Princess Rose The Adventure

August 9, 2009
By Macerz GOLD, Queen Creek, Arizona
Macerz GOLD, Queen Creek, Arizona
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Venus the Garden God

Alone on a day like any other, I Princess Rose was picking some purple roses as my usual routine for the morning. I went back to the kingdoms castle in a sneaky manor, since I was not allowed out of the castles eye since the war had started. Every night I went back to the garden for the view of the moon, I fell asleep in its presence. In the morning once I awoke, and I glanced up I saw a fairy of green, yellow, and orange twirling around in a few circles in front of my hazel eyes. I tried to quickly get away from the area as soon as possible so she couldn’t see me.

“You there, what is your name?”

“Rose, why would you like to know?”
“No purpose, I just need your help.”
“Well what do you need my help for?”
“Not your help anyone’s. If you help me you will get a reward in return, if you don’t I will set the worst upon the kingdom.”

“Well what is it I have to do?”

“You have to go to the Abandon Tangerine Orchard and rescue the orange jade flower.”

“Can’t you help me?”

“I’m Venus the garden god. You have six days until I need the flowers for the Petals of Paradise Parade in seven days.”
“Can I get somebody to help me?”
“Yes, do you have anyone in mind?”
“My friend Skyllar will help me.”
“Meet me here with it within six days.”

Skyllar the Knight

Quarter of an hour passed while I was admiring the garden on my way back to the castle. The knight was training for the Princesses Guardian the newest competition since war, he was awfully lucky he did not have to fight like the others in our kingdom.
“Can you help me Skyllar?”

“Of course Princess, what is it?”

“Guiding me to the Abandoned Tangerine Orchard.”

“Might I ask why you need my help? Well anyways I accept this quest to guide you!”

“Could you wait just a moment Skyllar? My father has to know before I go.”
“I am going on a quest, it involves me going to an orchard. I think it is a bit farther than Four Gardens of Aral and Falcon past the caves of Phaye.”
“Why are you on this quest? You aren’t allowed out of the castles eye, you are sneaking out again aren’t you? Have you been seen by people in the other kingdoms? You should be very careful, I wouldn’t want you captured and put to a death sentence. They would have power over the kingdom. It’s bad enough our crops and cattle aren’t doing good and the storms get worse every week. I just don’t know what to do, be very careful on your quest. You should get help from somebody, that person could really help you.”
“I already have Skyllar helping me.”
“How long will it take to be finished?”
“Not too long it is going to be about six days I wouldn’t be to long. I am going to go now to start the journey. Good bye father. I will see you in a few days.”

On our starting quest later in the afternoon Skyllar and I were treading through the heavy wooded forest which farther away was not anywhere close to the Tangerine Orchard. Up ahead was, a peach orchard we began running completely exhausted as we reached the area with more than eighteen acres were for peaches we began gorging ourselves with the delicious, juicy, ripe peaches. The knight was already drowsy so I decided to lay my head again against the orchards grassy floor.

DANGIL the Lost Girl

We then awoke from a scream call for agony. It happened to be Dangil, the lost girl who went astray her people in the South kingdom. She actually was the next heir to the throne. She’s now stuck on Lyra Mountains captured by a tribe of vicious and vile beings otherwise known as the Lyra Miscreants.

We decided to go watch afterwards we snuck in through the open on one side of the vacant room. We were able to escape the top of Lyra sooner than we expected so then we had more time to set up camp.

“Skyllar what time shall we start?”

“Sunrise, we shall start at sunrise and continue moving towards our destination till dark that is the time we most likely be there unless we run into another diversion.”
Since we were drained completely of our energy we just stayed at the little prairie on the end of the mountains it was very unusual for that type of landscape by a mountain. Dangil left during the middle of the night and we weren’t able to find her till earlier that morning so we just decided to go on with our long journey.
Walking cross a lightly nourished plain with a very lively flourished grassy ground I felt the urge to continue going forward I didn’t know what could be there maybe other mystical creatures or animals maybe perhaps dragons or another fairies looking for some being that seemed not to be doing anything to do a quest. Dangil did come back in fact she brought the woodland creatures to join the group to complete our mission.

“Hey, I’m sorry I left. I came with some of my friends and a bottle of star dust.”

“What is it used for?”

“You can wish or do whatever you want with it.”

“Let’s continue onward.”

