God Why

May 7, 2009
By SoldierGF BRONZE, Graettinger, Iowa
SoldierGF BRONZE, Graettinger, Iowa
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I saw an angel today. He was so pretty. I touched him. He wore all white and had wings. He said he came from Heave. He told me to go with him. I couldn’t walk. Both my legs got broken in the crash so he flew us. We flew over the car crash. There were four cars. I was in the teal car. The guy that originally hit me was in the red car. You can’t tell now. It’s all flames. Two more cars must have hit after I passed out from the pain. This angel never told me his name he just kept looking back at me with no look in his face. I didn’t know where he was taking me at first but I liked the flight. The only words that he said were “Come with me”, “Hold on tight”, and “Don’t be scared.” His voice was so soft and manly. I could do nothing but trust him.
We flew for what seamed like forever then all of a sudden I knew where we were going. He was taking me to my normal hospital. We flew into a room where I could see my parents and my boyfriend standing over me crying.
“Why are they crying?” I tried asking the angel but only blood spit out. I almost started to cry but the angel just squeezed my hand tighter and pointed at the heart monitor. It wasn’t beeping or moving. Just a straight line. I floated over to my mom and gave her a hug knowing she wouldn’t be able to feel it or get another one until it was her turn. I gave my step dad and boyfriend a kiss. I went back to Angel. I traced “Can we go see the other people that were in the crash too?”
And he said “Yes In a few moments. You might want to see what the doctor said you died of.” I turned to the doctor I didn’t see walk in.
“Morgan died before the other car hit her. Someone was in the back of her car. They had stabbed her at the red light. The other person died too.” Everyone’s mouths dropped.
“Can we see who it was?” My boyfriend asked almost as if he wanted to kill them.
“Once their family has left. I don’t want them here when you find out who it is.” The doctor must have known that they knew who it was. I was scared. I looked at Angel for some kind of answer. He just looked at my boyfriend.
“What’s the matter?” I traced.
“That boy, the one you kissed, His name is Carl, right?” He said with a straight face.
“Yes, how did you know that?” I traced faster then what I thought he could read.
“You don’t need to trace it out; I can read your thoughts. Your boyfriend, he, is going to get into a crash after he leaves here. I was to get him too. That’s why we have stayed here so long. That’s why we came here in the first place.” He just kept looking at him.
“What? How can he die? He can’t die? Just because I died doesn’t mean he hast to. I mean I want him to stay here on earth and live a good life. He can get a new gir…” I stopped and look up at angel.
“He couldn’t see while he was driving. He crashed into a bridge. He suffered little. I know you want him to live long and full but God thinks you two need to be together at all times so he is sending for both of you. I didn’t think you guys would past the test but when God saw that you and Carl confessed your sins together a few days ago he said you guys passed. The crash was the Devil. He thought you would make a great wife for him half son half angel son.” I floated back to Carl’s side. I looked into his eyes. He was crying really hard.
"I don’t what him to die but I don’t want to not have him with me. We have a good relationship and I want it to stay that way’” I thought to Angel. I have accepted that he didn’t want to tell me his name so I will call him Angel.
“I do have a name Young Morgan. And on our trip up I will tell you both at the same time. It’s really pointless for me to tell you then tell Carl later. So for now you can call me Angel.” He looked do at me with his big blue eyes. He smiled as if God had made his teeth perfect. My family stayed at my smashed side for another five minutes until the doctor said that they could go see my killer. Just as we got to the waiting room my dad and brother walked in.
Marshall kept his head down and I could tell he was crying as was my dad. My mom ran up and gave Marshall a hug. He still wouldn’t look up. We fought all the time but we loved each other. Carl and my dad shook hands then started crying in each others arms. I wish I could have told them not to get attached to Carl. He was going to die with-in a few hours.
The doctor came in with my cloths and stuff I had on my person. He said to follow him to where my killer laid dead. My brother and Carl were at the front of the group wanting to go faster but the doctor would only walk slow. “I can’t let you go in the room but you can look through the window,” He said unlocking a door and slipping in so we couldn’t see who it was. He opened the curtains as fast as he could. My mom dropped to her knees. I couldn’t see who it was but I knew the sweat shirt any where.



Angel and I passed through the wall so I could see my killers face. You couldn’t tell now but he used to be a jock boy with brown hair and brown eyes that you could never look away from. He wore that orange sweat shirt at least once a week. He lived across from me all through middle school. My family moved right before I entered high school. I still remember last tear when we had to sit across from each other in punishment. He liked to click his pen just to bug me. He never could sit still and never could wait his turn for help.
I tried to say his name out loud but still only blood came out. Angel looked at me with a sad face. “That will go away when we get to the gates,” He said quietly as if my killer could hear us. I was pretty positive a demon already came to get his soul.
“How much longer do we have to be here?” I asked walking back to the window and running my hand down it.
“Well, well, well, look who we have here. If it isn’t Morgan. How are you liking being dead?” The soul said as if it was a good thing we were both dead.
“At least I get to go to Heaven, Drew.” I shot back through thoughts. Angel was just standing there as if he wasn’t real.
“I was going there too, until I killed you. You see I went to church every Sunday with my family and confessed my sins to the Lord, but I didn’t want to go to Heaven. I want to go to HELL!” He laughed just like what I thought the devil was like. “The only way I could think of doing that was to kill the one person no one would miss, you.”
“Well you got that wrong, because if you haven’t had died, then Carl and Marshall would have killed you, and trust me, you don’t want that,” I thought to him because I was still unable to talk. “How come no one has come to get you?”
“Because God is still deciding,” Angel said closing a white cell phone, and a very nice one at that. It must have been bran new; I had never seen it before. I almost didn’t think it was a cell phone because he clipped it to his wrist and it was really small. “You are looking at my cell phone. It’s Heaven only. Everyone gets one. Your choice in colors as long as they are soft colors. It’s called Heaven 2.1.”
“Does it come in orange?” Drew asked just like I knew he would.
“Okay, good. Now how can I not go to Hell? How can he still be deciding? I killed someone. I don’t understand. I caused other people to get hurt; I always make fun of people and trip them.” Drew started shaking his head.
“How can he not go to Hell?” I asked walking up to Angel with a cute look on my face, as if I could make Drew go to Hell by flirting.
“Young Ones, its Gods choice on who goes where. Drew you had a lot of good things that you did so it’s really hard for God to say “To Hell with Drew” when he’s done all that good.”

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