The Sacred Heart

August 9, 2009
By yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
yummixox3 GOLD, Revere, Massachusetts
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Some days it was obvious. Obvious as it could be. But I guess I had a way of seeing that, because nobody else thought it was obvious. It could have been because I was just observant like that. Maybe I had taken it from my parents. It started a year ago. Strange things were happening. Whenever I got mad glass would crack. Whenever I was excited things would float in the air. I had no clue what was going on, I was so confused and so alone. There was no one to help me control my powers. To figure this thing out, I went to the library and looked up some books on magic, powers, and witches. I sat down and started to read when woman sat down next to me.

“Why are you reading about witches,” she said. “I’m just trying to find some things out,” I replied. “Have strange things been happening?” The women said. “YAH HOW DID YOU,”
“SHHHH, be quiet come with me,” She said interrupting me. We walked over to a secluded area and started to talk. “My name is Wynona, and I am the keeper of The Sacred Heart”
“What the heck is The Sacred…” I asked loudly. “Shhhh...Or others will hear you! The Sacred Heart is a necklace that is owned by the chosen witch. A young witch comes to this library every twenty years to find information on her powers. I too am a witch, a good witch. I once was the chosen young witch, but now I am here to guide you through your journey. It will be difficult, and dangerous, but you are the only one who can save our world. If you are willing to take up the challenge I am here by your side to guide you along the way,” she said.

“But what do I do! How do I control my powers? What does my journey lead to? Who am I saving the world from,” I said with fear. “If you train with me, then we can defeat Hay Lin. Every twenty years he gains enough strength to become his human form and try to destroy the chosen one to get her Sacred Heart. As you can see he has not won yet, but he is getting stronger than ever before, and this battle will be the most talked about battle more than any other battle fought. As I train you, I will be able to answer more questions. You need to remember Hay Lin can hear you wherever you go. If we want to beat him we need to start training and quickly. Meet me at the back room of Gregorio’s pizza everyday after school for about an hour…I forgot, what’s your name,” Wynona said. “Dylan,” I replied. “See you later Dylan,” Wynona said, and then she just disappeared.

The next whole week I went to Gregorio’s pizza place after school. Wynona told me everything about Hay Lin and The Sacred Heart. She’s even given me the Sacred Heart to wear everyday. I must protect it and make sure no one takes it. The necklace enhances my powers and will unlock magical powers. As we trained I had no clue what I was getting myself into until one Thursday night. I was walking home from the pizza place when these ninjas landed right in front of me. I started to scream. I was so scared, they were heading towards me. I had no idea who these people were, but I knew one thing, they were after The Sacred Heart. They must’ve been Hay Lin’s ninjas. They had his symbol (a snake) on their ninja uniforms.

As they ran towards me I back flipped. I had to protect the Sacred Heart, or the whole world would be doomed. I fought the first ninja and beat him. I then fought the second one and it didn’t end up too well. I sprained my ankle. I fell to the ground and I couldn’t move. It had already gotten swollen. While I was sitting on the ground, the ninjas came closer and closer. I prayed for Wynona to help me. Man was I in deep trouble! All of a sudden there was a burst of light, so bright, the ninjas and I were blinded. It was Wynona, old loyal Wynona! Was I glad to see her!
“Come on young one lets get you home,” she said. We left the blinded ninjas, and just appeared in my room at home. “Dylan is that you,” My mom yelled from downstairs. “Yah mom it’s me, and I brought a friend,” I replied “My mom came upstairs and through the door. “Oh my gosh what happened to your ankle! Are you okay,” she said with compassion.
“I’m fine mom I just tripped and sprained my ankle. I have Wynona to thank for bringing me back home safely.” “It was no big deal,” Wynona said happily. “Thank you so much Wynona, let me go get an icepack for your ankle, Dylan, downstairs,” my mom replied while walking out the room. “Wynona, will I ever be able to tell my parents about my powers,” I said nervously. “No, you can’t or my cover, your’s, and many others’ will be blown,” Wynona replied. “So, there are more people like me and you out there,” I asked. “Yes, and they are all scared just like you and me. Many will help you in this battle. They are all loyal to the chosen one. Get some rest young one, tomorrow is another day,” then she disappeared into thin air. Man she’s good! “Here’s your icepack, hey where did your friend go,” my mom asked. “Oh she left, she had to get back home,” I said.

The next day, while training with Wynona, she told me something very scary.
“Dylan, our days together are numbered. One thing I haven’t told you is that the prophesy also states that every keeper will die protecting the chosen one,” Wynona said quietly. “You knew this form the beginning and you didn’t tell me,” I screamed. “We just became friends, and I won’t see you again after the battle,” I said angrily. “I didn’t know how to tell you Dylan, I’m sorry,” Wynona said, and that was it. I stormed out of the pizza parlor thinking about how bad I felt that Wynona was going to risk her life for me. I couldn’t let that happen, and I wouldn’t let that happen! I walked to the park to recollect my thoughts, and all of a sudden there was a mini tornado of leaves. It got bigger, and bigger, and bigger until there was a full grown man in a samurai outfit standing right in front of me. I started to think fast, it must have been Hay Lin! I hadn’t fully finished my training, but what I’ve got must be enough, it can’t get any worse that this can it. At that moment it had, about thirteen ninjas appeared out of thin air. Now I was really in deep trouble.

