cole and Lana reached a field at the edge of the village. It was the local cemetery.
“So who are we looking for?” asked Cole.
“My friend” Lana answered.

Cole and Lana walked around the cemetery searching for the name.

“Hey Lana! Is this it?” Cole shouted pointing at a headstone.
Lana ran to Cole and looked at his discovery. The headstone said Sade Martin.
Lana eyes began to tear up. Cole wrapped his arm around her.
They stood looking down at the headstone.
“She sure was young” said Cole.
“Twenty six years old. She died five years ago”

Cole noticed a white thing sticking out from under headstone.
“What’s that?” Cole said picking up a piece of paper.
The paper was folded and on one side it said Lana.
“It says your name” said Cole
“Really?” Lana grabbed the paper and read it.

I hope all is doing well with you and Cole. I see a very bright future for you two. I wish I could see you in person, but I am not allowed. I wanted to talk to you and this was the only way. I warn you of danger. The danger that is to come will not look life threatening. So keep your guard up and trust no one.


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