Emerald the Turtle

Walking that morning we grew very fond of having each other and the animals on the journey. On the stroll there were many very out of the ordinary things there were tall oaks, pointed willows, even bent drooping flowers kissing the cold, moist, soil beneath. We had just passed a pond when we heard a loud


“Hello, who’s there was that you Dangil?”

“No I didn’t say that, did you Skyllar?”

“Nope I didn’t say it either.”

“Then who said to stop?”

We all turned towards the pond, then the entire wilderness creatures hopped and scurried back to the pond which we had just passed. We decided to run over there before the creatures got too sidetracked and almost got away from the group. It was Emerald the eldest living thing in the lands and seas. There was a gold chain and attached to the bottom of it was an emerald. The emerald was probably the biggest jewel I’ve ever seen!

“Hello Emerald why were you telling us to stop when we are in the middle of an important mission can we continue now.”

“Of course you can continue forth your mission Rose just watch out for the ravine strait ahead it is very dangerous.”

“I will take your advice thank you very much good bye!”

“Bye I will see you soon right.”

“Alright see you then bye!”

As we continued the long adventure I couldn’t think only wonder about what might be ahead perhaps land shifting, disease, maybe small unknown battle well now if it was it is no longer unknown.

“Look! Strait ahead!”

“It’s a small cottage.”

“Who would live in the middle of the woods? And where is the ravine?”

“No clue it’s probably farther ahead.”

“Don’t worry that old turtle just wants to spook us he’s to old to know those things.”

“No he’s not old and he is technically king of most animals in this world.”

“No that dumb slow turtle wouldn’t know the difference between a pond and the ocean.”

Dangil said in a cocky tone of voice.

“I say we go to the cottage it should be harmless unless the ravine is ahead then we should just stay away from it.”

We went straight ahead to the cottage and there was the ravine. But who would build a little house next to a big ravine that stretched a quarter mile long?

We went to the door of the cottage knocked four times and decided to leave we crossed the ravine in a careful way and once we passed it a large swarm of locusts and bats emerged from the dark depths of the cold ravine. The creatures began circling us and when they did the little woodland creatures ran away. All of a sudden an older man bursts through the wooden door and throws a blue ball into the ravine and the creatures darted at it.

“Thank you so much how could we ever repay you? You really just saved us; those creatures would have never stopped without your help.”

“What was that thing you threw into the ravine? Why did you do it in the first place? Why do live out here in the middle of the forest? Well I’m just curious there’s nothing out here what do you do to survive without food, water, or a ruler to the thrones control.”

The Ravine Rag

“I am the Ravine Rag of this center woods it’s my job to save the crossers of the ravine after they cross and the creatures emerge from it I usually throw a ball that is colored sky blue. Depending on the place you want to go there is a different colored ball to go to any kingdom I throw a red and silver ball if I want to see somebody I say their name and jump over the ravine with great force but it is very hard to get it right, there has been people who have fallen into the ravine and died because it wasn’t right. If you want to go to a specific location you say the place and what kingdom it is in. Do any of you have any questions about my job?”

“I have a few actually, where do you get the magic balls? Have you let anybody go in groups to a special place like an orchard we are kind of in a hurry to get there? Can you help us get to our mission destination we only have three and a half more days until we need to have our mission done by then or else there will be major war among the Compass Kingdoms?”

“Alright we can try it but there is a high chance it won’t work if it doesn’t work I will send you with the dozen cousins they are my six nieces and six nephews of mine.”

“Shoot, it doesn’t work I guess we’ll have to take the cousins. What are your names?”

“I am Z`ephirine` the oldest girl out of us.”

“I’m Nathaniel the oldest boy.”








“Holly and this is Andrew he doesn’t talk.”

“All of you can we just get the way there?”

“I don’t have it let’s just go.”