I thought fast. I held my Sacred Heart and sent a distress signal to all the creatures, people or witches who Wynona said were loyal to me. I wished so hard that they would come, and they did. There were about ten goblins, a magical horse, one good wizard, and eight other good witches. Now this was going to be battle. For the first time I heard Hay Lin speak he said, “DON’T JUST STAND THERE ATTACK!!!” And so the battle started. We were winning, then were losing, then were winning, then we were losing, and badly. There were only about 10 left on my side and all thirteen ninjas on Hay Lin’s side. Hay Lin and I did not stop fighting, I back flipped, he tried to punch me, I tried to punch him, he tried to kick me! There was only one thing left to do and I did not want to do it, I needed to send a distress signal to Wynona. She was the only one who could help. I didn’t want her to die, but I didn’t want the world to suffer if I lost.

So I sent a signal to Wynona, and as always there was a stream of bright light. It blinded the ninjas, my allies, and it weakened Hay Lin a bit. Wynona wasn’t kidding when she said he was the king of darkness. Wynona came and I was so grateful. “Thanks for coming, I’m sorry about getting so mad, it’s just that I don’t want to lose you. You’ve taught me so much,” I said. “It’s okay young one,” Wynona said. “Now let’s beat Hay Lin,” she said. We fought Hay Lin with all our strength and all our muscle. It went on for about an hour, and we were getting tired, but he just kept getting stronger. “You get him from the side,” I said to Wynona. “I’ll get him from the front,” I said. We used all the magic we had to stop him, but it just wasn’t enough. When I wasn’t looking Hay Lin tried to attack me with a power orb, but Wynona jumped right in front of me and saved me. “NOOOO,” I screamed. “It’s okay. I’m okay,” Wynona said weakly. I knew she wasn’t okay. “You’re not okay! You’re bleeding Wynona! Please don’t leave me, Wynona I need you,” I said while hot tears were streaming down my face. The power orb hit her pretty hard and she was gripping her side pretty tight. She was dying and I new I had to do something and fast. I didn’t know if this would work, and I didn’t know if I had the power to do this but I put my hand on her side and tried to use my magic to heal her.

All of a sudden there were rays of light! My magic was working, but not fast enough to save Wynona. All of a sudden I started saying a spell I did not know. It wasn’t my voice. It was the voice of all the other chosen witches from the past. I could sense their presence. They were helping me rescue Wynona. It was like Wynona and I were in a different world where no one could hurt us, maybe we were in a different place, and maybe the other witches brought us here. As the voices stopped saying the spell, I noticed Wynona was healed! She was alright! “Wynona don’t you ever leave me again,” I said while sobbing. “Thank you Dylan. And if you have noticed you have mastered your powers. You are now able to call upon the witches of the past for help, and you are able to heal others… I give you the staff of strength and courage,” Wynona had said. A staff with a purple orb on top had appeared in her hands and she had given it to me. We were still in the other world when this was happening so we didn’t know what was going on in the park. “Thank you so much Wynona, I will treasure it forever,” I said in reply. “Let’s get back to the park and finish this,” Wynona said. She transported us back to the park and Hay Lin was waiting for us.

“ARE YOU SUCH A COWARD, THAT YOU MUST RUN AWAY FROM ME CHOSEN ONE? WHY DON”T YOU FIGHT ME LIKE THE REAL WITCH YOU CLAIM TO BE,” Hay Lin said furiously. “Let me handle this Wynona I can take him… I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU HAY LIN,” I said. Wynona stepped back to the sidelines to help the others who had been injured. “IT’S JUST YOU AND ME LITTLE GIRL,” Hay Lin said. “First of all I’m THIRTTEN and being thirteen I’m called a preteen, and second of all YOU ARE SOOOOOO GOINNNGGGG DOWN,” I yelled. Then the fight had begun. I ran towards him with my staff and The Sacred Heart around my neck. I tried to attack him with the staff, but he moved too quickly. He got be from behind and I took a hit. I kart wheeled and side kicked him. He tried to punch me but I back flipped too quickly. “AM I TO QUICK FOR YOU OLD MAN,” I said jokingly. “OH WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED,” he replied. The fight went on for about twenty minutes longer when I was getting tired and I had had enough. I was tired, my clothes had rips in them and this guy just wouldn’t quit. With every ounce of magic that I had, I whirled my staff around and said “With the help, courage and the strength of witches before me, may I banish thee to a forbidden cave under the sea!” “NOOOOOOOO,” Hay Lin yelled as he was disappearing into thin air.

The battle was over, I had won, and the world was safe from Hay Lin. I helped Wynona heal the rest of the beings, and I thanked them for being by my side to help me defeat Hay Lin. Then they all disappeared, back to their hiding places to never be found. “Now that your journey is over, you no longer need me Dylan,” Wynona said. “But will I ever see you again,” I asked. “Haven’t you figured it out already? Wherever you go I will always be with you in your heart will all the other past good witches. I must go Dylan to be with the others. As you can see you are now the protector of The Sacred Heart, guard it with your life,” Wynona said. Just like that she disappeared into thin air. “I’ll never forget you Wynona,” I said quietly to myself. It was getting darker, so I started to walk home, but then I realized I have magic! So I poofed myself into my room and put my staff on my bed. “Dylan is that you,” my dad said while walking into my room. “What in the world happened to you Dylan,” my dad said curiously. “You would never believe me in million years…I’m really tired dad, so I think I’m just going to go to bed,” I said. I got into my pajamas, slipped into my bed and looked up at the stars, until I fell asleep, dreaming about my day.

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I love basketball! I watch it on TV all the time. Gotta love those Celtics!. I play basketball, gymnastics, softball and that's about it. I can also sing and draw as well<3

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