Trust Me

August 8, 2009
By leah hutchinson BRONZE, LEEDS, Other
leah hutchinson BRONZE, LEEDS, Other
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“do you trust me?”. He whispered into my ears. The words sent a shiver down me spine. His eyes flickered to the door. I had opened my mouth to speak but he kissed me. My lips burned. How could someone so cold make my heart burn? A question I was never going to find the answer to.

He opened the door. A cool breeze filled the room. The hair on the back of my neck stood up instantly. He lead the way. As soon as he got to the door frame, he held out his hand.
“ are you coming.”. he said elegantly.
“ yes, but were are we going?”. I said , reaching for his hand.

Hand in hand we left the house. We strolled down the long driveway which lead to my black audi-tt . I rummaged through my pockets, searching for the keys. I could not find them. He pulled them out of his back pocket. I grabbed them out of his hand.
“ no one drives my car, understand?”. I asked in a frustrated tone of voice.
“ yes, but do you know where we are going. Plus you look shattered. Let me drive while you sleep.”. he said.
It felt like his voice, his words, hypnotized me. And I was to follow his every command.
I tossed the keys towards him. We got in, in silence.

He opened my door and swiftly made his way to his. He put the keys into the ignition.
“to your home or mine?”. He asked
“ to yours if that’s ok? I cant deal with my brothers nagging at me. “. I said, imagining my brothers going crazy at me.
“ok, but you should know my friends don’t do well with new people coming into the house so be careful.” His forehead was crinkled as he spoke the words.
I nodded. And then I think I nodded off to sleep for a bit because when I awoke I was in front of a big black house. Jack carried me in his arms until we got to the front door. He looked down at face, surprised to see I was a wake.
He put me down and opened the door…

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