Tamarise Daughter of Mother Nature

There we were on our way but I was pretty sure the others were worried about the time we had left. And the time we would get back which we had all hoped to be back soon. We all seemed very hungry so we had an urge to thrive on the great river fish that Skyllar was nice enough to catch with a spear made out of a long branch and sharpened it with his knife and a moss covered rock. It took a lot of work to do it and the first one snapped in half the first time luckily we had more luck the second time or else we wouldn’t even have a meal to cherish and the smoky branches of the oak. I found a dozen strawberries and was got three fish from Skyllar’s catch of thirty-seven fish among the small river of Wilbur Way. The dozen cousins found a lot of fruit along the edge of the river a quarter of a mile away from our resting grounds. I was full from all the fish and fruit and the cousins wanted some strawberries so I kindly gave them the delicious tangy sweet fruit. We all fell easily asleep by the warm dying fire that shimmered like the moon on the peaceful moonlit river.
During the peaceful night I suddenly awoke from something calling my name in a whisper. I quickly got up being extremely curious for the sound of my name being called in the dead of night. The moon wasn’t seen because it was hidden behind the trees.
I went closer and closer to the shore of the river and louder and louder I heard the voice, as I walked even closer I thought that maybe it was one of the cousins trying to scare me so I went back to the camp counted the cousins and thought only who or what could’ve said my name not the cousins. Dangil and Skyllar were even asleep and the woodland creatures were nestled tightly together. Just who could it have been?
As I searched that very early morning which happened to be the third day of our wild adventure we only had three more days left till we had to deliver the special flower to the anxious fairy Venus.
“I am Tamarise one of Mother Natures Fairy, I am one of her many daughters. Might I ask who are you?”
“I’m Rose, are you the one who keeps calling my name?”
“You say your name is Rose, oh I’m very forgetful I don’t think I was but I do remember I was looking for some one it was my order from my mother, Mother Nature she is the Queen of nature and all of the fairies in the world.
“Well can you answer my question?”
“I think I am looking for you.”
“Alright then where do I go?”
“Just follow me to the portal.”
“Portal to where?”
“The portal to your suggested location.”
“I need to tell the knight!”
“There is no time to warn him the portal will close soon!”
“Then at least let me carve it into this rock.”
“You have two minutes and seventeen seconds starting now, hurry!”
Skyllar I’m on my way to the orchard through a portal, if I do not come back I am most likely dead because the Ravines portal didn’t work and it killed me or I am on my way back to get you after I have retrieved the flower.
I actually L….

“Hurry we have to go!”

That’s where I had to leave off on my message, all I hope is that he finds it and reads it before he goes searching for me. The truth is I love him.

We had to hurry, of course Tamarise can fly but I was treading in the wet soil it was very hard to get through, but in the end I was able to manage. We had finally reached the portal and I was simply clueless and a bit confused.

Later on in the morning before the sun was up we reached the Ravine and the portal was still opened we were able to jump through it and once we did it happened to be sunrise and the knight would have been awoken from the shine in his beautiful green and hazel eyes.

“Where are the flowers I need for the rude fairy?”

“The flowers are in the grove right over there do you see them?”

“Oh yes there they are, can you excuse me I will be back in a short moment.”

“See you then.”
I finally have the chance to redeem myself, as I get back to the castle. I would only love to marry Skyllar the charisma filled knight that will soon be my husband, only if he will agree. Well if he does agree he might become the new king after all I am sixteen old enough to wed. I just hope he says yes then I will be with my true love through the rest of my life even though I don’t believe in a happily ever after life and marriage.

“I grabbed the flower, now can we go back to the group?”

“You may now find your way back from the path there.”

“Thank you for your help.”

Henry the Lost Boy

As I walked through the gravel like passage way I noticed that there was a boy on the very end of it and he seemed confused and lost so I started to hurry on my way then I came close to the young fellow and then I asked

“Young boy where is your parents?”

“Oh they are gone right now.”

“Might I ask where they are?”

“My mother is actually dead and my father is somewhere trading goods with another kingdom and I haven’t heard from him in about two years. So now I am on my way to find him hopefully he is also on the search for me so it will be easier to find me but he probably already thinks that I am with my mother.”

“Would you like to come home with me to my kingdoms castle?”

“Of course, I would love to, will I become royalty?”

“Well, what is your name?”

“My name is Henry Ranes, might I ask yours?”

“I am Rose Inez of the eastern compass kingdoms and I am currently on a quest so if you would like to come with me you should come now because I must continue it is a long journey.”

“Well I will come with you right now but what is it I should call you?”

“You can just call me Rose or any other name you can easily remember.”

“Well I would really enjoy having an older sister.”

“You are now a prince Henry, what do you want to do now?”

“Complete your quest!”

“So let’s.”

I was awfully glad that Henry tagged along on my long journey to save the kingdoms. On the way there to the river shore there was a deer that completely distracted Henry and he followed it and afterwards we lost our path and finding the way back was extremely difficult to find our path once more. It was quite a while till we found the river and the group was still waiting for us on the opposite side of the winding river that seemed to flow at a constant speed of a simple flow of any liquid.

“We can wade and walk across right Rose?”

“Of course we can always wade but how deep is the water compared to how tall you are?”

“It isn’t too deep for me to wade across.”

He said while he was struggling to breathe while close to an inch of water was his chin.

“Are you in need of my assistance Henry? It’s not too much trouble I can just get in and hold your hand.

“It’s alright I am fine.”

“Henry you don’t always have to be so independent I mean it’s absolutely no trouble so should I get in and help you?”

“Alright fine come in too.”

I was about to come in when Henry slipped against the bottom water rocks and slid to the bottom. I darted in a grabbed his hand which was awfully cold and had the worst grip on his diminutive hand that I had ever felt because it was covered with the river water. I was able to pull him forth towards me and hold him tight in my controllable grasp. Skyllar soon heard my sudden scream of my foot being jammed with a rock that made a gash on my now very excruciatingly painful throbbing foot which by now wouldn’t heal for quite a time.


“Skyllar help me!”


“Do anything please I don’t think I can move my foot let alone go anywhere. What should I do? I can’t stand I will soon drift!”

“Just hang on I’m working out a solution to the problem. Alright Dangil you have to get that little boy in Roses arms while the cousins help me with Rose.”

“Alright let’s do it before they get too far off the edge and spread through the Lavender Lake.”
Skyllar grabbed me after Dangil grabbed Henry’s delicate hand and pulled him out of the forceful river of slippery rocks and dirt suckers.


The Tunnels Way

“The way is just through that cave we must hurry before time runs out!”
“I will lead everyone follow me.”
“Skyllar, are you sure you know what you are doing? Can you even see in there?”
“I can’t really see anything is there something out there that could help?”
“Not really what type of thing do you need?”
“Anything that can absorb light or you can burn out there? It could really help all of us.”
Skyllar started, I was second, followed by the woodland creatures and Dangil with the Dozen Cousins. The cave was narrow there was little way and one torch didn’t really help with our sight. Luckily the tunnel passage was coming to an end and then everyone would gather for some food once we were out. It would never seem that the tunnel would shortly end.
The stench grew bad and everyone grew faintly ill within seconds. The animals ran away and the cousins passed out the only ones who could stand it was Dangil, Skyllar, Nathaniel, Gavin, and Logan were still standing.
Dangil took the youngest dozen cousins, Skyllar carried me, Nathaniel took his cousins Marigold, Gretchen, and Dahlia, Gavin was able to drag the others.
I woke under an oak tree by the smell of duck. The cousins weren’t awake yet and dangil was no where to be found.
Skyllar and I took a walk for a while not too far away from camp and we skipped rocks across a pond in the moonlight.

Our Conversation

We talked about the note I wrote on the rock and what the last word was about to say. I told him the truth, I loved him. We walked more and we sat down near the fire and we waited.
His reaction was not faint more like the way I felt in telling him I really wasn’t lying I felt that way. I just hoped he felt that way as well.
After we had stopped talking we went back to the fire and I had duck and tea made from boiled water with herbs added. The cousins still were in a deep sleep but we were able to wake them shortly after the suns light had left sight.
The day was tiring but it was illustrious and astonishing. The accomplishments were most striking through the night I had to swathe in bandage my dreadful and painful ankle. Some how I could live with it, I instantly relaxed and the pain was not felt, though it was still there.
On Our Way Again

We were back on our trail even though I couldn’t walk they made a pulley and pulled me around until we got there. She was no where to be found.
No Venus, anywhere. We just had to be patient. The thing I still regret is to have even accepted the quest. There she was near the water fall three hours away from my Rose Garden she had tricked us and lied to us.
All I wanted to do was to finish the quest. And she did not make it possible by saying she would be at the same spot we started the mission.
I was terrified of the coming storm and the war on the side of the area was no help and it lost our attention I just watched, thirty men down every hour every husband and every man was taken from houses to go to battle.
I would only fight and argue with my father about ripping families apart and the deaths of many even the cause of the war was a common arguing topic. I couldn’t help but wonder why she’d lied. I was only able to get up every once in a while and I was still in a great amount of pain. Once the others got tired and rested I went to the garden and I confronted her, and I asked her why she had not been in the Garden before. She just stared at me in incredulity since she did not want to be accused of different. I wouldn’t believe the reason for deception and false.
“I did not lie to you, you are just early and I wasn’t anticipating you to be here in such time.”
“Do you still need the flowers?”
“Yes in fact I do. And since you are so uncouth I will set the worst on your kingdom or we will work out a deal, deal is we battle, you or any of your men verses any of mine from Craete who ever wins gets what they want.”
“When and where will it be?”
“It will be in one week. And where ever you want it to be. We can use magic; to bad you don’t have any.”
“Here are the flowers I guess I will see you in a week.”
As I was walking I just had to stop and call for the others. Nobody responded and I was still so exhausted I fell asleep back on my pulley and dosed the rest of the day until the wolves woke me. Skyllar awoke as well followed by Dangil, then Henry and then the cousins.
“We should get back to the castle, and fast it would seem our lives depend on it.”
“The wolves will get to us if we don’t hurry and get there.”
Running as fast as they could while dragging me we ran and ran until we fell, even as we lost our breath we still kept running as fast as we could. The wolves were now in our sight the moon grew harder to see, the chill was unbearable, tripping and helping the others especially Henry it started to rain still in the cold, and we were running being chased be the wolves and it seemed like we were their prey.

Back At the Castle

We finally reached home and the gates were locked because of the war, and they wouldn’t open. I was shown a royal exit when I was younger and we were able to budge through while we were being flooded in by the water from the rain. We crept through the underground cave which was home to many insects and bats. Right as we got out we saw the stable, the field, and the closed gate. We went to the keep and we talked to my father and then we all got cleaned up. Afterwards the others were lead to their rooms and I had a long talk about Henry to my father.
“I would like to make him royalty, I would like him to become my brother you could surely do that since you are king.”
“Why? Do you have interest in him? Do you think he has potential?”

“Yes he has a lot of potential and right now he is just in need of love and family care that we can easily provide especially for his age. I mean can’t you just talk to mom?”
“I don’t see why it won’t hurt. If I must, I shall tell her about our newest family member, Henry.”
“Thank you father you will never regret this!”
“For a sixteen year old you sure do get exited for a simple yes. Make sure you find your beloved I am getting too old to run the kingdom. Have you found one? I have many for you to choose from they aren’t in the other kingdoms so don’t get your hopes too high.”
“I have found one.”
“Yes, whom might I ask?”
“Father it is late, I will talk to you in the morning.”
“Alright then talk to you in the morning.”
The night grew dreary and the wind grew even more prevailing over all the sounds through the fortress. We were able to sleep through the night as a lucky part of our bad day.
The Beast

The next day I went to the foyer and I heard a brute and the first thing I did was run towards the dining room. Everyone was in there peaceful like there was nothing going on like they were just trying to get it all over with.
“Didn’t you here that?”
“No what was it?”
“It was a beast, a brute! Do you believe me?”
“Well until I see anything I am a skeptic.”
“Dangil don’t be pessimistic. I mean what if there’s something in the castle.”
“Skyllar is right I mean didn't you hear that last night?"
“Henry you probably just heard the wind the storm was horrifying and the wolves only howled.”
“Oh Rose, how did your talk with the king go?”
“Well Henry is my brother under the kingdoms care and whenever he wants to leave he can be able to, by all means necessary. Henry, enjoy your new home and royalty.”
“Oh thank you so much. Will I ever become a king?”
“You’re already a Prince Henry and I am going to be queen after I marry, I will take the thrown. Unless you get married to a princess before I make my move.”
“Well then I shall make my move. For you good luck finding yours. See you later then. If you need me I will be in the corn fields.”
“Skyllar, could we meet at the Mallory River tonight? I will need to talk to you in all importance. Make sure to bring your favorite horse so we can go riding. I am already going to bring Shadow, my black stallion. It is quite urgent that you show.”
“I will surely be there Princess enjoy your evening. I hope all goes well for you in your Prince search.”
“Did you see that rose?”
“See what?”
“Skyllar is depressed that you are in search of a prince! It is clear he is in love with you, and you love him.”
“Well Dangil is it that noticeable?”
“I am really looking forward to tonight. We will be talking and I will ask him.”
“Well good luck tonight. I have to go tend to the dozen cousins. They are so mischievous.”


I was jaded so I went to the fields. I was glad it was a sunny day and I did not see Henry as a shocker. I went back to the castle and I got my steed Shadow and galloped away towards the ends of the field. I went past the meadows and past the trees but still no Henry.
Finally there he was at the edge of the peak looking as though he was about to jump. As he turned back he fell and was towards a straight plummet to death with the jagged rocks bellow and the slick mud only made him go faster. He grabbed on to a few braches his way down and he never called for help as the end result. He swung to the other side and he grabbed rock after stone after rock until he reached the top once more.
I was there to take his hand, and he did nothing but take it. We rode Shadow back as he fell asleep holding on to me once we got there I called some men to carefully take him to my room and we got him changed into night clothes.
We called the practitioner to make sure he was well. And he was ailing. There wasn’t any cure at the time so I went to the area he went to and there was a box left on the side of a bolder. Inside was an empty bottle, a piece of parchment slightly burnt, a candle, and an infant’s shoe. I did not know why those things were in the box I just new it belonged to him.


I brought it back in quite a hurry and went to go get cleaned up for Skyllar. The dress I changed into was tight and it was a scarlet red color which was very rare in the kingdom.
I quickly grabbed Shadow and raced to the River because I just saw Skyllar about to leave just before I arrived. The fireflies were just coming out and I was just sitting by the water beat, watching the sunset from quite a distance. Skyllar comes right from behind and says
“I’m here!”
“I can see that!”
I said while giggling,
“So what was so urgent Princess?”
“You can call me Rose.”
“Okay Rose what was so urgent?”
“I was in great suspense on a particular question.”
“What might that question be?”
“Whether you want to be king or not.”
“How could I do that?”
“Marrying me.”
“Who told you?”
“Told me what no one told me anything Skyllar, I love you. Do you love me?”
“I do Rose, every night I would watch you as you sing out your balcony your voice is so relevant so astonishing. Your eyes make me want to tell a story once I fall into a spell. Your hair just flows and waves in the wind I am afraid to tell so. And your skin, your skin is like my favorite dream and my only one sensation. You are my life Rose, without you I would suffer with the pain of no comfort and not the sight of your beauty. The largest part of me is dying to tell you more I will just finish this it would be an honor for me to become your beloved.”
“When will we get married?”
“We’ll have to beat Henry if you want to be Queen.”
Then we went horse racing while we were laughing and having a pleasurable time. I fell off of my horse I hit the ground hard.
I was captured by the other kingdom. The west was most hated and we were currently at war with them they had captured me and taken me to their castle. I was then allayed on a bed and awoke the next day. There was no sign of any people so I snuck through a window it was not barred nor was it high I climbed out and I went to the dungeon, where all of our injured knights and fighters were captured and put. I unlocked the gate and we crept out of the area.
Skyllar had just reached the castle and got all the other knights and the soldiers to rescue me I was in absolute shock the war had been paused to rescue the princess!
I was actually already out of the other castle with their prisoners as well as my life. We were on our way back to the castle with great news, because as I was escaping I saw their war plans and I saw their weapons. I decided to hide them so they would have to surrender if they could not find them. I was so fortunate to even glance at the plans with all of the soldiers there. Even the king was waiting for intruders as he waited patiently in the main hall with the thrown and his royal subjects beside him with their ears wide open. I did not like the look on the kings face not one bit. The insolent look of greed and the unloved part of his soul I just hoped he would get better because I felt bad for him. The simple look just told me everything. We were at the end of their villages and the kingdom was just in a fright as it grew darker and darker we grew far in the night, and I still sit here and gaze. The fog would only grow and my faith of my return only shrank.
I was beginning to think we were lost and in another dynasty and I’d only hope we wouldn’t be caught and forced to work like the peasants or the prisoners. My dream that night was for that not to get taken and get caught once more.
Skyllar had just found out I had escaped and in the process he himself almost was captured by them. I was so shocked it was unreal. There was a peak at the end of the passage way.
I was extremely worried about everything there was to be worried about. A bitter war was going to determine all we are. I couldn’t let our kingdom fall and fail because of my careless self. We were able to get to the kingdom safely after many hours with filthy and sick dying folk. One or two fell every hour no water or food around when they did we would drag them and once we found the food or water we would wait and then we would bring some along and then run out shortly afterwards.
Skyllar was looking for me as well as the other escaped prisoners. We were hopeless, unless we got there soon. We heard horses and there was our hope but it was the guards from the other kingdom, looking for our lost bodies we couldn’t get captured all thirty-seven of us could not be found.
Close by was a ditch we all quickly scrambled into the small tight conduit and we weren’t seen at all and then he left and we were able to get out easily and continue to the castle. There it was the kingdom was in plain view everyone was in ease and we charged for our freedom from the other kingdom we were close to our domains, and then a crack of twig was behind us and then half of us was slaughtered and left behind.
All we could do was run and then the guards from our kingdom fought against and we were able to win after the twelve soldiers cowered and ran away. We were able to get there safely and we then returned to our homes and happiness was restored to many families for fathers and sons had returned from a long time of being gone for war.


We all were happy and then the next day I had to train myself for the battle. Skyllar could not help me because he was so exhausted and he later on that evening he fell ill and then I had to train myself.
As I had my marriage on mind, I went to find Emerald to ask what exactly I should do for my training. There was no sign of Emerald and I needed to find him quick. I was really getting tired of looking and I had already gone too far from the kingdom and there was still a risk of me getting caught. I went all the way back to the Ravine Rag. I looked near and far for Emerald and he wasn’t anywhere in sight.
“Are you here for me?”
“Oh Ravine Rag it’s you I am so sorry, you startled me. I am looking for Emerald, have you seen him lately?”
“No actually I haven’t seen him anywhere and he normally comes and refills the magic in his emerald right around this time of week, I wish you the best in finding him. Have a great evening.
“You too and do you know where I could find him?”
“No not really he’s normally by the river or in the caves; I really think you would be able to find him in either one.”
“Well thank you for your help I really appreciate it you are very kind, see you soon.”
“Well goodbye, unless you want to seek him.”
“What’s seeking?”
“We can find him using the Ravine to help us. Remember when I threw the orb into the Ravine to save you from the locusts?”
“Yes, how could I transport unless the portal is open once more, but that happens once every three years and I don’t have the time to wait.”
“I have many orbs to throw into the Ravine. Every one has a different power.”
“Like what?”
“Well the Corridor shows the path to your destination, the Seeker shows the person you are looking for, and the Voyage is for travel to any destination within a mater of seconds.”
“Well is there a mix of Voyage and Seeker or they are all different and can be thrown in together I am looking forward to using a Voyage and a Seeker to find and get to Emerald quickly.”
“It is possible to find where he is, and then send you there, but we can not mix the two, there would be a big risk that it wouldn’t work, and you could die by the portal closing, not knowing you fall into Ravine I could not have the princess fall into the Ravine and me be responsible of your death.”
“Well can’t we do that then?”
“Of course let’s do that and we will not need to take the risk of your death and me being executed afterwards.”
“It would be easier so,”
“Well let’s hurry before you have no more time left to get to Emerald you need to find him soon if you are going to be training with him you might want to hurry.”

The Transport
He went to his shed behind the raggedy looking home and grabbed the orbs one was blood red and the other was olive green. I was really
Interested the orb didn’t glow until it hit the Ravine, then it was lit up.”
“When should I jump the Ravine, when will I be back?”
“You jump now and you come back when the portal is opened in three hours, I will get you good luck!”
Before I could say another word I was in a plain area, no trees or bushes or flowers at all only grass as far as I could see and no hills anywhere I was afraid I couldn’t see anyone or anything but a grassy plain. Was I in the wrong place or a different dimension I didn’t know and worse I couldn’t find Emerald.
There was no path to follow not a sign of anything, I was rather anxious to find Emerald. There was a piece of parchment on the ground a little ways away and I was confused on what it was or what it meant. I went over to the parchment coiled with a ribbon of a burgundy shade.
I unraveled the ribbon from the paper and it was a note from Emerald.

A while passed and there was no sign of Wilbur, I began to worry if anything was coming my way, the Ravine Rag still hadn’t showed and it had already been a few hours since I had left.

I was really hungry and the night was coming fast. I searched everywhere I could for food and nothing was there I help me. There was still no sign of Wilbur or the Ravine Rag and the sun was just now going down. Then a lamb came from a far side and spoke as softly as a little girl.
“Are you Wilbur?”
“Yes, you would never think that a lamb could be a boy and could speak very softly, some days I wish I was a girl then the others wouldn’t laugh at me.”
“I am Rose you should be taking me to Emerald. I have been waiting for you the whole time, do you have anything to eat I am starving?
“I am so sorry for your wait and I only have this bit of food.”
He pulled out a peach, an apple, a tangerine, some nuts, and a handful of wild berries.

“This is plenty, thank you.”
“Please, I don’t mind sharing after all that’s all we have, and there’s a long way to Emerald. How bout we start now so we get there by morning.”
“Ok I will have this much, onward.”
Onward for hours we went without stopping wondering where we were really going until I saw a castle and we went towards it but Emerald was still farther away we were able to go in the castle and from there a platform to the sky. We went on the platform and we were then transported to the nearest building. From there was Emerald’s lake, there he was on an algae covered rock near the shore.
“Hello Emerald I am looking forward to training today.”
“You can not train today, you must get rest and then you train. You have come a long ways, to continue without rest could kill you.”
“Well, then do you have any places to stay?”
“Well you can stay in the woods, in one of the cabins or cottages, if Ronda Faye let’s you. I am pretty sure that she will let you stay.”
“Well where is it Emerald?”
“In the woods just over there I hope you can find your way, see you tomorrow.”
I walked to the woods behind the castle and there was Ronda or as I thought, it was in fact, Deja a little girl that fidgeted only all the time. She wore a dress with two blue pigtails that matched her blue eyes, and her hair was dirty blond. She stood four three and with a quick smile she ran, and I was quick to follow her every move.
She ran to the end of the wood, and then at that moment I realized in was actually a mountain plateau, with one more step she was done for only me responsible for saving her. She leaped as I did to grabbing her delicate, trivial sized hand. With some time I was able to pull her above the end and lay her back down.
She was to in shock and she dosed within seconds after her rescue and did not wake up until she heard the crackle of the cabin fire, the morning after the rescue.
“I see you finally came to, you’ve been asleep for almost twelve hours. Do you have anywhere to stay or anywhere you have to be?”
“Well I was supposed to be at my uncle’s, at the bottom of the mountain, but you grabbed my hand and I couldn’t get there. What happened to my basket? Did I drop it?”
“You must’ve because I never saw a basket only you jumping to your death!”
“Well if it ok can I leave to my uncle?”
“Of course go right ahead.”
“Thank you for your help.”
“You are quite welcome good bye for now.”
Today I was to train and I was every bit confused about rather to go to Emerald or stay here and wait for him to come to me. I decided to stay but I was rather hungry so I went scavenging for food and firewood.
I had much luck with firewood, but not so much with finding something to eat. Berries and nuts were my only option. So I wasn’t persnickety so I ate what I had for now. Then I found Emerald.
“Where have you been?”
“I was finding some food. Where have you been?”
“I was in the forest for a while and then I was at your cabin looking for you.”
“I am ready for training.”
“You better be.”
“When shall I start?”
“I have to start training this evening, so I trust you have everything prepared. I will need to a cover defense, survival, weaponry, and of course jousting.”
“It is all going to be covered trust me I will have you a fighter in no time at all, it is not me that is teaching you, it is you yourself, you must learn I can not teach you. Be ready in an hour, I will have Ronda give you some clothes to wear, you will be on your own awhile.”
“Here you go darling.”
Ronda said with a smile as she handed me some old attire.
I quickly got on the old garments and went to the nearest well to wash my hands and face. I then went over to Ronda once more and asked if I could have some bread, fruit, nuts, and meat for training. She told me come back in a while and I will have it for you in a basket so you can take it along.
The clothing she gave me wasn’t a dress but it looked like it was a man’s garb. They were rather itchy and uncomfortable to a princess who has worn dresses my whole life. The chemise was white and beige and the bottoms were also beige.
I soon returned and she handed the basket to me. After I thanked her I turned and looked into the basket and inside was a slice of peach cobbler, half a loaf of bread, a vine of grapes, some cheese, a jar of fresh water, an apple, some nuts, a corn cob, and a turkey leg wrapped in cloth.
I quickly turned to Ronda,
“Why so generous? I get this kind of food at the castle! This is too kind of you, I can’t accept.”
“I don’t like scraps this was my family’s dinner, I don’t take back gifts please enjoy.”
“Well thank you very much.”
“Don’t mention it, it’s a gift.”
Emerald was waiting for me down the hillside and I was desperate to accompany him within the hour, I really needed to start training. I was there with my basket and traveling shoes, thinking about whether to talk to Emerald or not.
I went to his left side and saw a dour look staring at the below village. I would recall it was like the look the king from the enemy kingdom that kidnapped me.

To Be Continued by choice of Author

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